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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

How do I get past the whomping willow on the Game Boy edition?

Games Guru: Here’s how: Hermoine has to cast the spell of perticus totalas. Then Harry has to cast diffindo. It takes a few tries to get it right.

How do you get past the level where Neville is trapped by the ghoul?

Games Guru: Have you tried backing the ghoul up into the trap using the Lumos spell?

Where do you find all the collectors cards? They require you to get 80 total; however, the most I can get is about 70. I need help!

Games Guru: Unfortunately, I have neither the map nor the virtual space to cover the locations of all of the cards. If you explore every level carefully and open every box, you will find cards. The game is set up to make card finding a reasonably easy experience. I promise.


Comments about “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban”

  1. jonbuddy1 says:

    The first out of all the PC HP games I ever beat.

  2. anakin says:

    how do you get in the grifindor common room in the guhilda of gosimer level please help guru of the games

  3. Daiv Stargamer says:

    How do you get the marauder’s map on pc?

  4. Daiv Stargamer says:

    How do you defeat peter pettigrew?

  5. zayzay says:

    how do you get past the knit part on PS2???

  6. gigigilove says:

    thanks so much misty! it worked!

  7. daws811 says:

    how do i get past the level where you must not be seen by snape

  8. PINK says:

    Whats the code on a sony windows laptop for the prisoner of azkaban ?? i really need the code pleas anyone ?? x

  9. soccerlvr says:

    how do you pass level 40 to follow the path to the shrieking shack?

  10. Anonymous says:

    how do you beet the faries

  11. hi says:

    what is the code to be iinvulnerable for the ps2?

  12. geena says:

    whats the code for the computer game ?

  13. harry says:

    i dont now install

  14. anny says:

    what is code for this game??

  15. Legend of Zelda Mastr says:

    I was lookin at all the comments and I thought, “wow, these people really need help with the hinkypunks!” Well, like everybody’s been sayin, ya gotta use your Lumos Duo and then hold x (or wahtever button you have it on) and kill those guys! I know, the first wave of em is easy but it gets harder on round two. Don’t sweat, you’ll get it!

  16. katey says:

    i am looking for the game code to harry potter and prisoner of azkaban i got mine misplaced

  17. ??? says:

    how do you get past professor Lupin when he turns into a werewolf on the gameboy edition?

  18. twalden says:

    hi guys thank you for being thnak for letting wi

  19. serious black says:

    Matt23 all you have to do to defeat hinkypunks is you have to use lumos duo until it runs out, then quickly use flipendo at them

  20. the great king of evil,ganondorf says:

    i am stuck where you have to protect sirius black from the dimintours,i always die,you have to help me

    • Legend of Zelda mastr says:

      Ganondorf. Have you tried staying as close to the hill as you can? That really helped me. And if a dementor gets you, just shake that joystick like there is no tomorrow. Oh, and in case you don’t know, hermione is supposed to pass out.

  21. pokemon says:

    to professer snape,peter peteigrew is one founder of the maurauders map,which is sort of like a radar,an amagius that can turn into a rat,and I think he’s the one who told voltamort where harry’s parents were

  22. shanaki says:

    i know this is not about this game but i need help on iron man i cant get past the last lvl

  23. ed says:

    i need help to install the harry potter prisoner of azkaban on the computer: my only problem is the code. help any one?

  24. Littlehelper says:

    Nicky, Look at Harry’s answer P.S They are Hinkypunks

  25. Littlehelper says:

    Harry, you gotta stun them with Lumos Duo and then wait til they are stiff and use flipendo on em’

  26. Harry says:

    how do you get past the ghost things when you’re stuck in a room as Ron?!

  27. Nicky says:

    How do you pass Neville and the ghoul when Ron is stuck in a room and these ghost things are trying to throw fireballs at you? Please someone tell me because I am getting very ticked off!

  28. maagjoel says:

    on xbox

  29. maagjoel says:

    how do you beat the smoke creatures?is there a cheat

  30. ALLYLOVER says:


  31. bigbonthebay says:

    how do you kill the the 4 shelded then 4 sworded knight at the very end of nevel and the goul………i just cant kill him .help any one

  32. profeser snape says:

    hey tigerkidx,if you think the personal computer verson is easy,try the XBOX verson,it took me all of 2008 from start to end to that off

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