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Wario Master of Disguise

HELP! I have been stuck in the ancient waterworks for 2 HOURS! I have gotten almost everything, but there are 2 areas that are orange on my map that I cannot get into because I cannot find anything to shoot, punch or otherwise manipulate. PLEASE HELP ME!

Games Guru: I will do what I can to help, but I need you to narrow down where these last rooms are located. Are there names or numbers you can give me? Any special description?

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10 Comments on Wario Master of Disguise

  1. what are the answers to the questions on level 3 that the big sphinx guy gives you at the end

  2. im stuck on the boss lvl 4 boss i can get him to his last life and hit him twice but hes hard

    p.s is there any infinite lives cheats?????

  3. im stuk in the episode 2 in the elevator i don’t no where the boss is

  4. i,m stuck at the last boss.

    she have 5 forms!!!!!!!

  5. With wario Master of disguise, please give directions to help me find the third treasure chest . Thanks

  6. im stuck on level 3 ggot one of the spinx’x treasures but cant find any more where are they?

  7. I need help on episode six!!!!!!!

  8. any1 no how to do the last lvl i just got on it lol

  9. how do you get the treasure in episode 2? i can not reach it pleas help my!!!

  10. The Pokeman // August 30, 2007 at 7:54 am // Reply

    I dont have this game, iz it good?

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