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James Bond 007: Nightfire

How can I confirm the code for the keypad after I enter it?

Games Guru: Just hold down the key/button. The code numbers will flash and you will have confirmed the code numbers. But keep holding down that button.

I’m stuck on the third level where I have to free the hostages, and I can’t find the hostage in the bathhouse.

Games Guru: The first hostage is being guarded in a secret room that can be entered only by trudging through the water. When you are in the outdoor area, follow the water into the opening under the building and climb the ladder. You’ll find her … and her guard.

The second hostage is behind a secret door. You will find a Yakuza patrolling an unlit bedroom. After taking out the Yakuza, activate the picture in that bedroom to reveal a hidden door that will lead you to a courtyard. You will find the first hostage across this courtyard, but watch out for snipers.

Comments about “James Bond 007: Nightfire”

  1. darksideofme says:

    I found the perfect Sentinel sniping spot for Arena, Skyrail. Pick up the Sentinel in the corner of the stone castle-like structure at the top, then go in the middle door and hang a right. Follow to the big room, then grapple (you do have grapple, right?) up and through the door, then up the stairs to the main plaza. Engage the Sentinel and jump up onto the roof next to the big tower. It is possible, so keep trying and once on, head for the very end. Use your radar to defend your castle. You can also curve your rockets behind the structure and a little into the building itself. Have fun!

  2. 005 says:

    this game is a clasic bond adventure…Awesome

  3. slex3 says:

    hey Q, go to code names, click on your name, then go to secret unlockables.PRESTO!!!!!

  4. TOADBOY says:


  5. Q says:

    How do u enter cheat codes for PS2

  6. 008 says:

    How do you enter cheat codes

    • kody says:

      first at the very begin of the main menu go to code names thn go to default thn there is a thing that says secrets

  7. luigifreak says:

    i am stuck on countdown. i cant find enough ammo to last me through the level

  8. Agent McMuffin says:

    I’ve finished that game. And I haven’t used any cheats. My favorite mission is the Countdown, where you have to board a shuttle heading for thee station. Nightfire is one of my favorite games ever.

  9. megatron 67 says:

    I’m stuck on the mission where you have to trankulize the gaurds but cant kill them is there any cheats and how do you get to the cheat menue (if there even is one)and i have it for the PS2

  10. i rock & u dont says:


  11. neon says:

    ULTIMATE CHEAT —– to transform your starting pistol type in PK2000 trust me its an awesome gun.

  12. mvp says:

    how do you get past motion detector when your in the car underwater

  13. heart fire says:

    What are all the passwords

  14. 007 says:

    my favorite guns are the P99 and PPK

  15. Some dude says:

    This game is fun I don’t even care about story mode I like to play just normal fights :)

  16. guitar god says:

    the game is so cool i beat it in 3 days but it ihard

  17. Master Man says:

    yes it is broken

  18. MAJORACE202 says:

    I have this game. It’s so much fun. I like the arena in multiplayer that’s called Sky Rail. I like the level The Exchange. I like to keep starting over to kill all the guards. This is my favorite game.

  19. Guitar God says:

    I think this is a great, safe way to destroy the submarine on the underwater mission. If you have at least seven remote control bombs you can use them to shoot the submarine from a safe and accurrate distance. If you have enough health you could try to kill it with regular missles but I try to conserve my health to get a gold medal.

  20. Guitar God says:

    to sagerage/ this may seem dificult to understand but watch carefully from behind cover for any gunfire. you can see it easily from where the lift to the far corner is. there you can look out without being shot at. I know for sure that there are 2 guards near where the entrance to the next section is. you might want to snipe the three obvious ones out in the open. also there will be 4 guards that shoot you from the windows. all of this is in the second part of chain reaction.

  21. Guitar God says:

    to Frank/ If you have a shotgun keep firing it at the ninja freak until he dies. i dont blame you he is a crazy nutcase isnt he?

  22. sagerage says:

    i cant get past the part withall the snipes on chain reaction where are they hiding

  23. S.W.A.T says:

    I personally do not own this game, but many of my friends do and it is definatly fun on multiplayer.

  24. jason says:

    can you get the golden gun or try to get it.

  25. Sonic13 says:

    To Frank:
    To make is easier, go to cheat codes on your codename and put in P2000 to power up your gun and put in AU P2K to make your gun golden and more powerful. when you get to the ninja, use the golden P2K and keep shooting him. you’ll only have to reload once, maybe twice and WA-LA! Hope this helped, Frank!

  26. emilio says:

    how tu get on rope in 3 lvl ?

  27. frank says:

    cant get pased the ninja after freeing the hostages. what must Ido?

  28. Verac KNnght says:

    T for teen

  29. j killa says:

    how do u get past the motion tecter in the under water level

  30. Ender Wiggin says:

    Cool boy,

    hold the button to make the decrypter do its stuff. It took me a long time to figure that out, too. When you hold down the button, Bond will punch a bunch of numbers on the decrypter and the door will fling open. Good luck!

  31. cool boy says:

    how do u get the numbers to the door on the night shift level i need the numbers to get to the computer room when i get to the top floor were do i get the numbers

  32. shark says:

    how do you beat the big submarine on the underwater car level

  33. sonic and naruto fan1 says:

    I keep getting stuff for multiplayer but it wont let me use it! Is my game broken? Please respond!

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