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Star Wars: Republic Heroes

On the first level in the Wii game, how do you defeat the giant spider droid? When its leg gets stuck, I use the force, but nothing happens!

Games Guru: Try this: Get onto its leg to get close to the body. Double jump on the turret. Use some lightsaber strikes to demolish it. Now the leg won’t be stuck. Jump back down and avoid the shooting. Soon the next leg will be stuck. Do the same thing for the second turret. Get on the third turret to jump atop the droid to kill it.

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  1. coo coo says:

    I finished the game in a hour.It is a very good game.

  2. sideswiper333 says:

    Its annoying to try to beat spider droids as a clone trooper but its easy as a jedi

  3. commandocody says:

    plz help how do u deafeat that spider thing in lvl1 on psp?

  4. obi wan says:

    to short!!!!

  5. jonbuddy1 says:

    Aren’t there like two of these games? Isn’t there a Clone Wars version?

    If so, I have the Clone Wars one for Xbox360. Decent game, but it’s been a while since I played it.

  6. HUNGRY MOB says:

    i beat the game in three hours way to easy once u figure it out being clones is actualy more fun then being jedi believe it or not

  7. legogameman/DSdude says:

    My little brother and I beat the game in 3 days. We now have bought almost everything in the shop.

  8. question says:


  9. question says:

    help i need to know how to get through the eneine room on lvl 5

  10. question says:

    how d you get pas the pipes on lvl 5 plz tell me

  11. paintball boy 75 says:

    i love the game but my wii remote is out of battery and my bar is out of battery

  12. The Best says:

    I have it on the wii. Just back away a little and circle the leg until it says to use the fore to hold it down. have ashoka hold the leg down then you hold it down as well. onnce the leg is bent down, jump on it and from there jump on to the turret and use your lightsaber to cut it off. do this once more. on the last one, jump on to the leg and then on to its head. Then the mission is complete.

  13. jacen6 says:

    i just passed ventress

  14. zelda101 says:

    i beat this game in like 2 hours

  15. Anonymous says:

    after youve forced down the legs; you slice them.repeat until droid is dead

  16. rex217 says:

    how du u beet vassek mishin 1 on ds?

  17. frustrated says:

    at the begining of your instructions it says to get on to the leg. I try jumping on but it deosn’t work.

  18. rex217 says:

    im onle on level 3.

  19. Leopard says:

    I’ve never played it. Sounds cool!!!:-)

  20. Cdog says:

    Totally Awesome Game. I beat it is easy though.

  21. jam says:

    have you ever played a beter game

  22. kcmake says:


  23. get guy says:

    This is an awesome game, I recomend it

  24. cool man says:

    i have the game it is so awsome

  25. Coolmanps3 says:

    I beat the game 3 times. It is a really short game.

  26. mageman says:

    this is the best game ive ever played

  27. Annoyed says:

    Why aren’t you answering my question game guru?

  28. piokoon1123312 says:

    I’m on the 8th level!

  29. joshi says:

    I’m on the 9th level!

  30. Log Man says:

    Thanks for the tip. I was stuck on that since Christmas

  31. Scouting101 says:

    I don’t own the game but I want to get it and it sounds cool.

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