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How to get rainbow road in Mario Cart Wii?

Games Guru: This is an awesome, difficult course. It’s based on Super Mario Galaxy and you might fall into space and totally burn up. There are no real shortcuts. You get Rainbow Road by placing in the top three in Mushroom, Flower and Star cup races. There is a shortcut once you get Rainbow Road. It’s not easy to do, but here it is:

I have a 7000 VR, but battles are completely different. I get 15+ coins, but then I get hit by POWs, shells, Mega-Mushrooms, etc. At the end, I have less than six. And then it “forgets” that I once had 15 coins, and I lose VR. I don’t even know how OTHER people get high ratings. In the manual it says you can choose to play people near your rating, but either I can’t find that setting or 3,000 is “near”. I refuse to believe 5800 is my “true” VR. Help!

Games Guru: Here are some tips. Take note of number 8.
Regarding the rating system, yes, it could be better. Maybe the new Mario Kart will deal with that a bit better.

I have almost all of the characters and karts, but there are a few that I’m stuck on. How do I get Dry Bowser, Baby Daisy, Mii Costume B, and Bowser Jr.

Games Guru:
For Dry Bowser, get a 1 Star rating in all the 150 cc Cups.
For Baby Daisy, get a 1 Star rating in all the 50cc Cups
For Mii Costume B, unlock all 32 Expert Staff Ghost Data in Time Trials Mode.
For Bowser Jr., get a 1 Star rating in all 50cc Retro Cups.

I need help. I printed out how to unlock everything, but I don’t know what an expert staff ghost is! Can you tell me?

Games Guru: Ah, the mysterious Expert Staff Ghosts. These are super-good finish times made by the Nintendo developers for Time Trial Mode. You have to beat the Normal Staff Ghosts by as much as 3 seconds to 10 seconds to unlock them. It won’t be easy. But keep trying. Good luck!

Can you find me some tips for how to win the final racecar? I have won all the others but can’t win the last one no matter what I try. Thank you for your help.

Games Guru: If you’re talking about the last medium kart, you have have to unlock the 24 expert staff ghosts first.

Games Guru, how do we unlock the character Funky Kong in this game?

Games Guru: You need to get the expert staff ghost. And you need to be fast in two to eight seconds, depending on the track length. The second window after you are done with your Time Trial will tell you if you unlocked one. Get four to unlock Funky Kong.

How do you get Mii Outfit B? I have every other person except Mii Outfit B.

Games Guru: You have to unlock the expert ghosts on ALL 32 tracks. Then you’ll get Mii Outfit B. It’s not easy since it takes a lot of time. The expert ghost in Ghost Valley 2 is really hard.

Dear Games Guru, How do you get a star on Mario Kart?

Games Guru: That’s a great question. You have to do at least some of these things:
– You need final score of at least 52.
– Stay ahead of the pack in your laps.
– Don’t use the Bullet Bills very much to get into the lead.
– When you’re in the air after jumping a ramp, do tricks.
– Place first or at least lead for a good part of the race.
– Don’t fall off the tracks.
If you want three stars, you have to get a score of 60. That means perfection, and it’s really hard to do. Getting one star is really good, too!

Any codes?

Games Guru: No codes, but here’s how to unlock the Golden Wheel: Use the Wii Wheel in all modes. After that, go online. You’ll see the Golden Wheel is unlocked – right next to your name.

Comments about “Mario Kart Wii”

  1. seriousgamer says:

    i beat the game twice and im about to do it the third time

  2. dry bowser says:

    i unlocked all the charters ask ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. the mouse says:

    Hey, HOW DO I GET THE LAST MEDIUM KART??? I already have the Classic Dragster and the Super Blooper.

  4. ben12 says:

    the best way to get charactars is to get stars in grand pris.

  5. fhfdg says:

    I love the game And Birdo! Once, i finished the game.

  6. luigiswildwing says:

    are there any secret tracks?

  7. yeerk slug says:

    Oh wait nevermind

  8. yeerk slug says:

    How do you get to Luigi’s mansion?

  9. wii remote says:


    • king dedede says:

      Mii Outfit B: Unlock all expert staff ghosts in Time Trial.
      Here’s what it looks like: for boy miis, they wear overalls. For girl miis, they wear dresses.

  10. Victini says:

    Oh, and by the way, no matter which version I’m playing, I always play as Yoshi!
    Sorry for the super-long comment(the one above this one).

  11. Anonymous says:

    1. I want to know the shortcuts for all courses that have shortcuts.

    2. How do you unlock mii outfit B?

  12. mike says:

    how do you get the next 4 ? corses

  13. Sniper says:

    I like Bowser. My sister gets mad every time she looses.

  14. /// says:

    1. I want to know the shortcuts for all courses that have shortcuts.

    2. How do you unlock mii outfit B?

    • qwerty123 says:

      Mii Outfit B, Unlock all Expert Staff Ghost Data in Time Trials, win 5,000 WFC Races or Ghost Races, or 5,100 combined races/battles

  15. wii remote says:

    what is the gril toad name?

  16. wii remote says:

    the guys i like is luigi,daisy,yoshi,babby luigi,babby daisy,toad,DK,diddy kong,funky kong,and waluigi

  17. Xmen6000 says:

    I beat the game

  18. legodude says:

    how do you unlock diddy kong?

  19. karazy driver says:

    whos Funky Kong, baby daisy, and rosiline

  20. Me says:

    Do you know any hacks?

  21. raposa24 says:

    I know how to unlock mirror mode: Get all gold on 150 cc.

  22. reversed says:

    Almost got mirror mode unlocked.

  23. says:

    Its really hard to get baby luigi but i know how

  24. d.j. says:

    What’s a staff ghost?

  25. mariomaster says:

    what does the blue spiny shell do?

  26. d.j. says:

    Can someone please tell me how to get Funky Kong, Baby Luigi,+Baby Daisy?

    • GAMEMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! says:

      Funky Kong:time trial:unlock 4 expert staff ghosts or win 25 WFC ghost races or play 2,250 GAMES

    • GAMEMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! says:

      baby luigi:time trial:unlock 8 expert staff ghosts or win 100 WFC ghosts races or play 3,150 GAMES.
      baby daisy:50cc:score* or higherin all wii cups(the top 4 cups)or play 1,950 GAMES.

  27. redfed says:

    i know how to unlock all charectors

  28. mad says:

    how do you get dry bowser and bowser jr.

  29. Mailburro+Alfalfa= Pedro says:

    How do you get Bone Bowser ? and Bone Baby Bowser

  30. game player says:

    i beat all 150cc’s + i dont have the game

  31. I love japan! says:

    Poll!!! What do you like better,

    A:Mariokart Wii
    B:Mariokart DS
    C:Mariokart Double Dash

  32. raposa24 says:

    Reply to me if you unlocked mirror mode!

  33. heat hater says:

    i love wario

  34. Xplant says:

    MKW: Defeated at last!
    Gold trophy and at least 1 star for every cup, every character and both Mii outfits unlocked, every kart and bike in all three sizes unlocked, new title screen unlocked. But I still have something to say:

  35. blackwater says:

    r ther any “secret” tracks?

    • ilikeyoshi says:

      there is a whole set of shadow courses when you do the following:
      unlock all characters
      unlock all karts/bikes
      unlock and beat all fast staff ghosts
      get three stars in every cup
      shadow courses are all of the courses from every other game system BESIDES the ones that come out after the wii (such as the nintendo 3ds)
      good luck!)

      • Xplant says:

        Talk about F A L S E !
        That is COMPLETE gibberish so don’t believe it. I’ve done ALL those things, and the only thing I got was a new title screen. NOTE: If it’s not on the Wiki, it’s fake.

    • Yoman says:

      Sadly, no, but once you beat every Grand Prix in 50cc, 100cc, and 150cc, you unlock Mirror courses, which is basicly all the tracks flipped.

  36. jg 24 says:


  37. Jace says:

    I know how to unlock everybody, but it’s hard for me.

    • GAMEMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! says:

      I know everything. Ask ME anything.

      • noodle328 says:


      • d.j. says:

        I know it. Instead of going over the stone bridge, you move to the left, to the right in mirror cup, and there will be a little bump that you use a mushroom on. it will send you to the pier, and a ? block!

    • Sweet Pea says:

      PLEASE tell me how to unlock Rosalina and Dry Bowser!

      • GAMEMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! says:

        rosalina: mirror grand prix:score * in ALL cups or, play 50 GAMES AND have Super Mario Galaxy save data or play 4,950 GAMES.

        for dry bowser read my anser to mad.

  38. lego says:

    how do you unlock the last medem cart

  39. mario cart m says:

    My favorite is rosiline. and i like the star that flots around her.

  40. mario cart m says:

    A POLL!!!!!!!!

    witch do you like the best?
    A) Mii outfit A
    B) rosilina (star pincese)
    C) Dry bones

  41. mario cart m says:

    What’s the shortcut on rainbowroad?

    • I love Japan says:

      when you get to that place where there are like holes in the middle of the track, you use a boost right as you get close to them, and your kart will fly over the 1hole (if you dont get how i worded this, sorry)

    • Yoman says:

      The shorcut is not driving off the track and trying to land on a lower level. Trust me, I’ve been there.

    • noodle328 says:

      There’s another, but it’s really, really, difficult. After the two holes in rainbow road, you actually boost over open space, instead of making the turn. if anyone knows what i’m talking about, reply to the message.

  42. secret master says:

    did you know you can unlock secret courses by getting every character

  43. cpt. falcon says:

    how do you unlock the last large kart?

  44. P-Smitty says:

    I just unlocked Dry Bowser; I don’t think ANYBODY knows this but you can unlock Rosalina without super mario galaxy! all you have to do is unlock 1 star rating in every cup in mirror mode.

    • Jace says:

      I knew that. Why would Nintendo be so mean as to make a different game as a requirment for a character?

      • human#695 says:

        it is not a reguirement to have a super mario galaxy account, there are 2 other ways to get rosalina. just the one with getting the acount is easiest

    • GAMEMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! says:

      yup. i knew that.:) :) :)

  45. baby mario &mini beast says:

    how does EVERYONE exept me unlock Dry Bowser

  46. teddy bear says:

    i like coopatroopa’s magic cruser.

  47. mario kart master says:

    i loooove bowser jr. and dry bowser and the rainbow’s fun, i also know a shortcut

  48. zayzay says:

    i love diddy kong and donkey kong!

  49. BigC says:

    Mii Outfit B is unlocked by beating the staff ghosts on ALL 32 courses. Yes, Bowser Jr. is awsome.

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