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Spectrobes: Origins

How do you use input cards???

Games Guru: Finish the missions on Kogoeria, which is the third planet. When you get access codes, enter them into the Card Input Machine. Each code will reveal a constellation. Trace the pattern on the screen with the Wii remote. Then, you’ll unlock a new Spectrobe, like a Zappizor.

Do you know how to beat Krux? I can beat the Krawl, just not Krux.

Games Guru: Krux is killer hard to beat. Here are some suggestions: If your Spectrobes are at Level 80, you should have no problem. Even if they are lower, try using Shakin Evolved. And use your Charger. You can also try with a charged-up Totegarda.

How do you beat the second boss?

Games Guru: Just try hitting it with all you have. Make sure you know its patterns, and keep moving so it doesn’t get you.

Comments about “Spectrobes: Origins”

  1. Rallen says:

    I can not defeat the giant Krawl on planet Buhmud!

  2. rygazel186 says:

    how can you get all of the crystal wepons

  3. Anonymous says:

    how do you beat the fire planet boss?

  4. mew2 says:

    what is krux

  5. Drake says:

    My personal favorites are: Florami(preferably from card input), Yagizora, (card input), Shakablad(Card), Dongiga, Zazanero, and Aobasar. Together, you have a spectrobe of each element, +3 flying spectrobes!

  6. leozar says:

    in the beginning video isnt komanitar blue? or is that another one

  7. zelda syco says:

    spectrobes is cool but zelda is cooler

  8. mike says:

    help 5th boss i have abunch of water spectrobes and weapons

  9. Rawr (i may bite) says:

    u know that magma boss that is in that volcano place? Ya i tried 236 times and FAIL every time. and i need a rly good water spectrobe… any ideas?

  10. Octoga says:

    Best game EVER!!! Now I need help, I beat krux, and that mutant krawl in the portal on Menahat, but when I go to fight krux the second time he is possibly the hardest boss ever!!! How do I stop him!! I can beat his monster with leozar easy but I can’t beat him!!!

  11. mike says:

    need help with 5th boss

    • #1 zelda fan says:

      Use a spectrobe with a projectile attack when he’s on the wall and attack his tail when you can safely attack it and he should go down easy.

  12. dogs rule 101 says:

    best game ever just finished with the temple things

  13. roelstar11 says:

    best game i ever played

  14. a cool kid says:

    I finished it ALLLL!!!!!!!! in ONE! DAY

  15. skull kid1213 says:

    to save stand on a blue light or in your ship

  16. rargleflufl says:

    need help w/ 3 boss!

  17. owlman says:

    I have this on Wii, but I don’t know how to save it.

  18. bobinator says:

    icould probably beat krux if i had spectrobes ORGINS

  19. bobinator says:

    got anything about the regular spectrobes game

  20. darkspectrobe99 says:

    Game Guru where is the other spectrobe games on this fourum

  21. Uka-warrior87 says:

    Does anyone know how to beat Krux???

  22. hi says:

    good game but i dont have it

  23. maft2000 says:

    i love it!!!!!!!!

  24. mario hero says:

    spectrobes is awesome

  25. Zepp212 says:

    Spectrobes Origins is such an awesome game!

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