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Kingdom Hearts

How can I get leveled up fast?

Games Guru: I claim no expertise on this, but in my experience, there are no shortcuts to leveling up in this game. You fight lots of Heartless and you gain experience and level up.

Can you give me tips on how to defeat Sephiroth? He’s very hard!

Games Guru: Oh, um, Sephiroth. Tough call. Are you at level 75? All the experts agree: You should have MP Rage and MP Haste. You should fill every slot with elixirs. Half the key to this fight is survival.

This is one of the hardest, biggest battles in gaming. Sephiroth will hit and hurt you no matter what you do, so drink elixirs, use second chance, use strike raid when possible and slug it out.

How can I get leveled up fast?

Games Guru:

I claim no expertise on this, but in my experience, there are no shortcuts to leveling up in this game. You fight lots of Heartless and you gain experience and level up.

Comments about “Kingdom Hearts”

  1. sorastwin says:

    i cant beat guard armor in traverse town:(

  2. Nitrus says:

    I love this game oh-so much. lol

  3. sora says:

    how do you get past aladin’s world? it get messed up and now i don’t know what to do. anyone got any suggestions?

  4. keyblade master says:

    i’m stuck on aladin’s world. i can’t figure out where to go or what to do. HELP!!!

  5. GameScout says: says:

    THE game is fun

  6. Ultimate Kuja IX says:

    Any one here play Final Fantasy?

  7. sora says:

    hey link I have your name and I have kh recoded!

  8. GameScout says:

    Still stuck on Hercules!

  9. UltimateBrawl says:

    Giant Oogie Boogie is driving me crazy! But the game is really good.

  10. GameScout says:

    I am at the hercules cup, and can’t beat herc. any ideas?

  11. Ace Trainer Ash says:

    amazing game I could not beleve how easy it is

  12. brainiac98 says:

    KINGDOM HEARTS IS AWESOME!!!! I am level 100 and have beat the game 3 or 4 times! the only thing I can’t do is beat sephiroth and ice titan. any ideas???

    • piepoi says:

      braniac98 for the ice titan get up in the stands and when he shoots the icicles use guard to knock them back and deal some good damage

  13. blackwater says:

    what do u do after u defeat Riku 1st time in Hollow Bastin?

  14. 11yearold says:

    i beat the game at level 59

  15. kingdom hearts super fan says:

    how do you beat ansem on then second [not when hes in riku]time?I cant seam to win even with a level 85 sora.

  16. koc123 says:

    there`s a new game called kingdom hearts recoded

  17. sora's buddy says:

    KH, KH2, and KHBbS are awsome! Tip: Pick the keyblade with the most strengh always and use cure instead of potoins because it is easier to get to.

  18. ace-of-spades says:

    Does anyone know how to find Alice after you beat Trickster?

  19. super mario says:

    this game is so sad but hopeful

  20. somthing says:

    can you get into the moon room in the hotel?

  21. TheDudeAbides says:

    A hint to defeating the Darkside comes from 358/2 Days. Hit the DARK ENERGY ORBS to deflect them and get more EXP. points. They automatically hit his face doing extra damage.

  22. Ansem keeper of darkness says:

    I beat number 2 on hard the first time I played and xigbar still seems way too cheap, like, tears later.

  23. sillyboy says:

    I’m stuck on OOgie boogie

  24. M man says:

    i have #2

  25. Sora ruler says:

    Before you’re ready to battle a boss level up a lot you could be an inexperienced player and could easily die!

  26. super mario says:

    I found out that at the beginning of the game when your friends ask you questions if you pick the first answer you’ll get leveled up fast

  27. 00Mushroom says:

    I’m too low to beat Cerberus so I have to go on to zone 3 then beat Im

  28. cloud says:

    How do I beat the Ice Titan and the boss in the desert when you go to Aladdin’s house and ride the carpet?

  29. amc says:

    kingdom hearts is i have only played Kingdom Hearts4 and watched Kingdom Hearts2 I think 2 is the best one!

  30. mariofan says:

    when all else fails cheat

  31. riku says:

    i need to know what to do after alice dissapears in kingdom hearts

  32. some kid says:

    If sora is a young man as in teenager, why the heck is voice higher
    than michal phelps???

  33. Dude says:

    It’s kinda hard after you beet Riku the second time.

    • Robot Chicken Fan 777 says:

      I beat Hades little doggie went to that place with the organge cat went to Tarzan world don’t kno where to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Roxas says:

    WAZ UP EVERBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. the great king of evil,ganondorf says:

    thanks joker,your hint worked

  36. cole from infamous says:

    thx kingdomkeyblade,and happy thanks givin

  37. kingdomkeyblade says:

    kingdom hearts 358/2 days is awesome who got it beat and thinks it’s awesome come on i want answers and infamous is a awesome game so you need to get a ps3 and infamous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. boogidy boo says:

    i used to own this game but i swapped it for infamous

  39. Goofy and Sora123 says:

    in kingdom hearts chain of memories DON’T use fire attack on Hades!

  40. cole from infamous says:

    im whith the cyclops,resident evil is cooler

  41. Luigi says:

    This is the best game ever!!!

  42. the cyclops says:

    i think resident evil is better

  43. Link says:

    These games are both SOOOOO easy to beat. As for Sephiroth, you need to be on at least, level 70 to stand a chance at all. :D

  44. person says:

    i need help beating ersala second form

  45. super mario says:

    How do you free Alice before the wonderland cards defeat you???

  46. Jero says:

    Hey pokekid510 the answer is yes bigtime :D

  47. Pokekid510 says:

    Is the one for ds good

  48. Meta Knight says:

    Sora’s FInal Form is AWESOME!!!

  49. kh2 fan says:

    i heard this game got lower stats than the second one

  50. lucaraimew says:

    Hey giant peice of food, you have to go where riku and you fight first i think into the secret place then you get the keyblade then fight darksied

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