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Lego Star Wars

Do you have any codes for this game? How can I unlock the extra levels? I’ve heard you can be Darth Vader on them.

Games Guru: To unlock them, you have to reach Jedi status on all 17 levels. Try these codes:
– Adi Mundi: MUN486
– Admiral Ackbar: ACK646
– Battle Droid (commander): KPF958
– Boba Fett: GGF539
– Boss Nass: HHY697
– Captain Tarpals: QRN714
– Count Dooku: DDD748
– Darth Maul: EUK421
– Disguise: BRJ437
– Droid Tri-Fighter: AAB123
– Ewok: EWK785
– Force Grapple Leap: CLZ738

How do you use the three extras poo money, walkie-talkie disabler and super gonk?

Games Guru: Poo Money happens, well, when you get on an animal and press a controller button. Say you have the Wii version. You press Z and the animal poops out silver or gold, which you can use as easy cash.

Walkie Talkie Disable can only be used if you’re a Battle Droid (Commander) or Imperial Spy in the Complete Saga game. Use the walkie talkie and it will give all droids a good electric shock for a while.

Super Gonk, also in The Complete Saga, allows the usually very slow Gonk Droid to go almost as fast as Sonic. Gonk can jump higher, too!

Is there a way to avoid enemy attacks without being a ghost?

Games Guru: You get to play as ghosts of characters after you complete the Story Mode in full. But there are many ways to avoid enemy attacks. For instance, try being an Astromech Droid in Free Mode.

How do you open the Bounty Hunter levels? I’m already halfway through the game and they still haven’t opened. Can you help me?

Games Guru: Keep going, young Jedi. You have to finish the whole game for the Bounty Hunter levels to open.

Thank you for your info on the Droid factory minikits locations, but I am having trouble finding the room that you use the droid to mix the colors. Can you tell me where it is? Thank you again.

Games Guru: Okay, you should be in the second section of the Droid Factory, right? Now, find the spot with the three wind generators on the floor. You will find a walkway heading south from the middle generator. Follow it, making sure to work any knobs or switches you may encounter. Now if you head east, you will find a grapple station. Zip up, shoot the target on the wall and use R2 to open the door.

On level V (of episode IV), I’m stuck in the beginning of the level after getting out of the garbage and getting into the room with all the empires. I can’t wave through once putting on the disguise helmet, and there are only 4 characters that level starts out with. PLEASE HELP!

Games Guru: You are talking about a fairly lengthy level, and I am not sure what part is slowing you down. If it is fairly early on, you may need to return to the levers and throw them a second and possibly a third time to get everything right for your escape. If you are talking about the end of the level, you will find LEGO blocks that you need to assemble then shoot. You will find the door to end that part of the level behind the blocks once you assemble and shoot them.

I am wondering if you can tell me where the minikits in episode two, chapter two – droid factory – are. I am missing one and I even have the minikit detector and still can’t find it. Can you help?

Games Guru: Minikit number 1 is in a canister at the beginning of the hall in the very beginning of this level.

Minikit number 2 is in the wall near the conveyor belts.

Minikit number 3 is in the room in which you use the droid to mix colors.

Minikit number 4 is on a high, high platform way above the main floor.

Minikit number 5 is in the astromech control panel not far from where you found minikit 4.

Minikit number 6 is in the first room with all of the hot lava/molten metal.

There is a door with a question mark above it. How do you get in?

Games Guru: Collect all of the mini-kit pieces throughout the game and a whole ton of Studs, and the door will open for you.

On the General Grievous level, how can I defeat him?

Games Guru: Here’s the easiest way out: When you are in Dexter’s Diner, go to Codes and enter: 4PR28U. That will make you invincible.Too easy? Beating Grievous is no easy task; it will require the combined skills of Obi Wan and Cody. Do jumping attacks to back Grievous up, then have Cody shoot objects that might explode around him. Should Grievous hide out of reach, use the Force to build platforms that help you get a good shot at him.

How do I get past the gunship level on episode 2?

Games Guru: You have to help me here. Are you in the arena? If so, destroy the giant orb in the middle. Hint: You can destroy the laser cannons in this part of the mission. In fact, destroying the cannons will lower the shields over the generator coils, and you can then go in, destroy the coils and finish the mission.

Oh, and did I mention that you should also destroy any enemy ships in the area before they destroy you?

This may sound tough but remember, every time you destroy something, the wreckage will likely give you a heart.

Can you give me a tip or two to pass Utapau: Seventh Level? I am absolutely, positively stumped.

Games Guru: Have you tried stepping on all of the tiles along the bottom and right sides of the room? Who knows what might open to you?

When you are in the room with the barrels, try dropping down the ledge.

Once the tables have turned and the clones are no longer working with you, try dropping off the ledge after the second turret.

What’s behind the door with the question mark, and how do you get in?

Games Guru: This door opens only after you achieve Jedi status on all levels in every episode. It will enable you to buy additional characters.

How do I unlock the bonus level?

Games Guru: By achieving Jedi status on every mission in the game.

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25 Comments on Lego Star Wars

  1. How do you get all the minikits in Ep. 1 Ch. 6 (Darth Maul) for Lego Star Wars 1?

  2. where are all the mini kits in lego star wars 1 on the level count douku

  3. rockets raikou EX // March 28, 2008 at 7:32 pm // Reply

    to happy 987,

    there are some plants around the beach.some of them you have to use the force on.

    and some of the plants that you have to use the force on are actually carrots. there

    are three carrots that you have to get in order to get the of them are in front of the rock that the minikit appears on.the second one is in front of one of the places where some of the clones and droids go in. the last one is at the far left corner of the beach.then the minikit appears on top of the rock.

  4. Snugglemuffin // March 28, 2008 at 12:33 pm // Reply

    on Episode II – Chapter 2 – Droid Factory what is the combo to mix the colors to get the mini kit out? Ive been working on it for 2 days 1-2 hrs at a time. Getting really annoyed.

  5. um i’m on episode 2 on the level that battles on the beaches and i dont’t know how to get the minikit that is on the beach under a rock. i know its there because of my minikit detector. Could you help me?

  6. i beat this game is soooooo easy


  8. The way that you release Obi Wan is you kill all the enimies in the room , being Anikin you use the force on all the hollowgram projector thingys that are restaining him.

  9. In Episode 3,how can I get past Ruin Of The Jedi?

  10. please man // March 10, 2008 at 5:08 pm // Reply

    can you pleas tell me were the 3 power brick is located pleas pleas pleas

  11. A random person // March 10, 2008 at 12:54 pm // Reply

    Its almost like Lego Starwars II except Lego Starwars II has many extra features and 3 different episodes. This one has episodes 1 to 3 and is really fun and many different characters.

  12. bob75, how do you get all the characters in LEGO Star Wars 1 ? Whats the cheat code?

  13. i was wondering what you do on the place in episode 4 when darth v fight obi-won to free the ship?

  14. star waers maneick // February 16, 2008 at 7:09 pm // Reply

    wear are all of the minikicount ts in dookus level

  15. is there a cheat to get the minikit detector??????????

  16. on the first level in the very end jump on top of the ship to find a blue coin


  17. Hi, Can you help me to pass the Droid factory level? I can’t release Obi Wan, so i can’s finish the level… pleace help me!

  18. oh i king game guru is there any way to get 9999999999 studs

  19. yo i dont knohow to get the red brick from droid factory like i c it but there is a barrier how can i get it

  20. I am stuck on the secret plans level in episode 4, same prob as JJ, but i tried using the car and i doesn’t work.

    Anyone else know how to get it?

  21. In the droid factory I have nine minikits and have no idea where the last one is. Could you just list where they are. And one more thing I’m probably going to ask you to list a lot of minikits, so please answer. Thanks!

  22. kenobifan3422 // December 29, 2007 at 1:13 am // Reply

    i have 100% in lego star wars 2 but in lego star wars the video i can’t find thel ast minikit in droid factory,can someone tell me please?thanks so much

  23. sorry barracade but no unless you earn those studs

  24. Is there any code to unlock everything and have 9`0000`0000 studs

  25. where is the red brick on new hope – escape from the death star please? thanks

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