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Kingdom Hearts II

I’m in Halloween town where there’s a sign on Dr. Finklestien’s wall that says, “After modifying the drain, climb over it to…” . What is the rest of the sentence and what does it mean, or what am I supposed to do?

Games Guru: I don’t think it means much of anything, except maybe to Dr. Finkelstein.

I can’t beat the Cerberus Cup. I get to the last level and I run out of time. Help needed!

Games Guru: You and me both, pal. My experience was that Cerberus ran away and I ran out of time. As I understand it, the tricks for beating this demon pooch appear on the screen-Evade, Jump-Dog Paddle. Words to live by. They will leave the monster mutt temporarily stunned, giving you a chance to strike.

How can I get lots of points in the tournaments, and how do I unlock the third paradox cup?

Games Guru: If we’re speaking about the Cerberus Cup, you will need to clear the Agrabah, Pride Land and Halloween worlds before you can enter.

What is the best way to get points in the Cerberus paradox battle? Also, where do you get twilight stones for Goofy’s shield?

Games Guru: A lot of people have trouble with this level. The best advice I can give you is to level up before you enter, and arm your keyblade with the thunder and magnet. As for the twilight stones, try taking them from nobodies in the World that Never Was.

How do you defeat Demyx in Hollow Bastion?

Games Guru: As it turns out, you never really fight Demyx. The trick to beating this rather timid bad guy is to destroy 100 of his water minions in 80 seconds. That may sound hard, but take heart—these guys are weak. In this battle of quantity, the trick is to use the “Wild Dance” reaction whenever the prompt appears. This will allow you to kill many minions at once.

It’s tough to find all the “Orichalcum+”es. I have one from the Hundred Acre wood, one from the throne room (Land of Dragons) and I understand I get one from the “goddess of fate” cup. Where can I find the others?

Games Guru: Square Enix was kind enough to give us a complete list of places to go for Orichalcum+:

  • Central Computer Mesa
  • Sunset Terrace (L4)
  • The Brink of Despair
  • Finish Starry Hill
  • Finish A New Day is Dawning
  • Finish Goddess of Fate Cup

Comments about “Kingdom Hearts II”

  1. josh b says:

    help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t get past where you fight Demyx and have to defeat 20/50 of his water-minions because I run out of time and I’ve got 2 to 3 left to kill.So can you give some major help?!?!?!?!?!!!

  2. Jesus follower says:

    Sorry Oogie Boogie, only on PS2, but if you have a PSP or/and a DS, they are coming out with one on both of them.

  3. Oogie Boogie says:

    Is it on XBOX? I really want this one to!!!!!!!!Please tell me!

  4. DiZ says:

    It says in the menu what you have to kill for leveling up forms.



    Master-Drive Orbs


    Everytime you use Valour or Wisdom, you get +1 and everytime you use Final you get -10. Get +10 and you turn into Anti-Sora. I can’t remember for sure, it’s something like that. :P

  5. Destroyer says:

    My brother is very good at Kingdom Hearts.I cant wait for the new games.

  6. kwu says:

    to beat sepheroth you must leval up all forms

  7. mr confused says:

    how do you level up the wisdom form?[ i am confused ]

  8. Jesus follower says:

    They are making three new Kingdom Hearts games, one on the PSP, Nintendo DS,

    and cell phones.

  9. ironman says:

    to pikka boy yes

  10. ironman says:

    for riptide, it took me 7 trie to kill him but all I did was enter the fray at level 99 [just be past level 79 though] and always remembered to use the reaction “block” when you can. whenever in the air press square if your knocked down then attack and repeat. when he says “perish now” keep gliding or dashing away from him. whn he says “sin heartless angel” find and attack him. if you dont you will have 1 health left then you have to use block and thn immediatly heal. if you see blue orbs kil them. when he says “give into the dark” use glide and stay away from him. whenever possible constantly attack him.when your health is low heal yourself. if he turns pink he becomes stronger and faster. GOOD LUCK!!!!!

  11. Riptide says:

    I cannot defeat Sephiroth in Hollow Bastion(Radiant Garden)!!! It stinks that I can’t use Valor, Wisdom, or Master. How do I beat him?

  12. kokonutts says:

    me too! i cant find the torn page for starry hill! i need help!!!!!!!!!!

  13. mmamsdmdj says:

    i need the last orichalcum+ from starry hill,but i dont know where to get the torn page for starry hill..its so infuriating!

  14. pika boyy says:

    i heard there was a diffrent ending when its on proud mode is that trew??

  15. monkeyboy says:

    Ah yeah, this is a great game!!! I beat every level and got the ultima weapon. It’s sweet, and now im on proud mode. VERY hard for me. I can’t wait for Kingdom Hearts III !!!

  16. naruto fan says:

    It needs more of a challeng.

  17. Tank2cool says:

    I’ve been loving kingdom hearts and i’ll love it till the day I die.

  18. Dominoking says:

    The game was super easy even in proud mode i beat by finding everything too

  19. DNDragonmare says:

    I just got Kingdom Hearts 1 and I think even that’s HARD!!! I’m still stuck on Wonderland! What a bummer! Like how do you know what to do even?

  20. trey says:

    I can’t find the other Orichalum+es besides the ones listed above, i have seven already but I can’t find the other 6. HHHHHHEEEELLLLLPPPPPP!!!

  21. Kingdom Form says:

    I beat this Game and it is so awesome and Now i want to play the Final Mix one i wonder where they sell it

  22. almostsk8aboi24 says:

    i beat that whole game and im a level 8 moogle u can get the ultima weapon easy by getting loads of synthesis items and becomeing the last moogle it cuts all of the 5 recipes in half.

    ps. kh2 is a whole lot easier than kh1 and it way betta

  23. scout says:

    I bet kingdom hearts 2.It was easy!!!!!!!!!

  24. i rok says:

    Demyx is so hard

  25. hehe says:

    i only need 5 more chests to finish jimmny journal >.

  26. DiZ says:

    Anybody play the Final Mix Games?

  27. pup23219 says:

    i have the strategy guide and man did it help a lot! just ask me and i can answer all of them!

  28. Heart Seeker says:

    I don’t really like this game that much… I think KH1 is better. Don’t ye think?

  29. Ender says:

    I heard about a kh2 code that gives you the Ultima Weapon from kh1. Anyone know what it is and how to use it?

  30. yo mama (aka yayaya) says:

    SHE LIKED THE GAME FOR THE MUSIC THE MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!CMON A GAME IS JUDGED BY THE GRAFICS AND STUFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. yo mama (aka yayaya) says:


  32. legendarysrk4eva says:

    count DiZ change your name its too klose to anothers name

  33. ya mom says:


  34. Count DiZ says:

    Demyx is no problem! Just use Donald’s Comet Limit, Goofy’s Knocksmash (Teamwork in the menu), and Wisdom form. When he uses the water clones, just cast Thunder. Since you’re in Wisdom form, you get more area in your attack and the spell’s stronger. Magnet works good too, if you’re strong enough.

  35. legendarysrk4eva says:

    new score

    456 grandstander

  36. DiZ says:

    Mystique, make sure you kill ALL the water summons he has. You have to kill all of them before time runs out. Attack as fast as possible, use reaction commands whenever possible. Ignore Demyx whenever there is a time limit set.

  37. Follower of the light says:

    i do not have the final mix games but i thougth he’d be in the original game so please tell if he is in it.


  38. Mystique says:

    Can anyone help me? I’m trying to beat Demyx in Hollow Bastion and I’m super stuck. I’ve tried just about everything. I’ve watched his health meter be emptied 6 or 7 times and it keeps refilling and he still won’t die. How long does it take to kill Demyx?!?! Am I doing something wrong? I’m using reaction commands and I’m using my limit and magic abilities. CAN ANYONE HELP?!?!

  39. awesome person says:


  40. DiZ says:

    Aw… Follower of Light, you have the Final Mix games… :(

  41. DiZ says:

    In grandstander i got like 300 some. You just need the smallest combo with no finishing moves, :P.

  42. Follower of the light says:

    how do i fight Marluxia in radian garden?

  43. legendarysrk4eva says:

    im not lying i have the guide

    in grandstander the record made by the brady gamers had this

    233-michael,114-xian,189 matt,170 brian,155 david i got 298 from berserk charge and hitting square when it got highest

    in cargo climb the record set by the bradygamers had this

    michael 19.93, brian 18.16, xian 17.16 mike 17.49 david 17.39

    i got 15.36


    did eny of u no the that there will be a KINGDOMHEARTS3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!my uncle works in the programing of the game. and he got me an autograph from the guy who is sora for my b-day!!!!!!!!!!!!!




    to beat sephi u need to get to atleast lvl90 and have the ultima weapon

  47. Angel1q2w3e4r5t6y7u8i9o0 says:

    Hi this is the Best Cheat site I have ben on all day

  48. Angel1q2w3e4r5t6y7u8i9o0 says:

    Thanks for the tips

  49. sora says:

    lol i luv this game

  50. sora says:

    hey all,

    i am on the level with tron! this game is sooooo easy! lol :)

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