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Kingdom Hearts

How can I get leveled up fast?

Games Guru: I claim no expertise on this, but in my experience, there are no shortcuts to leveling up in this game. You fight lots of Heartless and you gain experience and level up.

Can you give me tips on how to defeat Sephiroth? He’s very hard!

Games Guru: Oh, um, Sephiroth. Tough call. Are you at level 75? All the experts agree: You should have MP Rage and MP Haste. You should fill every slot with elixirs. Half the key to this fight is survival.

This is one of the hardest, biggest battles in gaming. Sephiroth will hit and hurt you no matter what you do, so drink elixirs, use second chance, use strike raid when possible and slug it out.

How can I get leveled up fast?

Games Guru:

I claim no expertise on this, but in my experience, there are no shortcuts to leveling up in this game. You fight lots of Heartless and you gain experience and level up.

Comments about “Kingdom Hearts”

  1. CheddaCheez says:

    You only have to be level 50 to be sephiroth. When he uses sin harvest ( a halo will appear above your head) just use an elixer its not that hard

  2. DaxQuark says:

    The game is easy if, after you beat Hollow Bastion, ya get at a level 225. It’s easier to beat Sephiroth and all the rest of the bosses (even both the hidden ones).

  3. helper says:


    to beat herc u have to throw the barrels at him when he turns yellow.then you have to keep beating him up.

  4. ace says:

    herculies is hard i can defeat him help some 1

  5. Robin says:

    Kingdom hearts is the best game I have ever played. I think that it is the #1 game on my favorite games list.

  6. destroyer of light says:

    ANTHER ? FOR HELPER LOOOK BELOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. helper says:

    when cerberous pukes try to jump on it or dodge them.the fireballs are easy to dodge.just run up and keep attacking until he uses one of them.also lock on to the middle head and us thunder for 3x damage cause it hits all the heads

  8. destroyer of light says:


  9. cheese says:

    to dungbung gameshark has a disk that unlocks all cheats. i know what you talking about seen it on youtube.check at walmart for it or online.

  10. Jimmy Neutron says:

    2 get the hercules cup seal the hallowwen town and neverland keyholes.

  11. wwebatistafan says:

    2 unlock the hercules cup seal the halloween town and neverland key-

    holes good luck.

  12. destroyer of light says:

    i reeeeaaaaly need help on telling me how to kill cebrus at Hurcules home.

  13. hiboxx says:

    xemnas in kh1 no thats only in the final mix of it

  14. dungbung says:

    how do i get past lv.99?

  15. dungbung says:

    how do i defeat sephiroth?

  16. dungbung says:

    in kingdom hearts 2, theres a double sephiroth battle in disney castle. how do i unlock that?

  17. dungbung says:

    how do i unlock uknown?

  18. SoRa X or ? says:

    Kindom hearts is great but some of the enemys are sometimes in the way and the game is great!

  19. legendarysrk4eva says:

    the only thing u get from beating kurt ziza or any secret bosses is bragging rites NOT VERY GOOD

  20. kingdom king says:

    hey you guys i need some help i havent even goten past ansem hes really hard what should i do??

  21. Felix says:

    kindom hearts1 is awsome i beet seferoth got ultuma wapon and all my charecters are leval99 say whose beet phantom and curt zia there tough eh but what i really want is to fight xemnas in hollow bastion how do you unlock him some gye i know told me if you go to hollow bastion after you beet it sora gets all demented and waks trough a wall and on the other side of the wall is a gient treasure box with super jump inside you jump to the top of the catsle and fight a heartless with gold life when you beet him your able to fight xemnas in kingdomhearts1

  22. AlphaGeek says:

    I reeeeeeaaaaaaaaaally need tips on how to beat Ansem. I get to the second fight and I get beaten. Help me please, someone.

  23. legendarysrk4eva says:

    i beat all the secret bosses except for spehiroth he had half a bar left then the power went out:(

  24. DiZ says:

    LoL, ha, I got lost doing that the first time through. Use the lifts, try diifferent ones… that’s all that I can say, I can’t remember exatly, if I find my Stradegy Guide I’ll tell you once it’s found.

  25. lolipop says:

    kingdom hearts lover!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    it is me your cousin


    i did riku but cant get to malificent!

  26. lolipop says:


    how do ya get to malificent in hallow bastion?

  27. DiZ says:

    I find it near impossible to beat the secret bosses, I can near-kill Kurt Zisa, by the final bar he kos donald and i have no more items and can’t use mp

  28. DiZ says:

    LoL! You hacker. How come using cheats like getting ultima weapon, erases ALL other keyblades that you currently had?

  29. coleo1 says:

    im at lv. 255 and have every weapon and 2 doubles of weapons

    and i havent even beaten olympia

    I ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. blargian snagglebeast slayer says:

    i own all in the game including 1 of the secret bosses but i cant beat sephiroth but at least be level 75 and use leonheart unless u got ultima weapon then just cast aeroga and glide and beat him up (i got him down to 1 bar left but used that super move and pwned me so watch out at the end) hes easier in kh2 though but good luck to all.

  31. kingdom hearts lover!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! says:

    on da 1st 1 i dont get when ure in da whales mouth on pinnoccioh (mind ma spelling) Gepetto says wen u get in the whales depths theres a place u havent been 2 before and i dont no how 2 get der someone plz tell me!!!!

    i am a gme freak so its normally easy 4 me buttt i dont get the monstro part ma cousin shes on da part where u ave 2 defeat maleficent its rock solid she told me!

    and 19-true master alice in wonderland is pips squeak!!!!!!!!! :D

  32. true master says:

    i cant get pasr wonderland when alas dissapeared. how do you?

  33. Red Comet/Final fantasy Lover says:

    BTW I’m a girl and i’m a Huge gamer! In fact I spend most of my day playing Video Games :D

  34. Red Comet/Final fantasy Lover says:

    Ultima weapon is also recomended. He’s hard to beat at Lvl. 100 even so level up! ( I just kept beating Leon & Yuffie in the pegasus cup over & over again)

  35. Red Comet/Final fantasy Lover says:

    the game IS cool but very easy to me i could explain some of it but it takes a while why don’t you try getting a brady games guide book ( this helps with Sephiroth too but he is STILL REALLY HARD) a move to look out for is “Sin Harvest” once he uses it and it takes effect it will drain ALL your Hp UNLESS you have second chance equiped (you’ll have 1 Hp left if it is )After “Sin Harvest hits he’ll attempt a finishing blow from behind so after you get hit RUN, GLIDE, just get outta the way! In the begining of the fight run away from him cast Aeroga & use Curaga wisely also in the begining of the match it seems like your not doing damage but keep attacking and his health meter will begin to drop NOTE: you can stop ” Sin Harvest by attacking him when he tries to cast it but good luck as you masy not be able to find him in time since he teleports Alot Oh, did I mention he has 14 Hp meters?…..

  36. PS2maniac says:

    Beat the game. Haven’t beaten Sepheroth yet though. : )

  37. zeke says:

    i totall roc at this game

    im level 95!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Pat says:

    Once u beat monstro can u go back?

  39. Random134 says:

    How do you beat ansem

  40. zeke says:




  41. sora_21 says:

    i need 2 know if i have finished the game I am up 2 the part we’re i am fighting riku the first time possessed by ansem so can u plz tell me if i have finished???

  42. japan383 says:

    This game is soooo cool. but how do you get past houloween town

  43. magma ruler210 says:

    GAMES GURU JR. plz tell me i really really really really really really really really need to know!

  44. GAMES GURU JR. says:


  45. dhgjdgdgdjgjgdjgidgdjgdfgmdfdvvjbfg says:

    This is a really cool game, but sephoroth is really hard to beat.

  46. Sephiroth says:

    The trick to defeating sephiroth is to hit him with strike raid when he tries to use sin harvest.

  47. jdogandpoco says:

    Dude i am on the last level

  48. Zola says:

    I beat the game level 99 !!!

  49. asdfjkl; kt says:

    those are hard battles……. im on like lv 60 and they seriously kill


    by they i mean the dude in agrabah too the spinning guy?

    yeah him


    oh yeah and every time i beat the game and after the credits, it freezes and i have to start it over to before i beat ansem

    whys it do that is it supposed to or something????

  50. Snake says:

    I did it at level 86, I recomend 85+ It will be easier. Load up with all Elixers. The first 2 bars of his health he should be easy. Then for another 2 or 3 bars of health, he uses a one hit killer which is why you need second chance. For the last 2 bars of health I forget. This could be in accurate, I played this games about 2 years ago.

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