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The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks

How do you get to the snow saga in the snow temple?

Games Guru: I don’t know exactly what you mean by saga, but here’s a video walkthrough of the level:

At the Forest Sanctuary, how does one get past the second block barrier in order to find the Lokomo Gage?

Games Guru: Go to the bomb flowers, pick one from the left side and head left to an orb switch. Stand near the orb and tap the touchscreen near Link to drop the bomb by the orb and run back to pick the other bomb flower. (Don’t loft the first bomb at the switch. Don’t put the first bomb down to strike the switch with your blade. If you do, you simply won’t have time to destroy the second brick wall). With the second bomb, go to the second brick wall and toss the bomb next to it.

Past the second wall is a puzzle with 8 totems and a trace puzzle in the center. Connect the two totems facing each other to open the door to the Forest Lokomo Gage.

Any tips for the 4th temple and Tower of Spirits?

Games Guru: Here’s one for the Tower of Spirits. To cross the lava, place Zelda into the hot stuff near the platform. With your stylus, tap Zelda once. Link will get on her shield. To move off, tap the ground two times.

Comments about “The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks”

  1. Laserguy says:

    How do I get the spirit tower floor that you unlock after the ocean realm?

  2. GannonSmasher says:

    How do you get the swordsmen’s scrolls.

  3. master of link says:

    does anybody know where the 1st sorwdsmen scroll is?

  4. mii says:

    This was the best Zelda game I was able to finish!

  5. anon. says:

    oh my gosh I BEAT THE GAME thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Legend of Zelda Pro says:


  7. ethan says:

    how do you get past the dark spirit tower level

  8. thedoctorrocks says:

    how get past the guy with the cello? I know you have to use the sprit flute but i can’t get past him without messing up.

  9. Link25 says:

    how do you defeat the boss in the forest temple

    • omega123 says:

      boss of the forest temple?? EASY!!!!!
      1. blow whirlwind into his face
      2.let him charge up his tackle
      3.walk to behind him and blow whirlwind at the butt surrounded by purple fog
      4.slash at butt and repeat

      • omega 123 says:

        As forthe 2nd part,

        1. slash the blue bugs only onceand let them curl up
        2. when the boss flies in blow whirlwind at bugs and let them hit the boss
        3. when he lands slash at his butt
        4. repeat process about three times

  10. Dread Spud says:

    Me like game

  11. Ash 100 says:

    get an action replay to beat the forest temple all you need is infinite health and also if you see a weird item, pick it up it’s very useful. Can anyone tell me how to get past the snow temple if you do know please answer my earlier question about those bars
    that sometimes have bell symbols on them.

  12. Ash 100 says:

    what do those bars mean that tell you how to play the bell? what does the top bar mean? what does the middle bar mean? what does the bottom bar mean when the bell symbol is on it? add the last 7 words in the last question to the 2 and 3 questions.

  13. crasy zelda says:

    what do you do when in the first level of the forest temple? please reply quickly because i am stuck.

  14. AW3SOM3 says:

    This was the easiest game ever!

  15. BRPturkeytrot says:

    How do i get past the snow temple?

    • i love games says:

      that is my question to i do not know how to ring the 3 bells in the snow temple in the right order to open the door if anyone knows please tell me!

  16. duckman says:

    How do you find the reigel ring at Linebeck III’s house????? I need answers right away

  17. SuperDuper says:

    Im stuck on the fire temple boss, and how do you get to the sand relm? i know its in the water relm

  18. Shadow says:

    Hey Smartdude404 whwer is the Dark Ore mine i need some major help

  19. luckyman555 says:

    i am stuck on the snow temple

  20. The Owner says:


  21. IcyFlame says:

    beating a game is just going through the basic story line to get t o the final boss and defeating the boss
    completing the game is to get all items, power-ups, upgrades or watever and doing all side quests and beating the game

  22. Greenboy says:

    How do you get dark ore to lineback? Every time i try it melts.

    • Super Scribblenaut says:

      1-Buy Ore (Obvious)
      2-Go east (Through cave)
      3-Go to Sand Realm Ocean map
      4-Go east to teleport thing
      5-Go west, south, east to other teleport
      6-Go south, east to get to Linebeck’s place
      7-Claim your prize!

  23. smartdude404 says:

    Hello! I have a guide for this so you can ask me questions all you want! I will answer them whenever I can! :)

  24. mi says:

    how do you get to the ocean temple

  25. Eh says:


  26. Eh says:


  27. WOWthegameisEZ says:

    Hey, guys! What’s your favorite weapon in the game? What’s the order from best to worst? For me, it’s:
    2-Bow (Bow of Light)

  28. ? says:

    the legend of zelda rocks!!!!!

  29. mojo says:

    im stuck on the top bit of tower finding the last key to the thired door help i need to get the compass

  30. mojo says:

    how do you get the key to the room on the right to get the compass i stuck grrrrrrr lol it the top of the spirt of tower i talkin boot btw :)

  31. WOWthegameisEZ says:

    A great game, but the final boss is kinda crazy (not difficult, insane). When trying to kill all those possessed trains with the Tears of Light, they almost had me about 3 or 4 times when I just BARELY got the Tear of Light. Then I put my train in reverse and BOOM! Dead.

    • IcyFlame says:

      i lovd doing that! i wish i could still do it but every time i enter the dark realm again i go strait to the demon train :(

  32. amazed about people not knowing obvious puzzles says:

    I don’t want to sound rude to anyone scrathcin their heads out there, but the only real challenge for me was doing all the sidequest.

    P.S. Most temples give blaring clue about puzzles.

  33. Majora says:

    I can’t beet spiret tempel after fire tempel I need help :(

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