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Kingdom Hearts II

I’m in Halloween town where there’s a sign on Dr. Finklestien’s wall that says, “After modifying the drain, climb over it to…” . What is the rest of the sentence and what does it mean, or what am I supposed to do?

Games Guru: I don’t think it means much of anything, except maybe to Dr. Finkelstein.

I can’t beat the Cerberus Cup. I get to the last level and I run out of time. Help needed!

Games Guru: You and me both, pal. My experience was that Cerberus ran away and I ran out of time. As I understand it, the tricks for beating this demon pooch appear on the screen-Evade, Jump-Dog Paddle. Words to live by. They will leave the monster mutt temporarily stunned, giving you a chance to strike.

How can I get lots of points in the tournaments, and how do I unlock the third paradox cup?

Games Guru: If we’re speaking about the Cerberus Cup, you will need to clear the Agrabah, Pride Land and Halloween worlds before you can enter.

What is the best way to get points in the Cerberus paradox battle? Also, where do you get twilight stones for Goofy’s shield?

Games Guru: A lot of people have trouble with this level. The best advice I can give you is to level up before you enter, and arm your keyblade with the thunder and magnet. As for the twilight stones, try taking them from nobodies in the World that Never Was.

How do you defeat Demyx in Hollow Bastion?

Games Guru: As it turns out, you never really fight Demyx. The trick to beating this rather timid bad guy is to destroy 100 of his water minions in 80 seconds. That may sound hard, but take heart—these guys are weak. In this battle of quantity, the trick is to use the “Wild Dance” reaction whenever the prompt appears. This will allow you to kill many minions at once.

It’s tough to find all the “Orichalcum+”es. I have one from the Hundred Acre wood, one from the throne room (Land of Dragons) and I understand I get one from the “goddess of fate” cup. Where can I find the others?

Games Guru: Square Enix was kind enough to give us a complete list of places to go for Orichalcum+:

  • Central Computer Mesa
  • Sunset Terrace (L4)
  • The Brink of Despair
  • Finish Starry Hill
  • Finish A New Day is Dawning
  • Finish Goddess of Fate Cup

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  1. magma ruler210 // May 10, 2007 at 6:33 pm // Reply


    as most people know sephiroth is very, very hard! hes stronger than xemnas!

    you need:trinity limit ALOT of mega-ethers oblivion keyblade(or ultima wep. if you have it) leafbracer aerial recovery twice again once more and explosion.

    Next go to dark depths and approach him. Begin with reaction command then use your combo ending with explosion. Now use trinity limit. now you might take some damage but press square and use a mega ether. then repeat until he says”GIVE INTO THE DARKNESS” . This is when he gets seariuos! he sends blue balls at you but hit them back at him. continue to do the trinity. he may do the attack at the begining. then his health will be half way down. now sephiroth will float up in the air and he will start to look like he is blowingup.But you are invinceble in limits so you can start attacking him again.soon he’ll have very low health and you will deafet him and obtain fenrir!

  2. LOL, demyx i most porbably the easiest boss in the game. just keep swinging the water things and he dies… also i can get sephiroth down to 3 bars left at lvl 53 with fatal crest ^^ just makesure you got reflega,hi potions and some decent strength and defence… dont bother with ANY magic he resists it all.. hope this helps :D

  3. hi everyone // May 5, 2007 at 10:52 am // Reply

    To beat the cerberus cup I sugest using the “FINAL FORM”!

  4. Unknown!!! // May 3, 2007 at 9:24 pm // Reply

    I got a codebreaker for ps2 and I put kingdom hearts 2 and I got a weird looking ultima weapon , drive max 9, anti form in your menu, King Mickey as a playable character even Mulan, Jack Sparrow, Jack skellington , Simba , Donald , Goofy , Aladdin , Tron , Auron and Riku. Ohhh!! And Valor, Wisdom,Master,Final and Anti form as your party members!!!!

  5. Hades God Titan // May 1, 2007 at 11:14 am // Reply

    I dont have Kingdom hearts 2 yet, but i will i think it looks really good .

  6. shadow 456 // April 30, 2007 at 5:37 pm // Reply

    does anyone know wht level and keyblade to use to beat sephiroth

  7. does anyone know what level and what keyblade to use to beat clouds counter part.

  8. Amazing Larry // April 29, 2007 at 6:41 pm // Reply

    Is there a list of the Material from the American version for getting the Last Orichalcum+??

  9. The orichalcum+ chest in sunset terrace is on top of a roof if i remember correctly.

  10. to defeat demyx you should remember to use his own forms against him by swinging them around to kill the other ones then take the final one out with the shortest but most effective attack that you have. always wait to heal yourself only while runing away from demix around the small arena-ish place where you fight. never waste any time healing donald and goofy. they don’t help much and can take care of themselves. once it looks like your gonna finish demyx off, change your form and unleash every thing you have got on that jerk. when you see his life real low, heal up before finishing him off because you’ll be fighting exactly 1000 heartless later. but don’t freak out, just use that flying swipe move and the heartless that have a cannon to kill multiple enemies at once. it will work. believe me I am a kh addict and expert. so just go get’em khfantic. dymix will be in the pulp of his own forms in no time!

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