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How to get rainbow road in Mario Cart Wii?

Games Guru: This is an awesome, difficult course. It’s based on Super Mario Galaxy and you might fall into space and totally burn up. There are no real shortcuts. You get Rainbow Road by placing in the top three in Mushroom, Flower and Star cup races. There is a shortcut once you get Rainbow Road. It’s not easy to do, but here it is:

I have a 7000 VR, but battles are completely different. I get 15+ coins, but then I get hit by POWs, shells, Mega-Mushrooms, etc. At the end, I have less than six. And then it “forgets” that I once had 15 coins, and I lose VR. I don’t even know how OTHER people get high ratings. In the manual it says you can choose to play people near your rating, but either I can’t find that setting or 3,000 is “near”. I refuse to believe 5800 is my “true” VR. Help!

Games Guru: Here are some tips. Take note of number 8.
Regarding the rating system, yes, it could be better. Maybe the new Mario Kart will deal with that a bit better.

I have almost all of the characters and karts, but there are a few that I’m stuck on. How do I get Dry Bowser, Baby Daisy, Mii Costume B, and Bowser Jr.

Games Guru:
For Dry Bowser, get a 1 Star rating in all the 150 cc Cups.
For Baby Daisy, get a 1 Star rating in all the 50cc Cups
For Mii Costume B, unlock all 32 Expert Staff Ghost Data in Time Trials Mode.
For Bowser Jr., get a 1 Star rating in all 50cc Retro Cups.

I need help. I printed out how to unlock everything, but I don’t know what an expert staff ghost is! Can you tell me?

Games Guru: Ah, the mysterious Expert Staff Ghosts. These are super-good finish times made by the Nintendo developers for Time Trial Mode. You have to beat the Normal Staff Ghosts by as much as 3 seconds to 10 seconds to unlock them. It won’t be easy. But keep trying. Good luck!

Can you find me some tips for how to win the final racecar? I have won all the others but can’t win the last one no matter what I try. Thank you for your help.

Games Guru: If you’re talking about the last medium kart, you have have to unlock the 24 expert staff ghosts first.

Games Guru, how do we unlock the character Funky Kong in this game?

Games Guru: You need to get the expert staff ghost. And you need to be fast in two to eight seconds, depending on the track length. The second window after you are done with your Time Trial will tell you if you unlocked one. Get four to unlock Funky Kong.

How do you get Mii Outfit B? I have every other person except Mii Outfit B.

Games Guru: You have to unlock the expert ghosts on ALL 32 tracks. Then you’ll get Mii Outfit B. It’s not easy since it takes a lot of time. The expert ghost in Ghost Valley 2 is really hard.

Dear Games Guru, How do you get a star on Mario Kart?

Games Guru: That’s a great question. You have to do at least some of these things:
– You need final score of at least 52.
– Stay ahead of the pack in your laps.
– Don’t use the Bullet Bills very much to get into the lead.
– When you’re in the air after jumping a ramp, do tricks.
– Place first or at least lead for a good part of the race.
– Don’t fall off the tracks.
If you want three stars, you have to get a score of 60. That means perfection, and it’s really hard to do. Getting one star is really good, too!

Any codes?

Games Guru: No codes, but here’s how to unlock the Golden Wheel: Use the Wii Wheel in all modes. After that, go online. You’ll see the Golden Wheel is unlocked – right next to your name.

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  1. tjboy says:

    im a good racer because ive gotten first alot but i dont now any tips oor how to unlock anything so can i get any unlocking tips.

  2. tjboy says:

    i dont now how but i unlocked birdo by playing battle in wifi alot.

  3. boysrule58 says:

    Does Koopa Troopa have a sister?!

  4. boysrule58 says:

    How to unlock Funky Kong: Unlock 4 fast staff ghosts.

  5. boysrule58 says:

    How do you get Baby Daisy? I got Daisy, but i need Baby Daisy.

  6. qwerty says:

    this game is awesome! get it if you can

  7. 00Mushroom says:

    I stink. My record best is 8th place mario circut.(P.S. I’m only commenting Because I’m trading friend Blazing Angels for a week for this)

  8. cold says:

    I unlocked the lighting cup. I also saw shortcuts.

  9. cool dude says:

    Ive beat every track except 1!!!!!!!!!!! Ive seen a lot of short cuts too.

  10. goron man says:

    Hello, I am new to this site, And if you need help, ask me.

  11. Baby Luigi says:

    Yo Gorin! I Think I beat your time trial ghost! you’re pretty good though. Are the World Records for the rankings True? I’ve gotten at least 3 World records in my Game…

  12. nate says:

    can you like tell me some shortcuts I,m
    allways comin in last! :(

    • superman says:

      It’s easy to find short cuts because there are short cuts on almost every level.

    • boysrule58 says:

      There is a shortcut in Wario’s gold mine. when your at the part were the gold carts go away, follow them. it’s a shortcut.

    • me says:

      there is a small gap in the blocks on near the middle of the track with the colored blocks. On Ghost Valley, there is a small ramp that you can use to jump across the second or third turn.

  13. ?????? says:

    Is this a good game to get?

  14. javier says:

    i like the game

  15. Pokeman says:

    I’ve unlocked every character and vehicles.

  16. zaners says:

    how do u unlock all the chareters at one time?our can you?

  17. ShootingStarZipZIpQuacker says:

    I think that unlocking Daisy is sort of hard by getting 1st place on the Special Cup. It is also very hard (for me, at least) to get 2nd place on Rainbow Road on 150cc.

  18. tooter says:

    I have beat the game but how do you unlock skinless bowser?

  19. Auburn S says:

    To zeman, when I said “part of it” in one of the replys below I meant part of the way to get Bowser Jr.

  20. Auburn S says:

    Note To all people who ask questions on here, Before you asked your question please try to look at other peoples questions…. they might has the same question as you! (=

  21. halaswisscheese says:

    how do you get a special title screen(press the A button)? I already have all of the characters, karts and a golden trophy for each course.

    • Auburn S says:

      The special title screen is the one that changes from Peach,Mario,Luigi, and Bowser… other than those there no more.

  22. uiyho says:

    YES there is a mii outfit c

    for proof search up mii outfit c on bradygames

  23. boysrule58 says:

    what is the golden wheel?!

    • Auburn S says:

      The Golden Wii Wheel is a symbol that shows that the person like to use the wii wheel and uses it a bunch. All you have to do to unlock it is get your wii Wheel usage above 50%.

  24. boysrule58 says:

    how do you get Daisy?!



  26. pedro says:

    To unlock Rosalina, get a star on all Mirror Cups or play 4, 960 races

  27. BOB says:

    I LIKE IT.

  28. BOB says:


  29. yolego20 says:

    Are there any codes for “Mario Kart Wii”

  30. peach900 says:

    to get dry bowser you need to get all 150cc and ok P.S get all races first!!!!!

  31. Boo says:

    is there a bowser junior?

  32. yo says:

    how do u get dry bowser?

  33. yo says:

    how do u get baby dasy

  34. yoshi says:

    For those wondering how to get the mii outfit B, this is what I saw:
    In time trials, unlock all 32 fast staff ghosts.
    Good luck on this endeavor.

  35. Anonymous says:

    bowser jr. i need him please tell me how to unlock him

  36. wii lover3 says:

    yeah i ben wonder how to get mii outfit B too

  37. Auburn S says:

    To guy, on wi-fi or grand prix’s? Well nevermind it couldn’t be wi-fi because your vrs. points can only go to 9999 :/

  38. Auburn S says:

    To koppa Troopa Master,
    You probably have had Super Mario Galaxy saved data on your wii….. because thats how I got her two XD (wary)

  39. guy says:

    How do you get mii outfit B?

  40. Auburn S says:

    to qwerty 123,
    Same thing…I just Worded it different XD

  41. star wars700 says:

    to unlock jr.bowser you need to do all 100cc

  42. dsuyghk says:

    anybody know how to unlock dry bones or toadette

  43. nin*gorin says:

    What dude (his real fake name is qwerty123) means, is that he has unlocked everything there is to unlock. Actually I think there is something else he hasn’t unlocked, but it was just a rumer so it may not be true.

    • Auburn S says:

      ~this is if your talking about Mii outfit C XD~
      Mii outfit c is a myth…… besides even if it was real wouldn’t you think that nintendo wouldn’t have put it where only people with wi-fi could get it?

      • nin*gorin says:

        Atcually, I don’t know what it’s called. It’s if you get a three star rank on every cup and in every engine class, you will be able to paint your mii’s car and blow up your bullet bills right before they run out or something like that. But I don’t know if it’s true because that would be so hard to do, so don’t get your hopes up anyone. Oh, and I got my fake name somewhere in this game, tell me if you figure out where. ;)

      • guy says:

        To get mii outfit C:get 15,000 points in verses mode.

  44. dude says:

    ask me anything. I have all of the suff you can unlock!


    GAME MASTER, you need to just beet the grand prix. (ex. beet mushroom and flower cups on 50, 100, or 150 cc and do well, and u will get star, beet star and u get special, etc).

  46. scribblenaut says:

    to unlock king boo you need to win the cc50 lightning cup.

  47. Fawful says:

    To unlock Princess Rosaline, first you will need the game Super Mario Galaxy and then go back on to Mart Kart WII and go on any of your saving slots and you’ll get her.

  48. jessemon1234 says:

    to unlock a new kart and diddy kong you have to beat the 50cc grand prix.

  49. GAME MASTER says:

    I need Help How do you unlock other Cups

  50. Comic Lover says:

    To unlock Birdo you need to do time trials on 12 or 13. I cannot remeber wich.

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