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Wario Master of Disguise

HELP! I have been stuck in the ancient waterworks for 2 HOURS! I have gotten almost everything, but there are 2 areas that are orange on my map that I cannot get into because I cannot find anything to shoot, punch or otherwise manipulate. PLEASE HELP ME!

Games Guru: I will do what I can to help, but I need you to narrow down where these last rooms are located. Are there names or numbers you can give me? Any special description?

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26 Comments on Wario Master of Disguise

  1. i have been stuck on level 4 for almost 2 hours trying to find yellow bird statue

  2. WaluigiBombermanSonic // March 5, 2008 at 8:10 pm // Reply

    I have a question for everyone:What is your favorite disguise and what is your favoite episode?PLEEEAASE answer

  3. WaluigiBombermanSonic // March 5, 2008 at 8:05 pm // Reply

    I am Mario Maniac but I changed my nickname.I FINALLY beat Allergia Gardens.But even after you beat it there are extra episodes.I also have a tip.You can go through the small doors in Blowhole Castle before they dissapear.They’ll lead you to single room areas with red treasure chests.

  4. i past it i need help on killing the cool guy

  5. wario masta:3 // February 19, 2008 at 1:11 pm // Reply

    how and where is the blue crystal in episode 4????

  6. the dolphin guy is annoying watch the little dolphins at all times move fast be careful

  7. where is the yellow bird crystal in this game level 4?

  8. where i find the yellow bird in lv. 4

  9. Level 4, i cannot find the yellow crystal, i have the others, i keep walking around in circles…

  10. YO! it’s nice to go on line for help!

  11. Lv.2 to Lv. 3 // January 14, 2008 at 11:16 pm // Reply

    To find the boss, get to the very bottom right of the ship. Down there there should be a giant hole leading to the Cargo Storage. Count Canolli will show up and hop through the hole first and Wario will chase him. It is a coupleof rooms from there to the boss, but it is a straight shot. (Hint: for those who just want to get the level over with quickly, use Genius on the left wall in the first room of the Cargo Storage for a shortcut that will skip two rooms, but it is a one-way shortcut).

  12. I need help on Level 2…can’t find a boss anywhere…pass through the whole board turned on every thing. No orange on my map-where to I go to find the boss and go to level 3?

  13. i am stuck on episode 5 and i am realy gettinf annoyed with this game in the big room where there are lights and spikes where you need the dragon to go down the stuff and kill mummys and all tht rubbish. can sum 1 help me plz, this is rle getting on my nervs cus i cant get nowhere on this lvl and ffs i am rle annoyed as you have guessed. sum1 help!!!!!!!!

  14. im stuck on level 2 where is the boss?!its SOOO hard this level!!!!!!!

  15. I can’t get past Episode 4 AT THE very end

  16. I’m stuck on level 2.

    I can’t get past the elevator.

    I need to find a key to open the lock at the right side of the elevator. Can somebody please help me? Cuz even though I like this game, it’s driving me nuts.

  17. I can not get past level 3 . i have got 2 of the pharos treasures but am now stuck as to where to go next. please help me someone!

  18. i really need help with the last level

  19. how do you get past those 2 machines that are red and blue at the last episode

  20. It’s decent it’s pretty challenging, but fun. The parts I have done/

  21. what are the answers to the questions on level 3 that the big sphinx guy gives you at the end

  22. im stuck on the boss lvl 4 boss i can get him to his last life and hit him twice but hes hard

    p.s is there any infinite lives cheats?????

  23. im stuk in the episode 2 in the elevator i don’t no where the boss is

  24. i,m stuck at the last boss.

    she have 5 forms!!!!!!!

  25. With wario Master of disguise, please give directions to help me find the third treasure chest . Thanks

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