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Custom Robo Arena

Where is Shipley from the soulboost quest hiding 1st, 2nd and the 3rd time?

Games Guru:

1) Look for him next to Neobrain

2) Behind the clock in the clock tower

3) The park by the fountain

Do you know of any get-rich-quick schemes or any way to get lots of parts really fast?

Games Guru: Bad news. As is often the case with Nintendo, Custom Robo Arena has lots and lots of unlockables but no known codes.

I need help passing Hadron. Could you give me any codes please?

Games Guru: I know of no codes for this game. As to how to beat Hadoron, I read that he cannot be killed in his second form. Bummer.

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  1. lewis ray rokz says:

    who is saki

  2. lewis ray rokz says:

    i want ray 2 dark but i can only get him if i beat them 3 wierdos and i can only battle them if i have illegal parts but i cnt get them without mony nd its hard getting 30.00

  3. Mistral says:

    Im a enorm lightning sky fan. i already have tempest hurricane and mistral but i dont know how to get 1 Skyswift!

  4. customrobofan says:

    how do you get the data for hadron

  5. Raymk III x says:

    this game rocks i bought it i beat it all i need to do is beat 4 more grudge match’s and i get to go to the underground!!!! if u need any help i’ll answer ur questions

  6. HELP PLZ!!!! says:

    and can someone tell me an easy combo

  7. HELP PLZ!!!! says:

    how do you get combos i need help plz

  8. Jimmy Neutron says:

    played it for ds, hard and boring.

  9. Zane says:

    I can’t beat Marv’s grudge match!!! I hate the arcade and I can’t get gold on lv 2. Plus you gotta beat lv 10 with chick and I can’t get a 380 combo………….SOMEONE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Frozen Ice says:

    When you’re done with the game, go find everybody again and battle them. Okay piemaster 3. For a guide on who to fight, go to items by pressing x, and a new option has shown up called characters. Every time you beat someone on that list, a star appears by their name.

  11. Frozen Ice says:

    My all time favorite robo is:

    Body: Tempest

    Gun: Sniper

    Bomb: Winder Bomb

    Pod: Wall Pod

    Legs: Stabilizer Legs

    This is what I used to beat a lot of the game. Before the shop in the harbor district opened, I used the afterburner gun with the Ray MK III.

  12. Zane says:



    wrm gun

    Anum bomb

    Hadron pod

    Cleaver legs

    all ya do is stand their and if opponet gets close wrm gun 4 times for about 300 damage.If their far away wrm gun or pod or bomb. won 20 matches on wi fi without losing

  13. piemaster3 says:

    guys this is a good game but what do you do when your done with everything

  14. the king of the game says:

    hey guys um question what do you do when the game is finished i got to king level whats do i do next i beaten everything

  15. hadron says:

    nestor is realy a good robo (with his parts) but hese cool. nestor is the little robo on the box of the game. =)

  16. hadron says:

    any quetsions for me please =)

  17. Mistral says:

    I know how 2 get this set!


    Gun: Mythyc Gun

    Bomb: Mythyc Bomb

    Pod: Mythyc Pod

    Legs: Mythyc Legs

    its very easy go to the Robocup isle Talk 2 eddy He Says liv is lost in the forest if you find her liv is coming with you to back to town and you earn this set from eddy.

  18. Mistral says:

    Hadron is easy 2 defeat with 1 of this sets:

    S1 S2

    Body: Mistral Body: Katana(illeg)

    Gun: Wyrm Gun(illeg) Gun: Hyper Ray Gun

    Bomb: Sling Bomb(illeg) Bomb: Twister Bomb(illeg)

    Pod: Widow Pod(illeg) Pod: Schyte Pod(illeg)

    Legs: Booster Legs Legs: Hydra Legs (Rare)

  19. hadron says:

    i have beat the chik robo guy he is realy easyyyyyyyy he hit only 10-30 in one time,

    but you must first hit a combo of 380 or higher. i have hit a combo of 421, in the second battle of your dobbelganger.

  20. hadron says:

    wen you got any questions or problems in the game ask me pleas i,am rang kaiser

  21. hadron says:

    here is a good combo

    body: hurrycan

    gun: hadron gun

    bomb: monster bomb

    pod: oger pod

    legs: 1up legs

    you must do the underground battles to get this items (the most items) and if you have no money to buy the items do special mission #15 10 to 25 times.

    you get 3500 or $35 (american version) and 60 stars for one battle.

  22. hadron says:

    i have beat my dobbelganger a second tim and i’ve got ray II dark and his parts. and i’ve got hadron and his parts he’s weak but cool. can one from you tel me were you get ray? wen yes do it please so soon as possible? :I

  23. Master Elzor says:

    How do you enter the door in bayside

  24. beat it says:

    when you beat the robo cup and all your doppleganger starts hanging around youre school beat him then you a completely illeagel bot and axis to a store for buying illigal parts

  25. Ray MK III says:

    It is easy to defeat all the super novas in a row with an x-ray

  26. hadron says:

    pie 34 there is no z button on the ds

  27. hadron says:

    you can buy x-ray after beat the real robocup in the police station for 50,000 or american version $500 but he’s weak i have buy him, why ? i colect ray series also tel me pleas were yuo get other rays. this ray i have alredy

    ray mk-II

    ray mk-III

    ray 01


    ray sky

    o wait i forgoth my P.S robo cup winer all your comments are true but 1 is not true

    to buy robo bodys go to the first stage of neobrain and go to the left guy

  28. Hadron's doom says:

    Hadron 2 is easy to beat!!

    Body: Ray Mk III

    Gun:Dragon gun

    Pod:Spider pod

    Legs:Formula legs

    GOOD LUCK!!!!

    P.S. keep fighting him soon he will have 75% handicap!!!

  29. desperate 2 defeat Hadron says:

    this guy is hard!

    i keep shooting him but it doesn’t effect him!


  30. Gearach says:

    I don’t have this game but I think it’s cool.

  31. Trevty1995 says:

    If anyone knows the number of grudge match and who those people are please tell me.

  32. ditto dude says:

    i lost my custom robo arrena game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Trevty1995 says:

    Hey robo cup winner, could you repeat that second to last comment the one about the carat and try to spell it right? Thanks.

  34. pie34 says:

    to be anyone you want press Z R L B A Y X START in that order befor you go to the menu screen

  35. hamhawk says:

    Where do you go after grudge matches

  36. awesommattman says:

    what smells so funny X_X

  37. robo cup winner says:

    A NEW REPORT HAS DOES CAME IN A SUPER COOL ROBO HAS BEEN SPORTED IN A MALL BRING TEARER OVER THE WORLD. SECRET ROBO MAKERS SAY THIS MAYBE A NEW TYPE OFF ROBO. WAIT ANOTHER REPORT HAS DOES CAME IN ITS SAYS THE ROBO IS CALLED AIRS to get it after beating the robo cup get to rank Marquess and fight Stark then fight him again with the robo Ray Sky you should find this robo in the underground this is robo cup winner saying WOW THIS IS A LONG POST AND BYE

  38. robo cup winner says:

    ok this should be my last how to get a secret robo post so here it is first beat the robo cup the beat all the Mission battles only the use this robo ones then go to the girl in the neobrain place and go to the 2 floor you should be able to fight here beat here and get the robo Carat and its parts if i find anymore robos that are hard to find i will put were to get them ok this robo cup winner saying bye till my next post hope my post have helped you

  39. robo cup winner says:

    ok here is a not good robo its the weakest of them all but will help you if you beat the robo cup once you did that note:when i say robo cup i mean the REAL ONE NOT THE FIRST ONE k now go to your team room go up the stairs and go to your left press A when you get at the edge of the boxes a kid will come out beat him and you get CHICK ROBO and his stuff note:if you need to lvl to king or something higher then what you are now this guy is a easy way to get stars and cash note:He is EASY if you die then i have to say HOW DID YOU BEAT EDDY or what his name is this kid is like a baby playing this game i can see you losing whit a grandpa bot guy or something easy to hit last note note:MY robo is the boom he will kill anyone with out getting hit ITS SO GOOD I BEAT Hadoron 1 form with out getting hit.if you need help or tips ask me k And i will put where the guys are for the soul boost test soon but i cant help you in the battles because it was a some what long and hard to remember battle so good lucky fans

  40. robo cup winner says:

    Here is a good bot to beat Hadoron 1 and 3. 2 is not possible to beat ok here is the bot


    Gun:3 way gun

    Boom:straight bomb note:their is 1-3 of them i know their are 2 for sure but both work

    Pod:Shy Wave Pod note:remember this pod can shoot 2

    Legs/Feet:plus one legs need help on using this robo:keep flying and shooting gun can do 2 times with these feet on but do it before you fall does press a then a to fly and 2 time is the same thing use 2 time to turn that should help

  41. robo cup winner says:

    sorry to tell you this but their is no cheat codes and stuff in less you have a game shark.

  42. robo cup winner says:

    I forgot some thing cool to get a rare body part after you unlock the underground the 2 time you should be able to find that kid out side of your team room in their beat him and you get Ray II Dark.

  43. robo cup winner says:

    You cant buy any bodes in till you get after the soul boost then go to neobrain and go to the 2 floor go all the way up and turn left talk to the guy on the right and you should be able to buy some bodyparts

  44. robo cup winner says:

    To get to the underground the 2 time you have to beat the robo cup and then beat 13 people after that which are called grudge matches then go to your team club house and talk to the kid out side after beating him you get some kind of item now go to some guy in one of the towns he will open a path to the underground have fun and why you are their try this.Beat all 4 Greyham Boss data and Hadoron data, and you will recieve Hadoron and his parts

  45. awesomemattman says:

    to get ray mk II back,go to neobrain and talk to your dad

  46. true master says:

    i cant buy any other robot bodies! what point in the game do I have to get to and i can’t find the three dudes to train and get soulboost.

  47. next! says:

    bild yor bot as pofrl as posabl

  48. Trevty1995 says:

    How do you get to the underground?

  49. 2345 says:

    after becomeing the champion

  50. Trevty1995 says:

    If you have any cheats or codes pleaes post them

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