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Mario and Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story

How do I access other pipes in Bowser?

Games Guru: As you become stronger (and learn new moves and abilities) as Mario and Luigi in the game, you’ll be able to access pipes that get you to Dimble Wood, Town Toad Caves and Bowser’s Castles.

How do you beat Blizzard Midbus?

Games Guru: It’s no breeze. But here are some tips:

When areas like the Nerve Cluster and Lumbar Nook react, it looks like they’re being damaged. When areas like the Arm Central and Rump Command react, it looks like they’re collecting energy. And when areas like the Pump Works and the Airway react, little circles come out of it. Why do areas have these different reactions?

Games Guru: You’d have to ask Mr. Miyamoto and his team at Nintendo of Japan. I think it’s just a function of the way they wanted to design the game. By the way, the best place to train the brothers is in the Airway.

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  1. how do you beat bowser in dr.
    Toadly`s office.I NEED HELP ASAP!!!!!!!!

  2. I can’t find the blue key in the tower in peaches castle plz help me I’ve been looking for 4 months so PLZ HELP ME

  3. How many times do you press X to inhale the dark star core and how fast do you press X?

  4. finished the game all secrets, puzzles and beans, all max rainbow rank and level 100. I am epic!
    SPORE ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I think i know the awnser. in the nerve cluster and lumbar nook, hes having pain. in the arm center and rump comand, he needs more energy. and in the airway and pump works, it just says you need to go there.

  6. tipmaster how do you beat the thing that contains peack help

  7. name all bad guys you fight as big bowser and tell how to beat the third sage

    • Bosses are: bowser castle, tower of yikk, fawful express, and super peach castle. To beat the sage: go to the woods and find all the attack pieces for snack basket. use it on him perfectly.

  8. the awesomness // August 10, 2010 at 12:25 pm // Reply

    How do I in hale little shadow fawfal because Im stuck

    • u have to try to defeat dark bowser and he will bring him back to life and dark bowser will grow. u use fire to kill him and fawful will come out!then u suck him in.

  9. How do I beat the rump command?

  10. i don`t even have the game!

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