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New Super Mario Bros. Wii

Any tips for getting past the boss in the fortress in world 2? I am stuck at it. I am also stuck at the castle in world 5.

Games Guru: The boss you’re fighting is Roy Koopa. If he lands and you’re on the ground, he’ll paralyze you. As he lands, jump onto his head to avoid his attack. Do this two more times. I don’t know where you’re stuck in the castle.

Do you have any tips for the new multiplayer Mario Bros. game?

Games Guru: Here are some tips:

– When riding Yoshi, you can eat projectiles thrown by enemies. Spit them out to give them a taste of their own medicine!

– You can carry other players to help them get through challenging areas of the game.

– If four players are playing at the same time, jump together and simultaneously press down on the + Control Pad to perform a Ground Pound. It creates a huge tremor that eliminates all land-based enemies.

– When flying with the Propeller Suit, shake the Wiimote as you fall to increase the range of your horizontal descent.

– Use frozen enemies as platforms to gain access to hard-to-reach areas. Make sure you jump off before they melt!

– Players riding Yoshi can jump higher and longer if they continue to hold the “2” button after leaving the ground.

– Jump on other players’ heads to reach areas you wouldn’t be able to access on your own.

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  1. nin*gorin says:

    I mean Koopalings sorry. The koopa bros are in a different game.

  2. nin*gorin says:

    Fireballs do damage the koopa bros but you have to hit them somthing like 15 times. You get a special suprise if you don’t use super guide at all. But it’s not very exciting and you most likely won’t notice it if you do it.

  3. nintendoman says:

    Any tips for beating the boss at the end of World 1? Also, do fireballs do any damage to Koopalings, or can they just take more hits in the second battle?

    • New Life says:

      jump on his head

    • Nerfplayer says:

      Actually, fireballs can do damage, but you have to hit the Koopalings a few times with them to send them into their shells. In World 1-2nd Castle, do the same thing that you did in World 1-1st Castle, but when the Koopaling goes into his shell, make sure you stay on the higher platforms!

      • ilikeyoshi says:

        in the world 2 tower you just have to jump into the quicksand when the boss is in his shell and keep jumping!

    • Gamemaster says:

      Beating the boss at the end of WORLD 1?
      ok, when Bowser JUMPS, run by holding down Y or X when you are already WALKING, then jump on the big button and you’ve completed world 1.

  4. madenjah says:

    hey guys! I just got the game and my brother and dad are playing it downstairs. to txt dude. to defeat the second boss, I suggest you do wall jumps to hit his head. when he is about to open up his shell, wall jump over the section of floor he is stuck in and ground pound. as long as you get him before he can jump, you should be good. it’s actually quite easy. defeating him is how I save mid-game. try it.


    i know an awesome combo in world 1-3. you know the piranah that shoots fire at you? if you swallow him and spit out the fire you need to keep running so you always see the fire until it gets past that piranah that comes out sideways. you should get about 4 1ups with this combo!!!! :)


    yes in the mouth! :)

  7. eaglebound says:

    you can carry others while riding on a yoshi.

  8. supermariodude says:

    i am stuck on w8. how do you get past the first course?


    i pwned it in a month or 2 ;)


    pwn also means own or to… you get the idea. :)


    that’s sad :(

  12. nothing says:

    I have this game. and I beat it.

  13. txt dude says:

    I cant even defeat the second boss! Please help!!!

    • Gamemaster says:

      i WOULD tell you, but i would have 2 play that level again,
      because i own both DS version and Wii version.
      so sometimes i get some of the levels mixed up.

      • Dinelle says:

        how do you open the extra levels in world 7 and 8 need it to open worls in last level in star? plz plz plz help

    • Scribblenaut says:

      That is not so spesific, but I will asume you are talking about Larrys second battle. The pillars will move up and down. Use it to your advantage. After you jump on him, stay on the raised pillars. He cannot hit you then when he is in the shell. Do it 3 times, and Larry’s history.

    • roboman says:

      I can help you. Just team up with friends and family

  14. falcon 5.0 says:

    I pwned this game in a day

  15. nat87mariio says:

    what happens at the end of the game

    • Roger557483 says:

      Mario taks off his hat.

      • mtaydliesron says:


      • roboman says:

        Here’s a relly cool thing. On world 2 go to that level where you go through the pipe and into that dark place where piranah plants keep shooting fire at you. At the end of the level you will see a koopa walking down some stairs. Before he gets to the ground jump on his head but do not jump after you already jumped on his head then you’ll start getting points then one-ups and jump off after 99 lives.

    • ben22 says:

      There’s smashable credits.

  16. nat87mariio says:

    but i am stuck in world 9

  17. nat87mariio says:

    i beatthe hole game

  18. IcyFlame says:

    ok before ANYONE writes another comment read this one

  19. monkey boy says:

    I can’t get past world 1 on my own. I keep do i do it?

  20. BANZAIBOY:) says:


  21. nin*gorin says:

    What does “PWN” mean?


    i beat the first level of w-9 (and yes there is a world 9) so ask me any thing! ;)

  23. needyman says:

    Where is the third star coin in the world seven ghost house??? i have every single star coin in the game except for that one.

  24. Mario fan says:

    Is there any way to unlock a toad house other than saving toad?

  25. joe bob says:

    how do you unlock the world five cannon

    • person455 says:

      do you mean the cannon to world5?

    • BANZAIBOY:) says:


  26. supermariometroid64super says:

    i think the wii version is just making fun of the ds version

  27. easy game says:

    i own at this

  28. bluetoad man says:

    what do the cannons do?

    • harry potter says:

      they skip worlds and bring you to the world after it. For example,i got a cannon in world 6. It skipped world seven and brought me to world eight. (the cannon is in the level right before the castle. when the people start throwing fire, use a propeller mushroom to get to the red tube. go in and you unlock the cannon.{get the red flag first. its in the red tube})

  29. Mario the awesome! says:

    The game is great but hard. I’m really close to beating world 9. I need to get all the star coins in worlds 7 and 8

  30. Tipandtrickster says:

    I am on world 3-4 help!!!!!!

  31. mariochampion says:

    I used to be really good at this game,now when I play all I can think about is staying alive,wether or not to use an item,and revenge on Bowserjr.!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. says says says:

    i’m on world 6-6

  33. Man in Black says:

    I got this game for just this last Christmas, it’s a very fun game!

  34. mario says:

    game was epic

  35. gregheffley says:

    I beat the game,and now,I’m stuck on the secret world,WORLD 9!

    • FireStar596 says:

      what do you need help on?
      if it’s unlocking stages, you need to get all the star coins for a certain world to get certain stages (ex. get star coins in world 1 to get 9-1, star coins in world 2 to get 9-2, etc.)

  36. hurrikaen says:

    I cant beat world 3-3!please help me!!!!!!!

  37. this old player says:

    i play all different games, but i never get far on them. i cant get to the second world

  38. sam squared says:

    i don’t have this game, but whenever i go to my freinds house, we play until our eyeballs fall out!

  39. starscreeam says:

    i love it but it broke

  40. Gab says:

    I already know all these tips!!

  41. kilam says:

    Here`s how to get 2-2 3rd star coin: where the midway point go in the place where the sand is. wait then you`ll be in a room, ether take the pipe or jump on the blue button. then there will be 2 stone spikes evaide them then grab the star coin.

  42. CallofDutyFreak says:

    I have already beaten the game. I beat it in two days

  43. Hpotterrocks says:

    i beat the game already… im on the star world.. (9) its difficult but good luck doing the other worlds!

  44. Ilikepie3 says:

    I am on World 4 (the airship)and I am stuck! Help!

    • mario and luigi bowsers inside story says:

      I beat the game and all the air ships but I forgot all of them so ILL get back to you when I CAN PLAY AGAIN.

    • mariomaster says:

      to ilikepie3 try to use fireballs. they help when yor’e blowing up bomb bombs.

  45. GalaxyMario says:

    Another hint. (More of an easter egg)
    Get 99 lives, then go to the map screen.
    Mario won’t have his hat!

  46. The Bagger says:

    Awesome game! I already beat LOTS of stuff!!

  47. luigi lover says:

    It’s awesome!I already beat the real game gotta do everything else…

  48. luigi power says:

    to get world 1 cannon play level 1-3 (yoshi level) go in the secret cave at the top of the screen .go in the middle of the cave and fly up by using flying suit or yoshi.then wall bounce ,walk right intil you go in a pipe . then it will lead you to the other flagpole

  49. jabcar says:

    find star coins to buy hints at princess peachs castle on first level

  50. bobby says:

    Well it is. A awesome. Game my kids love it and I do to my age is 28

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