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Kirby and the Amazing Mirror

I defeated all the bosses and all the mirror pieces and even defeated darkmind. I also got everything in the collection room, and on the map everything is blinking so I didn’t leave any chests unopen, but I only have 98% of the game done. I need 2 more percent and I’m not sure what I need to do. Please help /:

Games Guru: You might want to pick up a strategy guide and then omit what you’ve done and what you haven’t done in the game. This is one thing that really annoys me about games. When you’re that close to finishing, you should get hints as to what to do to complete a game!

Do you know where some hard-to-find treasure boxes are?

Games Guru: This game has many, many treasure chests. Most are right in front of you. Some are harder to find. Here’s a clue for one of the early ones: After you get your first mirror shard in Moonlight Mansion, go through the brown door and you’ll find the chest with the Rainbow Map.

Comments about “Kirby and the Amazing Mirror”

  1. masterchief99 says:

    oh some helpful hints, SPOILER ALERT: the game auto saves, beating the game unlocks meta knights sword, to get 100% check ur map and go to the rooms that arent GLOWING. the rooms will be gold if visited but they dont glow until u have everything in that room. with the maps help, its easy to get 100% in about a week.

  2. masterchief99 says:

    what do u get from beating boss endurance????? i always die on either dark mind (red backround) or dark mind (star chase scene). smash kirby is the best on boss endurance, and stone can easily kill boss 6 (the shark dude).

  3. KIRBY999 says:

    how do u unlock boss endurance?!?

  4. hi says:

    I like kirby

  5. urmom says:

    can u rlly unlock metaknight?

  6. heavy dude says:

    Sorry helper I only have kirby’s adenture.

  7. helper says:

    in kirby nitemare in dream land how do you get to the switch in world 6 area 3


  8. gusmaster says:

    i have the game you need all chests to get boss endurance

  9. french toast says:

    fighting dark mind is easy when using fire

  10. Matt says:

    Dear cheater: It’s called “Kirby Nightmare in Dreamland.” Not “Kirby in Nightmare Land.” From Matt.

  11. Boo4678 says:

    I can beat dark mind ((Eye)) easy..

  12. kirby lover says:

    i got 100 for the exstra stuff

  13. kyoger says:

    the lava place you need to be rock kirby and keep pressing B.

  14. groundon says:

    how do you get the emerald paint.please somebody help me.

  15. dedog says:

    who needs help. i can help you beat the game.

  16. kirby rocker says:

    those things (master hand crazy hand) are from this game

  17. ... says:

    i heard of UFO power

  18. help says:

    how do u save???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? plese! my game might be broken

  19. superdude says:

    is it true that master hand and crazy hand (from supersmashbros.brawl) is in this game?

  20. kik says:

    saves automattically

  21. kirby10 says:

    how do you get boss endurance! I beat game but I did not get it

  22. Kirby-Man says:

    It was Easy

    I beat it 50 times

  23. Mystery says:


    it is puzzling at first but it gets easy. Get the stone power then go onto the platform next to the block then just keep using it until the block falls away. Anything that shakes the screen will work.

  24. 12 says:

    how to absorb big stone in”KIRBY AND THE AMAZING MIRROR?

  25. Anonymous says:

    I tount it was Kirby and the Amazeing Mirror

  26. Ultimate Pokemon Lover says:

    When you are battling Dark Mind (the eye) on the stars, how do you find an quicker way(If there is one) to defeat him? Thanks.

  27. Supersonic says:

    One word: EASY!!!!

  28. ruredy says:

    i need help to get on the other side of the lava place. and how do i get the other kirbies to move the big block.

  29. REYMYSTERIO101 says:


  30. joko says:

    i dont no how to get to moley and need help!!!!!!!!!

  31. 1 can missing MUST FIND!! says:

    where is the ninth spray can?!?! the one next to the light blue music note

    i think it is either grape or gold

  32. Ganon says:

    Hey guys need some advice. One time I accidentally stumbled into the lair of the boss Moley. I can’t find his lair. Someone Help me!!!!!!!!

  33. Video games lover says:

    Tips for beating Dark Mind: Do the up move with the master sword when Dark Mind is right below you(if he ever gets below you.)

  34. DaxQuark says:

    Dark Mind is freakin’ easy, every boss (even the mini-bosses) is easy! There is somethin’ cool though. If you beat the game, keep fighting Dark Mind and beat the game 20 times to get the gold spray can.

  35. pikachu says:

    I got the master sword and all maps exept one

  36. me says:

    games pretty good got 85% to 95%

    i love the spray paints!!!!!

  37. Blast Burn says:

    Yeah The Last Part is Easy! I’ve Had 100% Alot of times But My Game Keeps Starting Over!

  38. Pieman says:

    I love the part when you get the flame sword thing, the last part with the eye was easy, beat it in 5 minutes, maybe les

  39. bv14 says:

    fun game 99%done

  40. oreus says:

    you all dont know what you are talking about, its kirby night mare in dream land not

    “night mare land” and its Kirby and the amazing Mirror not the “Magic Mirror”

    but still ???????? got it right. I have night mare in dream land and its ok… but if

    you beat the game on normal and extra you un lock metta knight mare

  41. THE BEST says:

    i like it but i cant find these last things like spray paint because i only have 93%

    PS this game is the best

  42. pokemon masta says:

    This game is so easy

  43. Raven says:

    It’s actually easiest if you have no power at all. Shooting starts at it works the best.

  44. jackjack says:

    I cant beat Dark mind (eye)

  45. jjkk says:


  46. Masurder says:

    Once, I borrowed it from a friend. That Dark Mind (eye) is tough…

  47. cheater says:

    do u have anything on kirby in nightmare land

  48. ??????? says:

    i thought this game was called “Kirby and the Amazing Mirror”, not “Kirby and the Magic Mirror”.

  49. H says:

    I have the game and it gets very very very boring after you beat it

  50. 123 says:

    do you have anything on Tony hawk american skate land

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