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How to get rainbow road in Mario Cart Wii?

Games Guru: This is an awesome, difficult course. It’s based on Super Mario Galaxy and you might fall into space and totally burn up. There are no real shortcuts. You get Rainbow Road by placing in the top three in Mushroom, Flower and Star cup races. There is a shortcut once you get Rainbow Road. It’s not easy to do, but here it is:

I have a 7000 VR, but battles are completely different. I get 15+ coins, but then I get hit by POWs, shells, Mega-Mushrooms, etc. At the end, I have less than six. And then it “forgets” that I once had 15 coins, and I lose VR. I don’t even know how OTHER people get high ratings. In the manual it says you can choose to play people near your rating, but either I can’t find that setting or 3,000 is “near”. I refuse to believe 5800 is my “true” VR. Help!

Games Guru: Here are some tips. Take note of number 8.
Regarding the rating system, yes, it could be better. Maybe the new Mario Kart will deal with that a bit better.

I have almost all of the characters and karts, but there are a few that I’m stuck on. How do I get Dry Bowser, Baby Daisy, Mii Costume B, and Bowser Jr.

Games Guru:
For Dry Bowser, get a 1 Star rating in all the 150 cc Cups.
For Baby Daisy, get a 1 Star rating in all the 50cc Cups
For Mii Costume B, unlock all 32 Expert Staff Ghost Data in Time Trials Mode.
For Bowser Jr., get a 1 Star rating in all 50cc Retro Cups.

I need help. I printed out how to unlock everything, but I don’t know what an expert staff ghost is! Can you tell me?

Games Guru: Ah, the mysterious Expert Staff Ghosts. These are super-good finish times made by the Nintendo developers for Time Trial Mode. You have to beat the Normal Staff Ghosts by as much as 3 seconds to 10 seconds to unlock them. It won’t be easy. But keep trying. Good luck!

Can you find me some tips for how to win the final racecar? I have won all the others but can’t win the last one no matter what I try. Thank you for your help.

Games Guru: If you’re talking about the last medium kart, you have have to unlock the 24 expert staff ghosts first.

Games Guru, how do we unlock the character Funky Kong in this game?

Games Guru: You need to get the expert staff ghost. And you need to be fast in two to eight seconds, depending on the track length. The second window after you are done with your Time Trial will tell you if you unlocked one. Get four to unlock Funky Kong.

How do you get Mii Outfit B? I have every other person except Mii Outfit B.

Games Guru: You have to unlock the expert ghosts on ALL 32 tracks. Then you’ll get Mii Outfit B. It’s not easy since it takes a lot of time. The expert ghost in Ghost Valley 2 is really hard.

Dear Games Guru, How do you get a star on Mario Kart?

Games Guru: That’s a great question. You have to do at least some of these things:
– You need final score of at least 52.
– Stay ahead of the pack in your laps.
– Don’t use the Bullet Bills very much to get into the lead.
– When you’re in the air after jumping a ramp, do tricks.
– Place first or at least lead for a good part of the race.
– Don’t fall off the tracks.
If you want three stars, you have to get a score of 60. That means perfection, and it’s really hard to do. Getting one star is really good, too!

Any codes?

Games Guru: No codes, but here’s how to unlock the Golden Wheel: Use the Wii Wheel in all modes. After that, go online. You’ll see the Golden Wheel is unlocked – right next to your name.

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  1. DribbleBot says:

    bowser jr. is all 100cc retro courses(Shelll,Banana,Leaf,Lightning)

  2. ElephantLovEr says:

    I finally got Mii costume B!

  3. ElephantLover says:

    I don’t have a Wii U! So I can’t get Mario Kart 8!=-(

  4. ('!') says:

    Wait… Rainbow Road isn’t based off of Super Mario Galaxy. The coarse is on all Mariokart games. Even ones created before Super Mario Galaxy…

    • qwerty says:

      It’s true. I have a Nintendo 64 and rainbow road is on Mario Kart 64. Plus the N64 came out before Super Mario Galaxy.

  5. person says:

    thx for all the help

  6. inexperienced says:

    i like toad, standard atv, slick wheels, regular parfoil. is that a good or bad combo?

    • Anonymous says:

      in response to “inexperienced”, it depends on what you mean by standard atv. I think you’re talking about the Tiny Titan. If you’re not sure, then the Tiny Titan is the one that looks like a mini monster truck and has huge wheels for a car that size. If that’s the car you use, then yeah, it’s pretty good. However, I prefer Dry Bones with Tiny Titan.

    • qwerty says:

      That is a good choice I use that a lot.

  7. Spaghettiliker says:

    How to unlock leaf cup?

  8. #Mustache says:

    Does anyone know any shortcuts and what cart is good with Yoshi cause Yoshi is my fave <3 THX

  9. firefox2000 says:

    I REALLY need to know how to get roselina without super mario galaxy. I can’t buy super mario galaxy.

  10. Vader says:

    I’m going to get Mario kart 8 soon! It has pink gold peach, baby Rosalina, and all the koopalings. Also a new type of kart: an ATV!

  11. Biggmann says:

    Awesome game.:-)

  12. mattew says:

    i love it

  13. firefox2000 says:

    how do you get roselina without super mario galaxy?

  14. J says:

    what is mii outfit b?

  15. blahbedey says:

    My disk is scratched,so i cant play all courses

    • Mario Kart Wii Lover says:

      I have the same problem too. I don’t think you can fix it easily. To find out how to fix it go to the official Nitendo website and go to mario kart wii and check the comments on it.

  16. elephantLover says:

    How do I get the last 2 characters?

  17. sonic freak says:

    guys, on mushroom valley, go to the first bottomless pit on the left, use a single red mushroom boost just before going off, and you will see a row of giant mushrooms. bounce on them and do tricks. you will be almost certain to be in the lead. (only possible with motor cycle.)

  18. awesome dude 7272 says:

    How do I get the last large kart? I have the honey coupe and the piranha prowler but not the other one. Help! I have all 24 characters and 35 vehicles.

    • aaaaaaaaaa says:

      I looked it up and it said “to unlock…
      Aero Glider: win star or better in all 150cc cups.”
      Well, it’s the Jetsetter, not Aero Glider, and the turning is REALLY bad.

  19. mariocool67 says:

    How do you unlock mirror mode

  20. ShrewManChew says:

    Cant wait for mario kart 8!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (but i dont have a wiiu :-( )

  21. rainbowfart says:

    how do you do the moon jump?

  22. e says:

    spew man how do you get the majicoopa

  23. awesome551 says:

    to unlock rosalina, play super mario galaxy 1, and then go onto mario kart

  24. >>>>> says:

    Unlock Toadette by doing ALL time trial courses

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