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Golden Sun: The Lost Age

How do I fix the mast of the ship in Alherpha?

Games Guru: You don’t get to fix it on the visit in which you first find it. First you will need to do more exploring and side quests. You will find an explosive while you are out again, and that explosive will enable you to clear the rocks from the mast and start fixing it. You will need Burst before you can fix the mast, and that will require visiting the towers.

How do I throw a rope? Which buttons do I press to throw a rope?

Games Guru: The rope’s in the game to help progression. You need the Lash Psynergy to use the ropes, though. Lash will throw the rope to a peg and tie it off, allowing him to cross. If he’s stuck and sees a coiled rope and peg, he probably still needs Lash to continue. You can actually progress the game up to the Kibombo Mountains before getting stuck from lack of Lash Psynergy. Lash is located at the Kandorean Temple, which is south of the first town, Daila. Inside the temple, master monk Poi will give you a stone that allows you to cast Lash.

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  1. As i said i would do yesterday, here is how to get the Ninja class. For Felix and Issac, you set 3 fire and 3 wind djinni. For Jenna and Garet, you set 3 earth and 3 wind djinni.

  2. I think that this is among the best games ever made. I have beaten the star magician, who is possibly the hardest boss in the game. I think that Valukar is the easiest of the optionals. Also, a tip on the Sentinal, he is vulnerable to djinni, and is really vulnerable to earth type summons. I recommend getting Daedalus before attempting him. My strategy for the Doom dragon is to put both your full party healers and recovery items into your first party, and put all of the second party djinni into standby. With luck, your first party will last into the first couple thousand damage of the third head. When your first party dies, hit the doom dragon with two Eclipse summons and a Catastrophe summon. When I did this, it died after the Catastrophe summon. You get Eclipse from the fountain in Lemuria and you get Catastrophe from the Sentinal. If you need help on either this game or the original Golden Sun, Ask me. Soon i will post a comment on how to get possibly the best class in the game which only earth and fire adepts can get. Ninjas!! I kid you not.

  3. Pokerus, on golden sun how do u get to hesperia? and in babi lighthouse on the top, how do you beat saturos and menardi? ( in normal form and fusion dragon form.) heres my party

    Marco(Issac but nicknamed him)lv35

    Garet lv34

    Mia lv34

    Ivan lv34

  4. Haku X – Which temple are you refering to and in which golden sun game?

    njp – The best way is to use your Djinn and summons. I’m sure you’ve noticed Psynergy does not work, so use your PP on healing and maybe boositng stats. The best summons to use are earth element. Also, if you’re taking to much damage to do much, have a healer healing unconditionally every turn, restoring their PP once in a while with a Djinn (Ether). He has about 8,700 HP

    Lil_azn_boy_lil – First, you gotta’ cross the Gondowan cliffs, which are west from Madra (check the map). Once you get through those, go to Naribwe, and get to the Kibombo Mountains. Go through those, and you’re right at the entrance to Kibimbo. Then you get to meet Piers, who is totally awesome.

    Sceptile – YES! No Piers, but it was still amazing. Gotta love the Lamakin desert.

    wow. long post

  5. does anyone have golden sun? yknow just plain golden sun?

  6. Lil_azn_boy_lil // October 15, 2007 at 6:40 pm // Reply

    wheres kibombo in golden sun lost age?

  7. i cant beat the sentinel!!! even though all mypeolpe are all level 40+!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. How do i get through the Temple?

  9. golden sun 2 is the best game ever i know how to get isaac garet ivan and mia to leval 99 with out even working for it

  10. this game is quite difficult but nonethe less awesome

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