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Wario Master of Disguise

HELP! I have been stuck in the ancient waterworks for 2 HOURS! I have gotten almost everything, but there are 2 areas that are orange on my map that I cannot get into because I cannot find anything to shoot, punch or otherwise manipulate. PLEASE HELP ME!

Games Guru: I will do what I can to help, but I need you to narrow down where these last rooms are located. Are there names or numbers you can give me? Any special description?

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  1. poke kid says:

    I beat the whole game it was easy once i got the cheat codes

  2. Junester says:

    I’m stuck on level 10. How to you do the red and blue arows.

  3. This is my nickname! says:

    For m e: To beat Cannoli the first time shoot the circle on top of the robot’s head with Cosmic Wario then jump on Cannoli’s real head. Do that 3 times and he will blow up. If he makes weird bombs with eyes, shoot those too. :)

  4. This is my nickname! says:

    For fdhgjbhm,njkh;/ Blue blocks are special versions of the Red Fire Blocks. To get through them you need the Dragon Wario upgrade. If you don’t have it and it isn’t on the level your on then either use Arty Wario to draw blocks to climb so you can push the Blue Blocks or you’re just not supposed to get across them yet. :)

  5. ... says:

    This game is so easy,I beat it 3 times in a week.
    HINT:It was in Summer break that I did this so I have ALLLL this free time.

  6. S.K. says:

    i need help how do you get past the blue and pink switches in level 10

  7. fdhgjbhm,njkh;/ says:

    stuck on lvl 9 at begging by blue blocks how do i get passed them?

  8. Anonymous says:

    nedd help on lvl 2 have fixed lift where next

  9. m e says:

    how do you beat cannoli the first time

  10. cooooooooooool says:

    I am on the sfinnks one and I need the last tresher HELP

  11. twye says:

    i ready have 2 of the treasures in level3 but i dont know what to do next

  12. awsome kid says:

    where is the green bird on level4?

  13. confused girl! says:

    i cant find the treasures in level 3!!! HELP ME PLEASE

  14. bonosh says:

    im stuck on terrormisu (boss of episode 10) where there is a whole bunch of white faces.

  15. thedrew says:

    on lvl 2 to get to the chest at the top of the ship you need wicked wario disguise. get to level 9 and get the disguise, then go back to lvl 2 where the chest is and use wicked wario to fly to the chest.(You need the wicked mastery gem too that is also in level 9!)

  16. zeonad says:

    im stuck on 6 i cant find the key for the top door on the right

  17. Anonymous says:

    Stuck on lvl 10 in the neverending room. What do the arrows mean?

  18. Wario Gamex '-' says:

    Help I’m Stuck on level 6 i cant pass true the seesaw .. how do i put the seesaw to work ??

  19. Anonymous says:

    stuck in level 6

  20. scoutking says:

    stuck on final level.

  21. MASONAL1 says:

    I am stuck on level 10 and i am in a room that has mushrooms in that you can press down but dosent do anything so can you help me to were i can go so i can finally face the last boss. I am stuck in the room with the red gem missing

  22. masonal1 says:

    i am stuck on level 10 because you can’t get out of the room with 4 doors in it and only 1 works but it loops around so how do you get out it is so confusing

  23. Guts 97 says:

    help im on level 4 but i carnt fint the last 2 birds help please

  24. Wario Maniac says:

    Well, on lvl 2 you use arty wario and push the fire box left. For lvl 3 here are some riddle
    answers Go to and search Wario master of disguise and there’s allyou need. Please help i am stuck on Terrormisu

  25. wario master says:

    how do i complete level ten boss 2 realy confused

  26. answer 2 lv 2 boss says:

    to beat cannoli with the big owl hat, become cosmic and shoot his eye when it’s open. become artist and make a block on the yellow switch on his head. then become thief and jump on his head. repeat 3 times.

  27. super wario bros. says:

    Yeah im stuck there!!!!!!

  28. Waluigi time! says:

    Im’e already to level 8!

  29. i love wario says:

    How destroy i blue with a flame inside?


  30. Gridda says:

    Just been reading past comments, seems like a lot of ppl have got stuck on level 2 but still couldn’t find any answers… boo hoo!

  31. Gridda says:

    Arrrrgh! i am stuck on episode 2… have been everywhere and got everything apart frm 1 chest at the top of the ship which i can’t work out how to get (can’t reach it by jumping) .. and there is still one room flashing… help help help… wot do i do next?

  32. ash says:

    can any 1 help me how to find get the the red tresure chest on level 2

  33. jj says:

    how do you get generator to get a green mushroom

  34. Anonymous says:

    wer to find green bird in lv four

  35. NY2SC says:

    I’m also stuck in episode 8 I cant beat that king dolphin when he has 3 lives.What should I do? Please Help

  36. wariofan1111 says:

    Hi.There is a room at the bottom of the ship and its very small. Go through the LEFT main room and you’ll need Arty to draw a block at the platform near a opening in the wall. Shoot with Comso Wario at the glowing dots and the elevator will open,and make sure all the dots are glowing.

  37. wariofan1111 says:

    Hey, can any one tell me about how to get to the last treasure chest at the top part of the ship on level two? IT’S KILLING ME!

  38. Blah says:

    Novi, you become Art Wario and draw a block on the other end of the see saw.

  39. Novi says:

    i’m stuck on stage 6. i must fly up with a seesaw, i must throw something havy on the seesaw en i fly up… but how and what i throw???

  40. soccerdude17 says:

    where is the yellow bird statue in episode 4? i have searched for 2 days

  41. Waluigi time! says:

    Love the game!! There’s only one problem, wheres WALUIGI!!!

  42. big man says:


    its a good game i would definetly reqimend it……IF u like games that r very tricky.

  43. kegs08 says:

    i can’t figure out how to work the elevator in level 2. i looked it up in the walkthrough and it said to shoot the glowing blue things quickly, but there isn’t anything glowing…i’m stuck!

  44. Anon says:

    HELP! Im stuck on episode 6…..i cant get to the two rooms at the top of the map where the statues are located….I can’t seem to find the right door/ladder to reach them???

  45. Anonymous says:

    on the race on level 9 you should use art wario and create a block in cappitions way

  46. superbob says:

    i cant do the last level its just a giant maze

  47. grt says:

    i am stuck on stage 4 i don’t know how to hurt the boss

  48. 4spice4 says:

    stuck on level 6!!!!!!

    dont know where to go i am at the bit just after the video clip of the door under the path

  49. mario master22625746 says:

    I cant pass level 10 very confused please leave answer.

  50. metelmario says:

    im on level 7 [or what after the castle and at the end where u see the purple and carpicaio guy when u race him

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