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Power Rangers Super Legends

How do I get the 8th Timeline Collectible in the Super Legends level? I have tried everything to get it, and nothing works! Can you help? Also, how do you avoid Lord Zedd’s attack where he teleports into the background, slams down his staff and causes lava columns to appear in the direction you are going?

Games Guru: Near the Time Orbs, jump up the Wall. Jump straight up. You should find it up there.

For Zedd, you need to get the Large Yellow Bolt in the upper left and use it on Zedd. Then, take out the Krybots. Then, use your Super Attack and keep wailing on Zedd.

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  1. astronut says:

    i have this game and love it big power rangers fan

  2. hari says:

    i am a big faan of superlegends please show inthe tv

  3. max says:

    I got 9,254,999

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