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ModNation Racers

Got any tips for ModNation Racers on the PS3?

Games Guru: Don’t just race. Mod your car, tracks — even towns, waterfalls and mountains. Here are some tips.

– Your Mod character can be completely unique, with hundreds of eyes, mouths, noses, skins and more to choose from.

– Drift and draft on the ground and spin while jumping to fill your boost meter. Boost can be used as a speed burst, to bump opponents off course by flicking the right thumbstick. Or press Circle to bring up a shield to protect yourself.

– When you drive over an item pod on the track, it gives you different types of power ups such as missiles, warp portals and lightning storms. Level up your power up by driving over another item pod, up to a max of three levels. Or press and hold the Square button to change your power up into a mine that can be dropped behind you.

– Mastering drift lets you cut corners tighter, build up your boost meter and shave seconds off lap time.

– Create drivable tracks in just minutes with the Auto Populate feature. It places power ups, houses, trees, boost pads and even some animals that you can move anywhere you want.

– Advanced track creation tools let you create elaborate race tracks with moving platforms, triggers to activate hazards, insane jumps and more. Watch in-game tutorials for extra tips.

Comments about “ModNation Racers”

  1. Noob says:

    How Do you do a elit knock off. I been trring every thing but nuthing works. I own the psp verson

  2. oscar 2oo says:

    i beat guys are wrong it is beyond description

  3. J freek says:

    This game ROCKS! I’ve only played the PSP demo, but it is DEFINTITELY one that I would buy new.
    (That’s big for me, considering that even my PSP was bought used)

  4. meman15001 says:

    I played it and it was……….AWESOME you have got to try it

  5. mastermind says:

    this game is gonna be sick!!!

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