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The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks

How do you get to the snow saga in the snow temple?

Games Guru: I don’t know exactly what you mean by saga, but here’s a video walkthrough of the level:

At the Forest Sanctuary, how does one get past the second block barrier in order to find the Lokomo Gage?

Games Guru: Go to the bomb flowers, pick one from the left side and head left to an orb switch. Stand near the orb and tap the touchscreen near Link to drop the bomb by the orb and run back to pick the other bomb flower. (Don’t loft the first bomb at the switch. Don’t put the first bomb down to strike the switch with your blade. If you do, you simply won’t have time to destroy the second brick wall). With the second bomb, go to the second brick wall and toss the bomb next to it.

Past the second wall is a puzzle with 8 totems and a trace puzzle in the center. Connect the two totems facing each other to open the door to the Forest Lokomo Gage.

Any tips for the 4th temple and Tower of Spirits?

Games Guru: Here’s one for the Tower of Spirits. To cross the lava, place Zelda into the hot stuff near the platform. With your stylus, tap Zelda once. Link will get on her shield. To move off, tap the ground two times.

Comments about “The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks”

  1. Spinax says:

    Icyflame, take the kid to beedles hot air ballon. Hope this helps

  2. lugia99 says:


  3. IcyFlame says:

    What happens when u get all stamps and force gems?
    and in links home town(the one in which u start the game) theres a boy who wants to be able to fly or something and ive taken him EVERYWHERE! but he doesnt get of the train! and where r u supposed to take zelda’s guardian whatever he is??? PLZ HELP!

  4. pokemon409 says:

    i have the song of discovery, awakening, and healing. whaere are the other two songs?

    • agent c says:

      -the song of light is available a bit after you deliver the brigeman to linebecks place
      -the song of birds is available after you go to the ocean santuary a sequence of events happens leading you back to the near by village play the song of discovery infront of the palm tree with the extended sand lot

  5. princess Zelda says:

    Yoda answer me !!! I need help in the ocean temple in floor 5 and 6•

  6. LINK mastr says:

    how to beat thu sand templ, need help plz

  7. Dander P. Donderdink says:

    Tip for the Tower of Spirits: you CAN NOT cross lava on Zelda when she’s a wrecker phantom. Trut me, I tried several times.

  8. hi says:

    how do you get to dark link

    • Supermario says:

      There is a house in Castle Town with a blue roof. inside is a girl who will let you battle some monsters. Levels 1, 2,and 3 are available depending on how many temples you’ve cleared. Dark Link is at the bottom of level 3. However, in order to play level 3 you need to clear the Sand Temple.

    • ? says:

      get through one ov the extras i still havent done it its really hard.

    • person says:

      if any one needs help feel free to ask me

  9. Pokemon says:

    Where do you battle dark link?

    • FireStar596 says:

      You need to do the monster hunt thing on hard, after you cleared the sand temple

      • IcyFlame says:

        what monster hunt thing?

      • IcyFlame says:

        nevermind i already found and beat the monster hunt game but all she gave me was a goron amber after level three i thought it would be something worth while!! if i was link i couldve strangled, stabbed, shot, and whipped her

  10. Pokemon says:

    I have beaten it and its easy so ask me any thing about it.

  11. pokemon409 says:

    this game is awsome!!! dont ask me for help because i only beat the forest temple and i was borrowing the game. i just returned it to blockbuster

  12. yoda says:

    How do I get to the pirate hideout?????????

    • Pedro says:

      After Fire Temple, bring the fish lady in Papuchia some Mega Ice to cool off the fish. Force Gem opens the Pirate Hideout tracks.

  13. yoda says:

    I beat the game like a month ago, so ask me anything

  14. b says:

    how do you get to the fire sanctuary?

    • Pedro says:

      I was also stuck, till I found the answer to the Door of Friendship. Stand between the statues of the down right corner & play the Song of Light. A diamond will appear between and beam open the door.

    • yoda says:

      you find the birds,shoot them,take their keys and the door will automaticly open.(This is all in the fire realm)

  15. personwhoneedshelp says:

    i need help on the forest sancuary!!!!!how do you get past it?????

  16. Pedro says:

    EZ, I never did it but a Google thing showed me:
    1. Dodge his beams (or whatever he shoots)
    2. When he throws down his hand (from the pillars) have Zelda pull him down and slash
    3. Hide behind Zelda when he charges- she grabs him and you go butcher him
    After a few rounds, he will leave with Cole.

  17. Xplant says:

    I can’t kill, Byrne /Staven

  18. man of doom says:

    i have beat malludus 2 times

  19. ryguy says:

    How do you beat Phytops?

    • the essence of the triforce says:

      all you have to do is whip the spines on his arms into his face and uncover his eye. then whip some more to stun him and whack him with your sword.

    • Pedro says:

      To find his eye, shoot towards the sacs on his head closest to the ground and facing you the closest.(There’s 2 sacs,not one.)

  20. Gamemaster says:

    That’s right. The gamemaster is now awnsering questions about Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks! See ya around!

  21. the essence of the triforce says:

    yay! sword beams! they sound funny!!!!!!!!!11!!!1!:P

  22. ... says:

    where do you find the last stamp.

  23. traintrack says:

    I can’t find the regle ring even though I fallow the instuctions and use the song of discovery. HELP

  24. LINK says:

    i cant find the brige wercer in the forest realm. HELP ME!

  25. cheese says:

    how do you get past those blue creeps that get phantoms?

    • Pedro says:

      Those “blue creeps” are Phantom Eyes. Actually, on the floor where the Phantom is guarding Tear 3, use the Eyes to lure it away from the opening.

  26. the essence of the triforce says:

    i got the hurricane spin! i’m also trying to get all the bunnies for… i think sword beams.

  27. Bob says:

    I beat malladus once and cant beat him again!

  28. skeeter says:

    how do i get past the 16th floor in the spirit tower to get the sand map?????!

  29. cementhead says:

    (non sequiter)Does anybody like Toad besides me?

  30. cementhead says:

    i m stuk on the ocean temple getting the boss key. PLZ HELP!!!!!!

    • cheese says:

      you have to go back to the fifth floor, find the stairs to the whirly-thing, and use it to get to the moving platform. hit the switch to make a bridge, fight the phantom hands and throw the key at the stairs. (by the way, the boss is really easy – just throw thorns @ him)

    • The Dude says:

      You know where you grab the swords out of the fishes mouthes? At one of the floors it says”Remember the placment of the blades.” PS the answer is 3and5. On the floor above, you have to match that on both sides (there are two groups of 5 fish.) The wall thats blocking the REALLY tall stair case will be gone.

  31. byrne says:

    Do you have to fight Dark Link and what’s at the sand sancuturary?

  32. malludus says:

    i beat him!

  33. Link says:

    I can’t get two the sand temple and idon’t know where the sancutary is or how to get to is

    • cementhead says:

      Link, ur lucky. I cant beat the 3rd temple!

      • yoda says:

        I;m stuck too!!!@ the fish with the swords in their mouths!Does anyone know the order and can they tell me before 8 o’clock tommorow?!?T hanks if you can!!!!!!!!

    • FireStar596 says:

      at the sanctuary, you need to go to a dead end. there is a riddle
      in short, take the train, then locate where the 3 giant statues meet. returnt o the sanctuary. note that the land is exactly like the rail layout! bomb the aproximate location, and you will find the lokomo.

  34. trifore master says:

    I have beat mallduls and he is easy

    • zelda finatic says:

      I GOT ALL THE STAMPS!!! GREATSPIN!!!!!:D awsome game and easy boss battles also defeated dark link in spirit tracks(not hard at all!!)

  35. marioandlinkmaster says:

    I can’t get past the guards when you need to get zelda to your train.
    I am stuck on the part when you have to throw rock at the guard.
    Please help.

    • LINKRULEZS says:

      Dear marioandlinkmaster,

      A friends of mine told me how to do it. draw a path for Zelda FIRST then throw the rock.

    • The Dude says:

      The first couple guards you can get past by talking ro them. While you’re talking, move Zelda across them. the nextone, through rocks to distact him.

  36. Jcow93 says:

    How do you get the sand area

  37. LegendofZeldaMastr says:

    In the sand temple, when it says, “the key is between one and three…” where is the key?

  38. Jcow93 says:

    i’m on the 16th floor of the tower of the spirits

  39. Jcow93 says:

    How do you get the last rail map like what is the crest

  40. link freak says:

    how do you get past the sand sancuary

    • the essence of the triforce says:

      in the middle of it, there are pathways. if you drop a bomb on the right side of the west-most square, IT appears.

    • cementhead says:

      I wanna no too, cuz i’m stuk with the statue thingie

    • IcyFlame says:

      i wish i could go to the beggining when u enter the dark realm be cuz it was more fun blowing up those train things than killing malladus but every time i go into it (after destroying all the trains) it takes me straight to the beggining of the final battle

  41. kittycat says:

    i beat the game!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. yoda says:

    I’m probably going to get it pretty soon

  43. Neri Leaf Ciela98 says:

    has anyone beat malladus yet?!!??! crazy hard and yeah, triforce dude, i agree, malladus is hard, heck of a game though wouldnt you think?

  44. Triforce Dude says:

    anyone beat Malladus yet?????

  45. .............. says:

    please help me!
    im stuck on the last part of the tower where you need to find your way through the dark room. i got the first key and unlocked the middle passage in the three key locks room. in the middle 1 i lit all the torches. HELP! :-(

  46. legoguy says:

    I can’t get past the second part of Tower of Spirits. Please Help!

  47. Leonardo227 says:

    I think The Ocarina of time is the best. It was in the Guinness book of world records that it was and still is the Nation’s first favorite!And i own the game!

    • link freak says:

      yea ocarina of time is the best. where did you get it

      • ? says:

        my dad still has it ive beat it i love zelda games zelda unieverse has tons of suff on zelda incuding walkthrouhs and extras ive played and beat the 3 one called the legend of zelda link to the past on gameboy avanced and lot more theres one coming out next year for wii called skyward sword.

    • LINKRULEZS says:

      dear Leonardo227,

      WHAT THE HECK IS THE OCARINA OF TIME?!?!?!? ( but i herd it’s a old game )

      • Leonardo227 says:

        To Linkfreak and Linkrulezs,

        The Ocarina of Time is a REALLY AWESOME!!!Link is a kid whose mother and father died in battle.Link lives with the korkerians and he is the only one who doesn’t have a fairy.I’ll continue later.

      • yoda says:

        YOU”VE NEVER HEARD OF OCIRINIA OF TIME!?!?!?!?!IT is so much fun, though its for gamecube, i KNOW THIS BECAUSE WE HAVE A WII I don’t Know why it was all capirals

      • IcyFlame says:

        U have to try ocarina of time!!!! it was one of the most awesomest games ever! its a zelda game from nintendo64 and i have for gamecube and it includes the master quest.

    • rikku5678 says:

      ocarina of time is definately the #1 best and most awsome game ever great story

      • yoda says:

        no it isn’t!!! Spirit Tracks is by FAR the very,very,very,very best

      • IcyFlame says:

        u probably havent played ocarina of time or u just hated the game because u cant finish it, trust me its happened to me
        ocarina of time has stayed the best for years and its a LOT more better than any zelda game that has existed

    • Greenboy says:

      I cant wait until ocarina of time 3d comes out for 3ds!!

      • 1324 says:

        I can’t wait for the legend of zelda skyword sword with wii mo…. plus so u can swing your sword the way u want it to

  48. Supermario says:

    This game is so much fun. Though it’s still easy.

  49. Zelda freak says:

    Its a great game. Even better than Phantom hourglass. Out of all the toon link Zelda gamed I Think this one is the best. :) ;)

  50. Pat says:

    get over 4000 on the pirates hideout to get a heart container

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