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Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Legend

How do you get the crates in Bolivia up a level to cover the spaces?

Games Guru: This is not entirely easy. Notice that there are pressure plates on the floor. You are going to need to drag two of those crates over the plates, then have Lara step on the third plate. Why only two plates? Well, you are going to need to drag one of the crates up the ramp to the left and flip it onto one of the crates on the plates.

In the Bolivia level once I pass the room with the turnstile, you meet the man looking for the pieces of the sword. Lara is then blown off the swinging bridge and the game reloads and starts back in the hallway leading back to the turnstiles. Is that the end of Bolivia or am I missing something? Where do I go next?

Games Guru: I’m not sure I understand where you are. If Lara is on a bridge being chased by a helicopter, get her across the bridge and have her fight the mercenaries on the other side. Do this, and you will move on to the next part of the adventure, Peru.

How do I defeat the monster on the tesla experiment stage or do I need to get the sword fragment first? If so, how?

Games Guru: No, you want to get the fragment last. First activate the control panels, then use the gravity gun to shoot the hanging Tesla coils into the stream of electricity. Once they are all in the stream, use the grapple to grab the sword fragment and end this task. The monster will take care of itself at that point.

On the level Japan, after you get into the room with the huge TV, what do you do next?

Games Guru: You do what your parents have been telling you to do for years: Shut off that television … once and for all. Note that as you approach the TV, you can interact with it. I don’t mean change the channels. Grapple it, then pull it as far off the shelf as you can. It won’t come all the way off because there are cables holding it in place. Shoot the cables. The TV will fall and you will find your way out of this room.

Do you have any good secret codes? Like unlock all levels? Or ANYTHING that doesn’t involve beating the game?

Games Guru: Good news and bad news on this one. The good news is there are all kinds of codes that make Legend easier. The bad news is that to get them, you need to earn them legitimately.

For instance, as anyone who has dealt with Lara can tell you, giving her the ability to kill enemies with a single shot will help. The bad news: to get that ability, you need to beat the Bolivia Time Trial in 4:15. Once you do, you can give her one-shot kills by holding down the left trigger button and typing: Y A Y X LB B. Complete England in 27:00 and you can make Lara bulletproof by holding down the left trigger and typing: A RT Y RT X LB.

On the level England, when you finally get to the really big room with the really cool house, what do you do next? I’ve tried going in the house, but the only thing in there is a big statue with a chandelier above it, and outside the only things useful are the big graspable turny thingies. How do I get out of that place?

Games Guru: The trick is to make the chandelier swing, then jump on the rope to raise the bell (you called it a “statue”). You won’t complete this level by bringing the bell and the chandelier together, but your next task will be revealed.

How do you get the crates in Bolivia up a level to cover the spaces?

Games Guru: This is not entirely easy. Notice that there are pressure plates on the floor. You are going to need to drag two of those crates over the plates, then have Lara step on the third plate. Why only two plates? Well, you are going to need to drag one of the crates up the ramp to the left and flip it onto one of the crates on the plates.

Comments about “Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Legend”

  1. krissy 33 says:

    How so you get past the level where the statue of the person with his arms chained is!! Some how you have to get something to press down the squares to realease the person from the chains!!

  2. please help me says:

    how do you get the cages on top to be pressed ont he squares in bolivia for xbox 360?

  3. Coachc57 says:

    How do you pass the part with the lion and boxes. I can’t seem to get the box on the lever. Need help asap .

  4. PleaseHelpMe555 says:

    PLEASEEEE HELPPPPP!!!!!!!!!….Im stuck in peru- in the water part I don’t understand where im suppose to go when it will only let me swim back and forth i see places i can go but i cant figure out how to get in them? pleeeaseee this is driving me insane

  5. Anonymous says:

    45 the third rock is actually out in the hallway you can in on the right you have to grapple it and pull it down

  6. zenes says:

    im stuck in peru stage on the 3 rock thing that you will put on the something…my problem is i cant get the last rock on the outer side of the stage….but the 2nd rock i got it easily….pls need support dude…

  7. please help says:

    im on the england part of the game im at a checkpoint 48% of the way through where there is a massive waterfall and pool… i am stuck what do i do next ?

  8. IE says:

    i am stuck in the first part, Bolivia. I am in the big room with all the mechanisms, and parts you step on which then start the mechanisms. And I have to go up, right?? BUT HOW??? I have no idea how to use the mechanisms, or how to get out of there.

  9. Manatee says:

    Games Guru, you are correct about where the reader is in bolivia. On hard mode, there is no time for error, and rolling constantly across the bridge is the only way.

  10. JN says:

    Hi there, I am stuck on the scene Bolivia, and am in the giant like tomb where there is stones in the ground which you can step on and they partly move parts of the mechanism on the walls etc.

    I have already got up onto the higher level but do not know where I go next? Do you know where I may have to go?

  11. zogo1 says:

    This is a truly excellent game…

  12. english girl says:

    im on the england level with the bell thing and the chandelier, but how do i get passed this bit? please help me coz i have tried so hard but im not getting anywhere!

  13. serpentgirl says:

    hi in croft manor ive got all of the rewards but how do you uncover the secrets ive also got all the equipment eg)binoculors grapple guns and pls.

  14. coz says:

    how do you unlock all the rooms on the croft mannor

  15. easyjet says:

    I’m on the england level and I’ve swung the Chandelier but Lara doesn’t seem to jum on the rope of the chandelier. Is there a trick to it?

  16. bubbles says:

    to kill the sea monster shoot the black things then use the grabbleing hook to pull it down

  17. bubbles says:

    how do u get out of the house in croft mana really need to know iv spent hourse trying and iv gotten all the rewards

  18. shorty411 says:

    i am on the level with the sea monster how in the world do i defeat it

  19. shorty411 says:

    i am on a level in england…

    the level right after you are in the room with all the koffings

    where you are fighting that sea monster how do i defeat it??????

  20. Lara Croft says:

    PLEASE HELP!!!! Level 3 Japan. I can’t get the tv down. HOW DO I USE ACCURATE AIM!!!!!!!!!

  21. kurdish gamer says:

    I finished the game 94% but I don’t know the place of all gold rewards any one help?

  22. gamer tombs says:

    please who can tell me the place of gold reward in first level (Bolivia)?

  23. gamer21 says:

    I still do not understand how to kill the sea monster

  24. jambo says:

    how do you kill the sea monster in england? im stuck

  25. Pio says:

    i am your biggest fan!

  26. M!KE says:

    how do you open the bookshelf door in the croft manor

  27. Bass Man says:

    im stuck on the england level on the part when you have just found king arthur and all thoses koffing things so all i want to knw is what do u do next (i have already gone to the statue of king arthur)

  28. maxoidmonkey says:

    Gold Rewards in Croft Manor

    First you need to have the grapple, light, and the guns. Then you go to the study and pull the first book holder, which is behind the wooden plank that you need to shoot, onto the stone panel on the floor. Then above you will see another – shoot/grapple that and it will fall down. Push that onto the other panel and a door should open. If not, go in and out of the room.

    Second, where the dark corridor is, use your light to see around. There will be a tiger’s tongue – press it and a wall should flip around, with writing about 2 twin sisters above the water. Get out of there and head to the pool area and pull out all of those statue things, then climb onto the lowest one. Swing on the pole and shimmy across the ledge, then swing on the pole onto the big platform with a diving board.

    Thirdly, turn the 2 statues opposite each other, and the wall should flip around revealing yet another clue about some Gods and the knowledge. So head back to the study and pull out the books in the right order: blue, green, green, red. A bookshelf should open with a silver reward and another clue.

    Last, you need to head to the main hallway and touch both tiger tongues and both sides of the balcony. A high block should rise up from the floor with a gold reward on it. Grapple those swing bars from the glass wall and get to the end of the middle one and drop onto the block.

    The Gold award should give you two new outfits for Lara.

  29. maxoidmonkey says:

    please help! I dont know how to pass the squashy walls I mean the second one please help I get squashed all the time!!! :(

  30. dude07 says:

    in england , ive got to the king arther statue and got out to the sea monster, but how do u gt all the traps to lowere onto his head without them missing

  31. aurora says:

    Hello I can’t pass the part of England I make chandelier swing, but I try to jump on it a from the bell and i can’t Please help!!

  32. Natedawg says:

    legend/ only the best fraken game in the world 4 psp. that game is the best!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Sammy says:

    legend..such a great game

    ie completed the main game but i am realy struglin in croft manor.

    i have just opened 1 of the gates in the swimming pool and cant find the other lever for the next gate, and im strugling with the book case

    so if someone can help please please help me!!

    got to by anniversary looks brill

  34. Jay Jay 10 says:

    I don’t no how to grapple along to da other side! I keep doing it but it does not let me do it!

  35. traomoney says:

    you is so quiet baby tomd radier

  36. Jimbo says:

    Can anyone tell me where the Gold secret in Level 1 is ? Played level many times and still can’t find it !!!!!

  37. ________ * says:


  38. fab13 says:

    It’s a really good game it’s just WAY too short. Make the games longer next time AND harder.

  39. cool22 says:

    this is a gillr game!

  40. gangster says:

    how do you get past the bit with the tiger and the boxes and you have to open the thi gate with the boxes help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee plz

  41. Lil JJ says:

    someone please tell me where all the rewards are so that I can get the Bikini Costume

  42. Lil JJ says:

    I beat this whole game in two days,………….but I still didn’t get the bikini costume yet :(

  43. darkmega of the undernet says:

    In the croft manor, how do you open the doors to the book case in the study?

    I neeeeed to know!

  44. laracroftfan101 says:

    I loved the game .. im a huge fan! can’t wait for anniversary!

  45. spiderman98 says:


  46. Flipflop says:

    I cannot get out of the house on the level England, i followed what you said but still no luck please help me…..

  47. Videogame master says:

    it is a fun game but the Xbox 360 versoin was outstanding!!!!!!!

  48. Jak&Daxfan says:

    This game was surplisingly short but yknow bolivia remix and crap like japan was 2 easy anyway good luck to all you noobs or first timers

  49. mania sos says:

    how i shot the tv on level of japan?please help

  50. me says:

    how do you defeat the big sea creature on England? I think you have to move some stuff but im not sure.

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