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Mario and Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story

How do I access other pipes in Bowser?

Games Guru: As you become stronger (and learn new moves and abilities) as Mario and Luigi in the game, you’ll be able to access pipes that get you to Dimble Wood, Town Toad Caves and Bowser’s Castles.

How do you beat Blizzard Midbus?

Games Guru: It’s no breeze. But here are some tips:

When areas like the Nerve Cluster and Lumbar Nook react, it looks like they’re being damaged. When areas like the Arm Central and Rump Command react, it looks like they’re collecting energy. And when areas like the Pump Works and the Airway react, little circles come out of it. Why do areas have these different reactions?

Games Guru: You’d have to ask Mr. Miyamoto and his team at Nintendo of Japan. I think it’s just a function of the way they wanted to design the game. By the way, the best place to train the brothers is in the Airway.

Comments about “Mario and Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story”

  1. legoman says:

    should i restart or wait for action replay?
    ps:does this face look like it has buck teeth?:B

  2. legoman says:

    do you need broogy to kill dark bowser?because i’m scared about it!:(…BUT,it’s an ausome game!:D

  3. legoman says:

    NEWS FLASH dark bowser is realy hard to defeat,espesualy faful with the bros.! :( also,the shroobs are realy scary! :0

  4. moglet 5 says:

    I can’t get past blowing things up!!!!!!!!

  5. smellyjelly10 says:

    How do you get bowser to level 40??????

    • Ordep says:

      You keep fighting the enemies in peach’s castle and you’ll get to the final boss rank eventually.

  6. Legoman says:


  7. luigi says:

    how do i get 999hp and sp?

  8. luigi says:

    how do i get 999hp and 999sp?

  9. abc123 says:

    Is the only time to get in the airway right after you beat Ice Midbus?

  10. d says:

    which bowser regular or dark if u say regular which time the first time or second time

  11. zzzdylan says:

    how do you beat bowser!

  12. nateybean says:

    where do i find the peices for mario and luigi’s last special move?

  13. ORANGE says:

    where do you find fawful in peachs castle?

  14. samurottfantic says:

    sorry for i play typo i meant i played it on my friends ds and its like pokemon

  15. how do i get b says:

    how do i get bowser in his castle?

  16. mustard madnes says:

    Thank you for your information!!!:-)

  17. nate says:

    how do you defat the trash boss in peaches castle

  18. Ike Knight says:

    you can battle shroobs in bowsers castle to get Magic window! (costs 18 sp.)

  19. Ike Knight says:

    After you beat blizzard midbus and he freezes if you spray him with fire he doesn’t unfreeze. wah.

  20. Ike Knight says:

    Is there a gauntlet for bowser?

  21. flood 1998 says:

    Im stuck on the part where you hit mario shell into an “A” block. I can only press the b button. HELP!!!!!!

  22. fuga says:

    Also, great tip for Action Replay users: use the 99 item when you press L and R, then keep on using the beans on Mario and Luigi, then they’ll eventually reach 999 Power, 999 HP, and 999 SP, their maximum, then, do the same on Bowser. Hope this helps!:)


  23. yogi12345 says:

    I’m stuck on the giga carret (HELP!)

  24. scrible mario says:

    ok i got past ice mimbus and am trying to defeat the dark star i figured out how to hurt it but is their an easier way someone help!!!!!!!!

  25. scrible mario says:

    How do you beat ice mimbus im been trying for a couple months and still cant do it.Also anyone know the code to get in to the special atack in bowsers castle

    • kpa trpa says:

      you have to suck in all the snow creatures around blizzard midbus then his crown will clog and no more creatures come out. now you can knock him out.

    • legoman says:

      the code for magik windo is:square,square,circle,triangle,triangle,triangle,then press the button on the door,walk in,press the button on the mashine,and BOOM!you’l be terafied! well,mabie… by the way,push the buttons with hamers.

  26. bigyboy says:

    At places like Nerve Cluster and Lumbar Nook, They are going through pain. At places like Arm Central and Rump Command, Energy is being used. At Pump Works and the Airway, Somthing is just happening. That is what it means.

  27. Star might says:

    What do you do when Bowser gets blown away from his castle I’m already at of the underground tunnel?

    • king dedede says:

      Eventually, after going through a few battles (and making some explosions), you will find some Monty Moles making a tunnel to Toad Town. You’ll help them out, and Mario & Luigi will use the Leg Outpost for the first time. If you fail, you have to pay 50 coins and start over. If you succeed, you’ll be in the underground area of Toad Town. I don’t want to spoil it, so I won’t tell


  28. war says:

    What do I do when Bowser gets blown away from his castle,and how doe’s Bowser pass the lake?

  29. Ike Knight says:

    The trick for good inhaling is pressing X AND Y. Its how i beat the game.

  30. sk8erdude says:

    How the heck do beat the memory cell bros?!?!?!

  31. Jaxid12 says:

    Somebody help me!

  32. Jaxid12 says:

    How do I get past Funny Bone and Plack Beach? I’m really stuck on both.

  33. Super mrio glalexy master says:

    How do you unfreeze? I need to know! All of a sudden it freezes when I get really far. =( }:(

  34. shroobs says:

    The first time you go to fawful theater in bowser castle, search the rows of seats and you’ll find a shroob watching the show.

  35. Jedi Sean says:

    How do you kill the while catpillar with Mario and Luigi after Bowser eats the giant carrot?

  36. ConfusedChild01 says:

    On the 2nd fire after you defeat Blizzard Midbus & Mario and Luigi, how do you get the water block onto the fire? I know how to unfreeze it but I don’t know how to get the block to the fire.

  37. GoHomeKidd23 says:


  38. fuga says:

    Beat him by inhaling 6 or more snawfuls, then Bowser hacks the vaporized snawfuls, it turns to ice, then blocks the area where Blizzard Midbus(the boss your talking about.) puffs out the snawfuls, so then attack and defend when that happens.
    P.S., if you get the first turn and haven’t healed up Bowser, Mario and Luigi yet, do it now, it’ll be easier.
    – fuga

  39. GoHomeKidd23 says:


  40. GoHomeKidd23 says:

    somebody answer!!!!!!!!

  41. robloxian45 says:

    i need help on how 2 pass the level,i think it’s called under ground tunnel,cave,as bowser.

  42. GoHomeKidd23 says:

    How do you beat Snow Midbus???!!!

    • fuga says:

      Sorry, everybody, I’ve been so rapped up on playing Super Mario Galaxy 2. i’ve gotten as far as the Boss Blitz Galaxy (where you face some Super Mario Galaxy 1 bosses, like Dino pirrahna, the first boss, and Fiery Dino Pirrahna, the last boss), in World S(this world is unlocked after you beat bowser in his Galaxy Generator).

  43. fuga says:

    On my comment about trying to get here every day, I forgot the same thing on this and New Super Mario Bros. Wii as well.

  44. fuga says:

    Also, if you get sucked in to the Dark Star X at level 62, you lose
    99 hp. Just an F.Y.I.
    (I’m level 65 5 days ago when I beat the class 7 final boss, 6 days ago, I was 1 hit away from defeatin’ him, but the Goomba Storm knocked me out before I had the chance).

    • Ike Knight says:

      My Mario and luigi are level 43 and bowser is 41. they’re practically invincible! but i need to level up but it’s BORING!

  45. fuga says:

    I’ll be trying to come here every day to answer your questions. If I’m gone, I’ll get back to you ASAP. I promise!

  46. max says:

    I beat the green stars

  47. max says:

    its a cool videogeam

  48. Rabbid says:

    The Bowser equivalent to the Airway is the inside of Peach’s Castle, but not the top.

  49. asdfjkl; says:

    I beat him six times, it’s easy

  50. da guy says:

    how do you beat dark bowser!?!?

    • squirrel guy says:

      dark bowser has about 1000 hp. Use broggy bonker if you have it or magi koopi mob.after you defeat him he’ll grow really big,just punch him in the gut and it will knock dark fawful out.then use vacuum attack to suck dark fawful up. he has 1500 hp.unless you beat him inside bowser,he’ll return to dark bowser and regain all hp!


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