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Golden Sun: The Lost Age

How do I fix the mast of the ship in Alherpha?

Games Guru: You don’t get to fix it on the visit in which you first find it. First you will need to do more exploring and side quests. You will find an explosive while you are out again, and that explosive will enable you to clear the rocks from the mast and start fixing it. You will need Burst before you can fix the mast, and that will require visiting the towers.

How do I throw a rope? Which buttons do I press to throw a rope?

Games Guru: The rope’s in the game to help progression. You need the Lash Psynergy to use the ropes, though. Lash will throw the rope to a peg and tie it off, allowing him to cross. If he’s stuck and sees a coiled rope and peg, he probably still needs Lash to continue. You can actually progress the game up to the Kibombo Mountains before getting stuck from lack of Lash Psynergy. Lash is located at the Kandorean Temple, which is south of the first town, Daila. Inside the temple, master monk Poi will give you a stone that allows you to cast Lash.

Comments about “Golden Sun: The Lost Age”

  1. Mr.Man says:

    There is probably going to be a 4th one.

  2. Felix rocks says:

    Does anyone know where samba is

  3. fang says:

    what is the point of the three childrens songs??? about the sun, moon, and stars.

  4. fun guy says:

    how do you get through the air rock cave.

  5. kick man says:

    how can i get a delorme

  6. Darth Temero says:

    The gold code. What is it?

  7. Blah says:

    Burst is in the Tundaria Tower (don’t know if I spelled that right). If you already have Piers’s ship, just sail to the south east of the map and then head west, there should be two islands, one is small with a town on it and the other is huge. Get on to the huge island and walk left. And walk left…. and left some more (its a long walk). If you look at your map, Tundaria Tower is on the point of the land that is the farthest north. Hope that helps, ask me if you need any help.

  8. K-Dash says:

    how do i find piers and to get burst

  9. Dullahan says:

    How to get burst? which tower is it?

  10. Blah says:

    To everyone asking about Burst. I’m still progressing through the game, but Burst should be in the Tundaria Tower. The tower is in the snow part of the map, in the south. You need Pier’s ship to get there.

  11. felix says:

    Where on earth can i get burst?

  12. Felix says:

    Where is psynergy burst and where tundaria tower

  13. xBurger says:

    how can i get pier back to my party??

  14. ghfd says:

    I like it

  15. Matt says:

    Come on! 1 comment!? This game is awesome!

    • IssacGoldenSun says:

      You think this game is awesome? every person I lend the game to says It has to be the best ever. You rock, Matt.

  16. omega says:

    you get parch at the island wiht the water rock go to the island town and use do douse on the the blue rock ask me how to get burst^_^

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