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Kirby Air Ride

I am having trouble winning races, because everyone seems faster than me. Please help me!

Games Guru: I find Kirby Air Ride frustrating and hard to control. Some players, however, get the hang of this game and are able to win consistently. You are going to start out slow because the only vehicle available in the beginning is the Warper, which is balanced—easier to control than some machines and slower than most.

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  1. lego master says:

    game cube

  2. blubbery says:

    I love it when kirby eats the world at the end

  3. MEAWSOME says:


  4. clonespy says:

    what system is this for?

  5. dragonmaster892 says:

    does any one know how to get the hydra!?!? i’ve been trying to get it for 2 years!!!

    • gamemaster says:

      you grab all the green parts from the red boxes i always hurry through the red boxes try on the tower under ground and over in the forest

  6. squeaksquad says:

    i making my own comic based on it. it called Kirby Derby

  7. stuff says:

    this game is the best but i still like kirby 64 to because of zero-2

  8. KirbyFan 98 says:

    Another thing you could do is lower the CPUs difficulty by clicking on them before the race and lowering their handicap and CPU difficulty

  9. supermariofan says:

    free ride is fun my friends played with me they used to hide I didn’t use the map or radar though


    how do you get dragoon part c in city trial?

    • KirbyFan 98 says:

      You just search the checklist to see if you unlocked it. If you have, just search the red boxes for all the legendary air ride machine parts


    i heard that they are coming out with kirby air ride 2 in october!! i want it for christmas!!!!! ;) sooo excited!!!!!!!! :)


    i have melee and brawl & beat brawl @ least 3(!!!) times in a row! ;)


    it is a fun game but mine is so scratched up that it won’t work! :(

    • Nerfplayer says:

      I know! It’s a bummer when games get scratched up! I think one of MY games is scratched!

      • Carbison says:

        Yeah my game Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater for PlayStation 1 is all scratched up! For example, whenever I choose Single Skater, the music keeps playing, but the screen goes black and I have to stop playing it! Now it only works on Split Screen multiplayer!

      • stink says:

        super mairo sunshine

  14. Samus the Maurth hunter says:

    HEY KIRBY FANS! If you LOVE Kirby then I recommend the games Super Smash bros for the nintendo 64, Super Smash Bros. Melee for the gamecube, and Super Smash bros. Brawl for the Wii.
    “Hiiiiiiii!”- Kriby

  15. IcyFlame says:

    oh and know A LOT of this game so if u need help just ask and please use the names of the machines bcuz if u dont i wont understand

  16. IcyFlame says:

    this game is so awesome! i once stopped cuz i got new games and of course the wii but i get tired of it so i start playing this again :) but i sorta wish it had a story mode


    i hate when that happens. :(

  18. Titanic! says:

    I almost earned the pink parrot type flyer thing, but my friend joined in a killed me that made me drop it. So mad!

    • IcyFlame says:

      u mean dragoon? yeah u really have to be careful with rivals cuz they will steal ur parts and power ups


    break blue boxes in trial to gt hydra peices. you can also unlock meta knight! :)

  20. hundred eyes ice says:

    how do u unlock hydra for trial city free run?????

    • Nerfplayer says:

      To unlock Hydra, you have to get the Hydra pieces X, Y, and Z. Try to beat everything on the City Trial Checklist, 3 of the boxes on it hold a piece for Hydra!

  21. krako says:

    In free run use the warp star proto type. It’s the best glider avadable if you have not gotten dragoon nor hydra. P.S. Note: proto star must be used. Go to the top of that large tower near the light house. keep gliding upwards and you should hit the sky bounds.

  22. krako says:

    I hate racing games but this game is awsome! P.S. I myseryirously unlocked dedede.

  23. mushmom says:

    which is better
    B.that spiky star

  24. mushmom says:

    i cant seem to kill dedede

    • ??????? says:

      the shadow star can kill de X3 if you eat alot before de X3 eats it all. you can kill him [sis did]

      • IcyFlame says:

        that happened to me once but if u use the compact star(the one with which u start city trial) all u have to do is hit him in the back and never and i mean NEVER get close to his sides and front cuz he’ll whack u with his hammer

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