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Mario and Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story

How do I access other pipes in Bowser?

Games Guru: As you become stronger (and learn new moves and abilities) as Mario and Luigi in the game, you’ll be able to access pipes that get you to Dimble Wood, Town Toad Caves and Bowser’s Castles.

How do you beat Blizzard Midbus?

Games Guru: It’s no breeze. But here are some tips:

When areas like the Nerve Cluster and Lumbar Nook react, it looks like they’re being damaged. When areas like the Arm Central and Rump Command react, it looks like they’re collecting energy. And when areas like the Pump Works and the Airway react, little circles come out of it. Why do areas have these different reactions?

Games Guru: You’d have to ask Mr. Miyamoto and his team at Nintendo of Japan. I think it’s just a function of the way they wanted to design the game. By the way, the best place to train the brothers is in the Airway.

Comments about “Mario and Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story”

  1. pollymollyjollylollybollydollyholly says:

    hi i need help on the first level

  2. steel fist says:

    Has anyone here gotten to the hidden ranks?

  3. steel fist says:

    I beat this game 7 times already.

  4. nothing says:

    I have this game and i’m stuck on trying to make the rock guy fall down.

  5. IcyFlame says:

    Game is awesome. Ive beaten dark bowser twice!
    but i still havent gotten the hidden ranks

  6. says:

    how do u beat bowser at dr.toadly’s office?

  7. wolf link123 says:


    • Blablabla says:

      OK!! Just keep using Broggy Bonker once you have captured all the Blitties and brought them to Brouqe Monsier. When you see the picture of Fawful Spider inside Dark Star Bowser INHALE!!! so you can let Mario and Luigi beat up Fawful Spider. Victory!

  8. says:

    how do u beat bowser at dr.toadly’s office?!?!

  9. Jeagle says:

    where do u go when bowsers blown out of the castle

  10. woe414 says:

    i just fell into the hole after peach is taken by fawfull where do i go next

  11. Doctor who99 says:

    I stuck on fighting midbus in fawful theater i keep getting k.od very quickley please help me!

  12. jtjt says:

    I need to find peach in the flab

  13. a15m says:

    i got it! but i am stuck

  14. williepaul says:

    If anyone need help on dark bowser and dark star, ask me i completed the game TWICE!!

  15. BOWSER says:

    HELP I’m stuck

  16. help! says:

    someone please tell me how to find fawfull and bobomb squad.

    • shroobs says:

      Hidden Boss Battle: when playing as mario&luigi, go to the room in bowser castle with the three buttons and enter square,square,circle, triangle,triangle, then hit the button on the door.

  17. West TEXAS says:

    This game is AWESOME!!!!!!! I already beat it, but I still play it. All Mario, Luigi, and Bowser are at lvl 48!!!!!!!!!

  18. pokemon409 says:

    wher do u get the special attacks falling star and magic window?

  19. The yo-yo master says:

    Please help me defeat that awful sea statue!

  20. a15m says:

    I Still Do not have it!

  21. mario vs luigi says:

    how do you get past 6 arms?

  22. bowser says:

    where is peach?

    • Anonymous says:

      Area: The Flab Zone. This is the place where you get the spin jump, badges and the SP attack, the jump helmet.

  23. i,m stuck says:

    how altra destroyer?

  24. Tipmaster says:

    Woohoo! I beat the game at last!!!

    • help! says:

      Tipmaster,how do you find fawful in the underground tunnel, I found a room through the pipe, but a wall is blocking it, Please help!

      • Tipmaster says:

        Tipmaster,how do you find fawful in the underground tunnel, I found a room through the pipe, but a wall is blocking it, Please help

        Well, go the room on the bottom-right corner of the map. When you get there, blow up the crumbled parts of the wall. Once you arre done with that, go through them and the rest is a suprise.

  25. king dedede says:

    Does anyone know what happens when Bowser gets to his final rank? I made it with the bros, but not with Bowser. What happens?

  26. help! says:

    how do you find fawfull to battle him!

  27. blah guy says:

    helpful tip:Don’t use the unlock all abilities code on the action replay. it will keep the game from working past the part where you get out of bowser

  28. super mario says:

    Help help I can’t beat ice Midbus. Any tips?

    • collie says:

      you can beat hm by doing broggy bonker all the time. to get that special attak you have to get a blitties and return them to the block dude.

    • videeogammer says:

      inhale his little snowball minions, beet them with mario and luigi, after six or so, bowser spits out a big ice ball that stops midbus from making minions so just blok his attaks and fight!

    • i,m stuck says:

      how do you past mibus

  29. JOEBOB1021 says:

    How do you beat Fake Mario and Luigi in Bowser’s Memory Banks?
    Tell me ASAP

  30. super mario says: says:

    how do you beat the carrot level? I keep running out of time! please help!

  31. dyl pickle says:

    i love this game.i beat it in 25 hrs.DARK BOWSER is the hardest though you have to fight DARK BOWSER an DARK STAR at the same time

  32. legoman says:

    I have beaten bowser’s inside story!

    • pokefeverkid1 says:


    • collie says:

      so have i but im trying to get mario and luigi to get to level 40 for rainbow ran. i wanted to get bowser to level 40 to but i cant beacuse its impossible to go down the hole you came to get to the top to fight dark bowser.

      • videeogammer says:

        u dont go down the hole, you go to the side to fall down peach’s castle. to get up,use spike ball on the soft wall.

      • lolzorz says:

        got to the side of bottom screen on top. take the right side. fall. punch block. home free.

  33. 5goldenrings says:

    Hey, if anyone needs advice on counterattacks or anything else, just let me know. I can help.

    • pokemon409 says:

      i need help on the trash robot and his buddy’s that Midbus sent out. this is at Peach’s castle.

      • king dedede says:

        For Pokemon409: To beat the trash robot (a.k.a. Junker), some recommended attacks are Snack Basket, Mighty Meteor, Magic Window, or Falling Star (if you have all Attack Pieces, which are found in Peach’s Castle.) Also, if Luigi gets trapped in the little ones, jump on the one he fell into. Hope that helps.
        P.S. Jumps are more effective than hammers.
        P.P.S. I’m also 5goldenrings.

    • me says:


  34. teo2001 says:

    i can finish the carot eating level

  35. pedro says:

    I can’t beat ice Midbus

  36. Tipmaster says:

    Where do you go to find Peach and the Dark star?

  37. ultra distoyer says:

    i got to bowser castle and defeated midbus!

  38. jman says:

    I am rainbow rank Bowser lv 40 Mario&Luigi lv 40

  39. marioman says:

    I can’t beat the dark star he always beats me with 1 attack

    • dyl pickle says:

      yeah me too i had to exit and learn the spinpipe move on plack beach t didnt upgrade my hp though i had to use alot of counter attacks but spin pipe takes off 200 hp or if you learn magic window after beating 3 aliens in bowsers castle it takes off 400 hp

    • Mario says:

      Marioman, before you take on the Dark Star, level up Mario and Luigi ASAP because when they attack, they will hit harder, and you know what they say: The bigger they are, the harder they fall!!!!

  40. $@CR1FIC3 says:

    I like the sideways battles

  41. pokemon409 says:

    hellp! I need help on the robot Midbus sends out that’s made of garbage. I also need a good place to train. Peach’s castle is good, but the Fawful bots always take me out in one hit! plz help

    • Tipmaster says:

      The best place to train the borthers is any place outside of Bowser’s body. The best place is Toad Town Caves. Go through the caves beating all the enemies you can find, go up the pipe to Toad town, then find a way back in and keep repeating until satisfied.

    • dyl pickle says:

      looks like you need some sp mves like turtle shell,fire flower,cannon barrels,super bounser,spinpipe,magic window,or superstar that i doubt you got because ibeat the game and didnt get superstar

      • fdefdgdgfg says:

        i havent beet the game yet and i got superstar but i cant remember where

      • videeogammer says:

        TRANSLATION: green shell, fire flower,yoohoo cannons, super bounce, spin pipe, magic window, falling star

  42. pedro says:

    I rescued Peach Yesterday but then lost against the blue cells

  43. 5goldenrings says:

    I made it to Star Rank before entering Peach’s Castle.

  44. Tipmaster says:

    I know why they react like that:

    They are trying to get your attention so you know where to go when something is happeneing.

  45. hfgdfkh says:

    use an action replay

  46. Mario & Luigi says:

    We ask, how to get past the giant carrot that Bowser has to eat.We have been stuck on it for one year!!!

  47. Anonymous says:

    I can’t beat the caterpillar guy.

    • pieboy says:

      it is hard but i did it punch the yellow dots on him and hit him in the head.

    • pokemon409 says:

      there are 3 catrpillars in this game (well actually 2. u fight one of the catrpillars twice). tell me which one your on.

    • pokemon2000 says:

      punch his head until he does the attack where he goes up on two feet and falls on you, then punch all of his body segments. he will lose energy and you will be able to damage him

    • Mario says:

      Anonymous, to beat the Wiggler, you must use the Vaccum Block on him because he is impeniterable to attacks when he’s red. Once he’s yellow again, use your attacks.

  48. mike says:

    how do they go into his body is bowser`s body

    • Tipmaster says:

      fawful tricks him into eating a “lucky shroom” which is really a “vaccum shroom” which makes him inhale everything in his path, and two of the things he inhales is Mario and Luigi.

    • mariomaster says:

      to mike they get in when bowser eats a “lucky” mushroom from fawful. bowser is now a walking vacum and sucks everyone in.

  49. pokemon409 says:

    this game is awsome!!!!

  50. pokemon409 says:

    i cant get past the garbage robot.

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