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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

How do you get over the big wooden fence in the Forbidden Forest level?

Games Guru: I can’t be sure where you are in the Forbidden Forest from this description. It may be that you aren’t supposed to go over the fence. If you are where I think you may be, you need to go over the water. If you see some broken pillars, fix them with “Repairo” then move them into the water to use as a stepping stone by using “Wingardeum Leviosa.”


Comments about “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire”

  1. harry potter rules 87 says:

    This Game was a dissapointment to me any one agree?

  2. potter says:

    there r no trywizard shields in task#2 magic lover101

  3. magic lover101 says:

    were are some of the trywizerd shelds on task# 2 the lake?!!

  4. Harry fan #1 says:

    How do you get past the dragon task

  5. ????????????????????????? says:

    how do u beat u know who

  6. Anonymous says:

    in the maz WHERE u have to free cedric how do you beat those fat beetles?

  7. harry potter ere! says:

    im stuk on da 1st tri wizard task!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Pokmonrocks says:

    To beat the 2nd task you can neither try to do that or do something else. I still have to get 6 shilds!

  9. magic lover101 says:

    To Optisrule how do I get past herboligy?

  10. magic lover101 says:

    how do you get past herbology? please help please!

  11. I answer all questions says:

    sfg plz plz tell me!!!!

  12. sfg says:

    hey i know a lot about pokemon what happen to harry in the 7th book

  13. 123454321 says:

    does someone know how to beat the 2 level of the forbidden forest

  14. HwellsH says:

    How do you beat the 2nd task on PS2?

  15. voldemort says:

    does any one know the code for the 3ed one and the first the sorcere’s stone and the prisoner of azkaban? my freind lost all my codes and then my computer crashed

  16. harrypotterfan28 says:

    Where is the last triwizard sheild on the forbbidden forest, and how do you complete moody’s challenges?

  17. I know about pokemon!!!!!!!!!!!! says:

    Hello, does anyone know what happens to harry in the 7th book?

    Have a nice day!

  18. Optisrule says:

    I’v beat the game 5 times.

  19. I know about pokemon!!!!!!!!!!!! says:

    plzzz HELP me how do you get past the part with the HUGE BLAST ENDED SKEWERTS!!!!!

  20. rOxAnNe says:

    i don’t know how to get rid of the sound…i want to hear ..other..melodies but i just don’t know how to get rid of those annoying sounds~X( ~x( :-L :-W…….:(:(:(:(:(((:((:((

  21. I know about pokemon!!!!!!!!!!!! says:


  22. no 1 harry potter fan says:

    im stuck on the maze with those 2 big things and im trying to rescue cedrick digory and i dont no how plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me :( plzzzzzzzzzz :(

  23. charizard7 says:

    moody’s challenges are reallllllllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyy hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. I know about pokemon!!!!!!!!!!!! says:

    eagleboy498 i only know of incendio not inflatus and when he turns yellow i try to cast the aqua spell and it wont let me i also have a ds

  25. I know about pokemon!!!!!!!!!!!! says:

    eagleboy498 how do you cast inflatus and at what point do you cast the aqua spell thanks

  26. Eagleboy498 says:

    Flip Flop just keep on weaving he’ll never hit you

  27. Eagleboy498 says:

    you have to cast inflatus after you extinguish them with aqua eructo. O.K. I know about pokemon. If this doesn’t work type to me.

  28. I know about pokemon!!!!!!!!!!!! says:

    plzzzzzzzz would someone answer my question

  29. I know about pokemon!!!!!!!!!!!! says:

    How do you get past the part with the HUGE blast-ended skewerts.

  30. Flip Flop says:

    i cannot get passed the dragon – i am not very good

  31. IMB99 says:


  32. sasank says:

    i like it

  33. bens says:

    I can’t find all of the wizards shields so I cant go 2 the next level

  34. fab13 says:

    I thought the game would be a lot longer and harder when I bought it but I guess it was okay. They should make the game like the 3rd one. It was better.

  35. runescape_king says:

    i thought the best game was the 2nd one they should make the other games like the chamber of secrets

  36. mql says:

    I can’t get past the timing part and you defeat all these statues that come to life.

  37. zzz says:

    lolypop, when the salimander turns black use the stupify spell. Ron and Hermione will join in and you can let them do all the work. Then use wingardium leviosa and drop the salimander in a puddle.

  38. jakinbag says:

    qtpye try to hit him with beem cant beat this part too

  39. shivi says:

    For the kid nicknamed murugan, its really simple, really. All you need to do is play three player, and you can get the work finished fast.

  40. Anonymous says:

    i am stuck when you are harry and you have to use lumos to get rid of get launched by a big jack in the box when you are trying to get rid of a bogart.

  41. murugan says:

    i have trouble doing the moody’s challenges. could you help me out?

  42. Shalino says:

    I have finished every level and I have collected everthing.

  43. Dedropedro says:

    This game is fun for all the Harry Potter fans but still a great game for everyone who has a system.

  44. Optirobby says:

    The game is too easy, especially Voldemort.

  45. shivi says:

    For the kid who needed help with the prefect’s bathroom, what you need to do is smash a cauldron into the wall, and a passageway will open. Here’s a cheat: If you are playing one-player, and you want to get some extra beans, smash cauldrons on Ron or Hermione’s head, and beans will fall out for you to take.

  46. lolypop says:

    Istuck salamader part

  47. cubscout #78 says:

    I need help with the prefect’s bathroom.

  48. qtpye says:

    I’m on the last battle with voldermort but I can’t see to win, any ideas?

  49. cooldude says:

    I can’t get the Victor Crumb card, how do I get it?

  50. megagamer says:

    Goblet of Fire is a great game. I have completed all the levels but I am having trouble getting all of the cards and Triwizard shields.

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