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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

How do you get over the big wooden fence in the Forbidden Forest level?

Games Guru: I can’t be sure where you are in the Forbidden Forest from this description. It may be that you aren’t supposed to go over the fence. If you are where I think you may be, you need to go over the water. If you see some broken pillars, fix them with “Repairo” then move them into the water to use as a stepping stone by using “Wingardeum Leviosa.”


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  1. bergman54 says:

    lets go HARRY POTTER!!!!!!! fav movie is goblet of fire!

  2. Daiv Stargamer says:

    I have Order of The Phoenix Pc but there’s not a page yet how do you do flitwick’s and snape’s mini quests?

  3. legolandlover56 says:

    on the ds how do you defat care of magical creturs.

  4. Draco'girlfriend says:

    kazillion points for Slytherin >:)

  5. IcyFlame says:

    THIS GAME IS HORRIBLE!!! or terrible. im not sure which one is worse

  6. pokemon409 says:

    ive beat all the levels and this game is sooooo bad!!!!

  7. Grot0x says:

    there is no repairo in goblet of fire games guru! everyone is talkin bout stuff that nots in it. r we talking about the EA game from 2004 i think? well, i do have the PC version. and the guy who asked the question the fence means u havn’t unlocked the area yet. go beat some other levels first. or use a block or somethin.

  8. charliecdc123 says:

    is there a easyer way to get twizardshields?

  9. krum says:

    the hungarian horntail is too hard,any tips on gettin the gold egg,i get close but am always torched by it.HELP

  10. gamesboy says:

    i like the books, but not the movies, oh and are the games good?????? my freind says there not

  11. gba lover1 says:

    i beat the game in an hour!

  12. mairoman4223 says:

    i’m on the battle wih the dark lord it is also the final level. ps.i am reading the book.

    • pokemon409 says:

      just keep dodging his attacks and when he dosent try to kill you, use stupify. On the final battle, I recommend using the first and third spell if this is on DS.

  13. mairoman4223 says:

    i’m on the battle wih the dark lord it is also the final level

  14. Bowser 3000 says:

    I’m reading the book even though my teacher says that I can’t.

  15. monkeyboy10 says:

    any cheats for PS2?

  16. monkeyboy10 says:

    where are ALL the shields?

  17. hikerdude55 says:

    pokemon u use flipendo to destroy the magic thingys then destroy th skewrts

  18. Pokemon409 says:

    Games Guru,how do you get past the blast-ended skewerts in the care of magical creatures, level DS version?

    • Yoshi lover says:

      dude, it’s so easy, you just egg it on to go into it’s cage by “Wingardium Leviosa” a berry. another tip is to move to different spot to get better aim

  19. Pokemon409 says:

    My game is for the DS.

  20. Pokemon409 says:


  21. Guitar God says:

    To defeat Blast ended Skewts you allow them to charge at you when you are standing by a wall.They will run into the wall and become stunned. Now you can jinx them or extinguish them and then jinx them with ducklifors. This is for in the maze. you also might want to destroy one with normal jinxes because you can’t kill both them. It takes A LOT of jinxes to kill them and both of them might not charge at you at the same time. On rare occasions if you try hard enough you can make them run into each other but they both have to charge at the exact same time toward each other head on.

  22. ManMan says:

    How do you beat the Blast Ended Skrewts in the maze?

    • Mikey says:

      If you hang by the walls the skewers will charge at you then as they charge, run then cast aqua erupto onthem or use a charm.

  23. hihihihi says:

    how do u get out of the fre place in the forbiden forest

  24. Albus Dumbledore says:

    Slytherin loses all its points and won’t gain any more! P.S. Snape, you are sacked, so every point goes back to Gryffindore

  25. Bman 159 says:

    Dear Commander C,
    If I’m correct, you move the magic with one thing and move you with the other. Move out of the way and zap the statue. Eventually, the statue is gone.

  26. pop123 says:

    the first challenge

  27. pop123 says:

    how do you get past bad- eye- moody challenge

  28. gowrishankarmanu says:

    Hey Weaslyboy the code is aspp-hgz4-rhwl-kuyx-dczr,so try using it.

  29. gowrishankarmanu says:

    How can I get the trizwizard sheild on the top of the platform of the forbbidan forest

    • mariofanatic64 says:

      i think you can climb it but if not use accio

    • FreakFrog says:

      Use Herbificus on the buds become a stair way. I can not get past Voldimort in the graveyard how do you?

      • mariofanatic64 says:

        just destroy the skeletons until your’s and voldemorts wands connect, then you can use the conection to kill them all. after that, voldemort will lift the angel headstone, he will try to hit you with them. dodge it and break it with the wand connection. After that, you beat him.

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