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Gran Turismo 2

What is a good cheap car to buy in the game to win the hard races?

Games Guru: There is general agreement that the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution is a winner. Until you have the bucks for that beauty, try the Honda Civic Type-R. It’s still not the cheapest car in GT2’s rather long list of cars, but it is a great one.

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9 Comments on Gran Turismo 2

  1. videogamer1977 // August 29, 2012 at 1:13 am // Reply

    Just wondering how do I keep the mid engine rear wheel drive and front engine rear wheel drive cars from spinning out at high speeds when taking corners

  2. I never understod the game at all. Isn’t it supposed to floow the movie?


  4. I have a car it is a supra car it’s name is 12345.

  5. I have won a indy car
    it’s awsome

  6. how do you get past the menu?

  7. mr hint, do have any codes for ps1

  8. Poptart: I have won every race and am wondering how come I only have 95% done?

  9. but gran turismo 4 is better it has a STEERING WHEEL

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