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Kingdom Hearts

How can I get leveled up fast?

Games Guru: I claim no expertise on this, but in my experience, there are no shortcuts to leveling up in this game. You fight lots of Heartless and you gain experience and level up.

Can you give me tips on how to defeat Sephiroth? He’s very hard!

Games Guru: Oh, um, Sephiroth. Tough call. Are you at level 75? All the experts agree: You should have MP Rage and MP Haste. You should fill every slot with elixirs. Half the key to this fight is survival.

This is one of the hardest, biggest battles in gaming. Sephiroth will hit and hurt you no matter what you do, so drink elixirs, use second chance, use strike raid when possible and slug it out.

How can I get leveled up fast?

Games Guru:

I claim no expertise on this, but in my experience, there are no shortcuts to leveling up in this game. You fight lots of Heartless and you gain experience and level up.

Comments about “Kingdom Hearts”

  1. kingdomkeyblade says:

    piece of food u need 2 go thourgh this door u cant destory heartless with a wooden sword untill later in the game k but u might have to go on the brige something like that but i’ve beaten both games about twice each but i dont remeber that much k

  2. kingdomkeyblade says:

    hey ya know there makeing a kh game for ds it’s comin out on september 29 i can’t wait and u know what the 2nd games easyer than the 1st game of kh but it is way more awsome hey is any one getting the new kh game for ds i am answer me

  3. luke skywalker says:

    if you are looking for extra xp go to traverse town, district 2 has an unlimited supply of heartless as long as you go out once you run out then come back in there will be plenty more heartless to fight

  4. Giant Piece of Food says:

    I wish there was a kingdom Hearts game called Kingdom Hearts: Sora Vs. Roxas

  5. Giant Piece of Food says:

    I am 8 years old, my Teenage sister plays Kingdom Hearts,How do you beat up a heartless without the Keyblade? (with the wooden sword)

  6. matt says:

    where is donald and goofy

  7. matt says:

    i need to no how to beat it

  8. mageman says:

    wheres alice when she dissapears in wonderland?

  9. 8yearold says:

    how do you beat cerberus?

  10. the joker says:

    to beat the final boss,use your laser thing,BUT THERE IS NO LASER THING,HA HA HA HAAAA,that joke is how i got my name.i am sutch a joker

  11. howdoyou says:

    whats the next keyblade after three wishes???

  12. RIKU says:


  13. Some dude says:

    Alright peeps, to beat Sephiroth you need to…

    Just kidding I have no idea how to beat Sephiroth. I only fought him once and when I did in half a second he just jumped over to me and killed me with his gigantour sword.

  14. Some dude says:

    Yo tmack07:


  15. super mario says:

    On the Wonderland level, I got 3 of the pieces of evidence and where are the remaining ones? Also, how do you defeat the card soldiers because when I kill them they always come back and kill me

  16. video game gal says:

    mwahahaha!!! i beat Sephoroth TWICE!!!!!!

  17. 8yearold says:

    does anyone know how to get to the gorillas in the tarzan level?

  18. Anonymous says:

    Where are puppies 61-63 in hollow bastion?

  19. Gamer1101 says:

    This a Disney game. Its okay.

  20. tmack07 says:

    were and who is sephiroth?plus ansem 3 is HARD!!!

  21. tmack07 says:

    where is sephiroth

  22. sora says:

    I beat the game

  23. kingdom likey says:

    awesome! gotta have #2!

  24. coteLp says:

    how to beat big dark fire breathing beast a.k.a ansam 2

  25. KH Fanatic says:

    I find this game to be extremely entertaining, and have played it MANY times over. I have leveled up to Lv. 99, and beat nearly all obstacles. (Except Sephiroth, yet he’s another story…) Overall, the plot provides for an intriguing and suspenseful story, and it provides for hours on end of endless entertainment. I give it a double thumbs-up!

  26. one coment only says:

    on the beach somewere
    kh2 is much better than 1st one

  27. Dudester says:

    How do you beat Sephiroth? I need help!

  28. scabs says:

    im stuck at that part u have to find food for the raft I need only 1 more mushroom and thats it. how do u do it?

  29. Flagger1112 says:

    To Kopaku Navu,
    I have a strategy.Since you should have glide,when he attacks glide then run.When he has the rapid assault when he lunges,returns to middle,then lunges again,Go to an area he already atted and blast him with mage and run!

  30. Flagger1112 says:

    To Avaquaire,
    You can only hit them with mage.Run like heck and blastem dead.Make Donalds tactics healing to help heal mp and hp to stay alive and send’em to where they belong:The Dead REalm.

  31. Avaquaire says:

    my brother and i need help on beating the phantom heartless, it always possess every last one of our party members have their hearts stolen, PLEASE HELP!

  32. Dalmation hunter says:

    I have all of the dalmations except for 3 in monstro is there a way back?

  33. recon-sora says:

    I saw a vid. of sora fighting xemnas in hollow bastion(Setting-Where riku stabs malificent,& then you hav to fight dragon Mal.) How do get to fight Xemnas in kh1???????

  34. KHfan12 says:

    Hey what level i should be to the umm… what ever monster it is what i find from the desert when i’ve beated Ansem?Also it is some kind of extra level? The monster with the blades etc. I’ve tryed to beat it for 50+ hours and i’m level 100, still i tjust can’t beat it! Anybody got some tips?

  35. kopaka_nuva says:

    does anyone know a good strategy against riku aka ansem?

  36. Winner4323 says:

    KINGDOM HARTS OBSED this is how you beat ogie booge the first time,you are doing what your soposed to do but, he will change his route to trick you sojust be awar wher he is going.

  37. Winner4323 says:

    Trickster12,This is how you beat hurcules…..first you have to throw those barols on him while he is posing,then youatack him like no tommarow.(Hint when he dashes at you jump out ove the way ore if you have glide equiped then you glide becase he will chase you for a cople of seconds.)

  38. roxas says:

    i got kingdom hearts 2 and 1 and i cant beat mr.clayton! how do you?!?!

  39. Kingdom Hearts Obsessed says:

    In Kindom Hearts 1, I’ve only tried a few times, but I can’t beat the first Oogie Boogie fight! Does anyone have any USEFUL tips? I try to always stay right under him but he still manages to get me away before he lights up the platforms.

  40. kopaka_nuva says:

    how do you get the final door symbol? its the black top of the heartless symbol on the door

  41. kopaka_nuva says:

    their was a huge hearts leas in agrbah i cant deafet hem? go and chick out in agrebah

    im sorry i was wrong but its name is kurt ziza and he apears after you seal agrbah

  42. cobalt says:

    how do you get cloud as a party member

  43. JAkOBi 801 says:

    Umm that last comment i wrote, i was talkin about kingdom hearts 2. Just to let you all know.

  44. JAkOBi 801 says:

    Does anyone know how to unlock the Double or triple sephiroth fights? If so please write back a comment!!

  45. riku says:

    how do you get oath keeper

  46. riku says:

    oogie stage two tips|


    oogie stage two is easy. you dont attack oogie. you attack the orbs. start by casting tinker bell. glide will give you a great atvantage. once you defeat oogie eqip your new keyblade. the next stop is traverse town.

  47. trikster12 says:

    hey i cant beat herc in hercules cup. i cant even damage him. help needed

  48. Sebastian89 says:

    well then I’m a kid expert I baet sephoroth whith none of that

  49. Sora says:

    The way to make thim meet is you haff to go to the 3 area in twielite town

  50. 8yearold says:

    remember my 1 question?culd any body tellme?PLEASE?

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