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Blazing Angels

How do you fly through the canyon in top secret?

Games Guru: It’s kind of annoying, but fly through the canyon pressing up on the D-pad. Press down when there’s a really sharp turn. How do you see where to turn? Your eyes need to be on the ground and water, not the air.

Got some tips for the Wii?

Games Guru: Weapons do greater damage: Hold -, then press 2, 1, 1, 2

Open all missions and planes: Hold – and +, then press Left, Right, 1, 2, 2, 1

Comments about “Blazing Angels”

  1. Sabreboy2645 says:

    Sometimes in an onslaught, it’s best to fight fire with fire(in both cases fire means a Zero or an Me110

  2. Sabreboy2645 says:

    A good way to bomb with the P51 or SBD is to get the target in your bombsight, go
    vertical,open the throttle(go faster),wait until you automatically go into a dive,release your bombs,and crash.

  3. Sabreboy2645 says:

    When using either the P51 Mustang or SBD Dauntless on a bombing run,be sure to
    dive bomb. It’s what they do to bomb in real life.

  4. captain america says:

    i cant get passed level 2!!!!! i am open 2 suggestions!

  5. Sabreboy2645 says:

    If ever on a bombing run, always DIVE BOMB! It’s more accurate.

  6. acedueler says:

    do not allways use new planes use bombers for bombing or what is best suited the mission

  7. coo coo says:

    how do you enter codes!!!!!!!!!!

  8. stupid says:

    i love this game!

  9. Darth Bob says:

    This Game is Awesome!!!!!!!!! :P

  10. superdude says:

    Should you always use the newest plane for a level?


    destroy only the targets with red around them.

  12. ummmmmm says:

    i’m stuck on battle for new georgia. each time the troops on the beaches get squished cause i can never shoot enough of the planes fast enough. any ideas?

  13. ummmmmm says:

    great game for the price and its probably the best flight simulator for wii


    tenderfoot,how do you get the medal in paris?


    the N1K is good in paris also! :)

  16. Anonymous says:

    thanxxxx!!!!! :)

  17. The Best says:

    There is another cheat for unlimited health from attacks against planes, ships, and ground attackers. Hold -, then press 1,2,1,2.

  18. tenderfoot says:

    i am completely done. if u need help ask me

  19. grossboy says:

    i have this for the xbox. ive been stuck on desert rats for a long time. i can never destroy all the buildings and tanks.(cant remember what i cant destroy exzactly


    that’s true :..(


    tip for topsecret: if you speed up in the straightaways and brake while turning, you will get there with about 13 seconds left. also, use the fw190a. if you come back to it later, use fw190d9. i got a really good time with it. :)


    superdude, use spitfire mk V. it is the best plane for that mission. ps: after you save your wingmen you have to order them to attack possition. :)

  23. Gamer101 says:

    This is a fun game but Blazing Angels 2 for 360 has way better graphics and is 19,000,000,000 times more fun and a ton easier to control with the Xbox controller. (P.S. They don’t make it for Wii or PS2 so if you have 360 or PS3 it is the best game to have. :)


    spifire IX is awesome! good to use in paris.:>


    Army man, wich one are you on? if you are on opening moves, use the zero if you unlocked it. if you didn’t, use the buffalo. if you are on #2, use the SBD. if you would like to go back to #2 after the new georgia battle, use the SB2C. it is better.


    i am stuck on the 2nd level in the bombing mini cmpgn. i keep getting shot down by the panzers! please help! >:(
    p.s: the code @ the top of the page doesn’t work.:(

  27. superdude says:

    I’m stuck on London 1940. I always get stuck after you save the wingmen. P.S. What plane should I use?

  28. Gamer101 says:

    I hate Secret Mission. I mean seriously. Why can’t you fly over it instead?

  29. 00Mushroom says:

    Help Me squdroncaptin21, you’re my only hope

  30. 00Mushroom says:

    Skies of Dunkirk is where I’m stuck. I hate bombing Plus I always miss or barely hit any.

    • superdude says:

      Don’t bomb the trucks, strafe them. Then pull up before he last two vehicles and drop your bombs: )

  31. Natscout says:

    I hated Top Secret I kept crashing into the fjord because I was so scared about running out of time. >:(

    • armyman says:

      im stuck on top secret too. ikeep crashing

    • Fastmike says:

      The game says slow in the corners and I just gunned the engine going straight and there are 3 or 4 openings where you and Joe half to sink ships or destroy planes then you get to the heavy water plant.

  32. kirby200 says:

    Iam stuck on desert recon !!!!!!!!!!!

    • squadroncaptain21 says:

      If you’re stuck on Desert Recon, just try to follow the signal at the side of it’s screen. If you turn and the lower one gets smaller, turn the other way. The upper one shows you how far you are from one of Rommel’s camps. The stronger it gets, the closer you are. I know it’s no GPS, but there weren’t any in 1940. But once you get used to it, it seems to be easier. But if it’s the landing you have trouble on, remember: Land, Slow down, throttle up.

    • Boy scout says:

      Just make sure Both lines are green all the way and it should lead you right to the enemy base.

  33. army junkie says:

    its good game but after awhile it gets boring

    • squadroncaptain21 says:

      Well, it gets harder, also can get sad after one of your wing men die. I finished the game, but I enjoy replaying missions.

  34. legoman5698 says:

    im stuck on top secret…… PLEASE HELP!!!

    • squadroncaptain21 says:

      It was hard when I first experienced it, but when you crash, think of it as advice. Once you crash, you know what to do, you’ll get further.

  35. CPU USER says:

    I have this game for the PC and I’m stuck on Rabal. Help!

    • squadroncaptain21 says:

      Remember: you don’t have to destroy the whole airbase. Just focus on what is marked and destroy the AA and the planes. Just leave the rest to the bombers to bomb the rest of the Rabaul base. If you have a hard time with the armed village, just fire at a high altitude.

  36. sarge says:

    Use the Spitfire V for opening moves.

  37. Armyman2.0 says:



    boring game i traded it and lego batman for a gamestop gift card

  39. already boy says:

    awsome game but do not choose the Spitfire

  40. Stud says:

    Fun if you know what to do. Take advice and DON`T try to land before the mission is done! Well, I have to say it is HARD!

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