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Gran Turismo 2

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  1. videogamer1977 says:

    Just wondering how do I keep the mid engine rear wheel drive and front engine rear wheel drive cars from spinning out at high speeds when taking corners

  2. Titanic! says:

    I never understod the game at all. Isn’t it supposed to floow the movie?

  3. dadertd says:


  4. dadertd says:

    I have a car it is a supra car it’s name is 12345.

  5. 121 says:

    I have won a indy car
    it’s awsome

  6. big guy says:

    how do you get past the menu?

  7. mr wanek says:

    mr hint, do have any codes for ps1

  8. 95% says:

    Poptart: I have won every race and am wondering how come I only have 95% done?

  9. ******* says:

    but gran turismo 4 is better it has a STEERING WHEEL

  10. Mr.Hint??? says:


    It is understood that your garage in Gran Turismo 2 only holds 100 cars at a time. Lets say you have 100 cars and $10 million credits Save your game play twice on two differants memory cards. Use one card as your primary garage and one as your secondary garage. Now take the first card and sell off all the lower cars then safe agian. Now take the secondary card , load up and sell all the higher cars then safe again on the secondary card. Keep your best race cars on the primary and all others on the secondary. You have now double your garage space to 200 and have doubled your credits with 10 million in each , plus what you got for the sold cars for a total credits of 20 million plus whatever earned on sold cars, split between the two garages. If you need to transfer a car from one garage to the other, use the data tranfer mode off the main menu by buying the cars off each other You will never lose the money for you own both garages. When one garage fills up, do it again.

  11. Mr.Hint??? says:

    DO NOT TEST RACE YOUR CAR & THEN SAVE YOUR RECORDS otherwise all the cars in you garage will disapper.And always,always,always make a backup file.

  12. Mr.Hint??? says:

    Choose the Suzuki Esgundo special edition and leave every car eating your dust. It has 950 hp for a top speed well above 200 and it turns on a dime. It costs 2 million dollars and can be found under “special” in the Suzuki section of east city. The Suzuki Esgundo special edition is the best car in the game.

  13. roadrunner says:

    the viper is the fastest

  14. ******* says:

    wii yes its a cool game but my system broke:( but no swaet i have a ps2 now.

  15. Jimmy Neutron says:

    sup if u want a dodge concept car get a-license good luck

  16. Wii says:

    I want to know if its a good game?

  17. dill says:

    how do i play it

  18. Pop Tart says:

    I beat Gran Turismo 2 and have every single car in career mode, my favorite is the the ’89 Nissan Skyline GTS-T Type M because it’s the first car I got.

  19. mr cheese says:

    i have GT2 for my PS1 is the toyota supra a good car?

    i have a ’92 with turbo and 270 horsepower

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