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The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks

How do you get to the snow saga in the snow temple?

Games Guru: I don’t know exactly what you mean by saga, but here’s a video walkthrough of the level:

At the Forest Sanctuary, how does one get past the second block barrier in order to find the Lokomo Gage?

Games Guru: Go to the bomb flowers, pick one from the left side and head left to an orb switch. Stand near the orb and tap the touchscreen near Link to drop the bomb by the orb and run back to pick the other bomb flower. (Don’t loft the first bomb at the switch. Don’t put the first bomb down to strike the switch with your blade. If you do, you simply won’t have time to destroy the second brick wall). With the second bomb, go to the second brick wall and toss the bomb next to it.

Past the second wall is a puzzle with 8 totems and a trace puzzle in the center. Connect the two totems facing each other to open the door to the Forest Lokomo Gage.

Any tips for the 4th temple and Tower of Spirits?

Games Guru: Here’s one for the Tower of Spirits. To cross the lava, place Zelda into the hot stuff near the platform. With your stylus, tap Zelda once. Link will get on her shield. To move off, tap the ground two times.

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35 Comments on The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks

  1. i beat the game!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I’m probably going to get it pretty soon

  3. Neri Leaf Ciela98 // February 4, 2010 at 10:43 pm // Reply

    has anyone beat malladus yet?!!??! crazy hard and yeah, triforce dude, i agree, malladus is hard, heck of a game though wouldnt you think?

  4. Triforce Dude // February 4, 2010 at 10:38 pm // Reply

    anyone beat Malladus yet?????

  5. .............. // February 3, 2010 at 8:13 pm // Reply

    please help me!
    im stuck on the last part of the tower where you need to find your way through the dark room. i got the first key and unlocked the middle passage in the three key locks room. in the middle 1 i lit all the torches. HELP! :-(

  6. I can’t get past the second part of Tower of Spirits. Please Help!

  7. I think The Ocarina of time is the best. It was in the Guinness book of world records that it was and still is the Nation’s first favorite!And i own the game!

    • yea ocarina of time is the best. where did you get it

      • my dad still has it ive beat it i love zelda games zelda unieverse has tons of suff on zelda incuding walkthrouhs and extras ive played and beat the 3 one called the legend of zelda link to the past on gameboy avanced and lot more theres one coming out next year for wii called skyward sword.

    • dear Leonardo227,

      WHAT THE HECK IS THE OCARINA OF TIME?!?!?!? ( but i herd it’s a old game )

      • Leonardo227 // March 6, 2010 at 7:35 pm //

        To Linkfreak and Linkrulezs,

        The Ocarina of Time is a REALLY AWESOME!!!Link is a kid whose mother and father died in battle.Link lives with the korkerians and he is the only one who doesn’t have a fairy.I’ll continue later.

      • YOU”VE NEVER HEARD OF OCIRINIA OF TIME!?!?!?!?!IT is so much fun, though its for gamecube, i KNOW THIS BECAUSE WE HAVE A WII I don’t Know why it was all capirals

      • U have to try ocarina of time!!!! it was one of the most awesomest games ever! its a zelda game from nintendo64 and i have for gamecube and it includes the master quest.

    • ocarina of time is definately the #1 best and most awsome game ever great story

      • no it isn’t!!! Spirit Tracks is by FAR the very,very,very,very best

      • u probably havent played ocarina of time or u just hated the game because u cant finish it, trust me its happened to me
        ocarina of time has stayed the best for years and its a LOT more better than any zelda game that has existed

    • I cant wait until ocarina of time 3d comes out for 3ds!!

      • I can’t wait for the legend of zelda skyword sword with wii mo…. plus so u can swing your sword the way u want it to

  8. This game is so much fun. Though it’s still easy.

  9. Its a great game. Even better than Phantom hourglass. Out of all the toon link Zelda gamed I Think this one is the best. :) ;)

    • Thats because its the newest version,

      • not necesarily
        not everything new isbetter than the old games take for example ocarina of time, its still one of the best zelda games ever and its from nintendo64

  10. get over 4000 on the pirates hideout to get a heart container

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