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Custom Robo Arena

Where is Shipley from the soulboost quest hiding 1st, 2nd and the 3rd time?

Games Guru:

1) Look for him next to Neobrain

2) Behind the clock in the clock tower

3) The park by the fountain

Do you know of any get-rich-quick schemes or any way to get lots of parts really fast?

Games Guru: Bad news. As is often the case with Nintendo, Custom Robo Arena has lots and lots of unlockables but no known codes.

I need help passing Hadron. Could you give me any codes please?

Games Guru: I know of no codes for this game. As to how to beat Hadoron, I read that he cannot be killed in his second form. Bummer.

Comments about “Custom Robo Arena”

  1. Benrock says:

    My favorite customization is Hadron Kindjal gun And the rest I donot care for

  2. Matt says:

    How do you beat the girl in 30 seconds?

  3. x Legende x says:

    To beat Hadron in about 30 or 40 secs, just use Snipe and the Sling gun.

  4. pokeman55 says:

    Ori: he is in the boys bathroom at the school!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Ori says:

    I can get the two of the people playing hide and seek but I can’t find Mr.Stubs someone TELL me where he IS!!

  6. Ray II Dark says:

    NAH HADRON IS EASY I used a Violent Boar
    with wyrm gun
    and an AIRS B02 Bomb
    A Sling pod
    and cleaver legs
    all ILLEGAL >:D

    Now i use Ray II Dark
    wyrm gun
    Deva bomb (it like an nuke >:D)
    Indigo pod
    Phantom legs
    all these defeat ur foes wid ease

  7. eaglemaster says:

    how can you beat eddi and liv for grduge i know some of u have done it so tell me how to find them

  8. me says:

    ray 01 slam, you are wrong. the last level is king.

  9. robin rules says:

    This game is awsome.Robin with the formula legs is crazy fast and its legal

  10. ray 01 slam says:

    2 custom robo king the last lvl is duke lvl1

  11. ray 01 slam says:

    i cant beet the arcade any suggestions

  12. zero0 says:

    is there anything else left to do after I beat all the grudge matches and mission battles in the “grand battles”?

  13. Custom robo king says:

    How do you level up, and what are the levels?

  14. phalcon11 says:

    do u get anything 4 beating all da special battles?

  15. Someon else says:

    You need to lose that battle with hadron 2

  16. SOMEONE says:


  17. KING!!!!!!!!!!!! says:

    what do you do after beating Liv and Eddy
    (PLEASE need to know)

  18. robocup says:

    im only eight but i beat the robo cup no lie

  19. baddog says:

    k what you need to do is make sure you use either a telerporter like wolfen or glaive and make sure you at least one illegal part like the indigo gun or the wyrm gun they do alot of damage.

  20. baddog says:

    k what you need to do is make sure you use either a telerporter like wolfen of glaive and make sure you at least one illegal part like the indigo gun or the wyrm gun they do alot of damage.

  21. javilen84 says:

    how do you beat hadron 2 he uses soulboost straight away and whenever i attack him it doesnt afect him

  22. javilen says:

    how do you beat hadron 2

  23. mr. ninja says:

    easy game. Took me a week for the main story and i’m almost 100% done. nothing special. the old GC version was. you guys played it?


    Oh for those of you who dont know where Dungeon Arena Police Station its behind the the stations desk.

  25. Jamson V.S AIRS says:

    Ray mk III are sweeet

  26. Jamson V.S AIRS says:

    i know how to get illegal parts! you go uderneth this guys bed all the way to the left of the guy who never comes out of his house. then he fighs you a’n gets wooaped then you go under his bed.

  27. lolz says:

    you gam do you have the gun eddy gives you? i do…:-p

  28. glaive says:

    how do you get to fight eddy in the mission battles

  29. bobby bobby says:

    im new here but to get the chick robo i doubt u will want it but to get you must go to ur club house and talk to the boxes on the left beat the kid inside and he will give t you the chick robo and its parts

  30. GAMERGUY says:


  31. BOB says:


  32. jaykaycold says:

    oh and if u have actoin replay that could work but it erases ur game so u might want to stick to playing fair



  33. starlesman says:

    i have a lot of custom robos i even have the two fastes on ground that are boys.pipit and robin.robin is the best

  34. jracomancer says:

    for grudge match dummy

    -marv defeat duel arena lvl 10 with chick

    -mr. stubbs find him son his in the large park in the flower

    -cheepers win in the duel arena 8 gold (im not sure)

    -stark get the rank marques

    -winchell win 50 missions

    -dennis have 20 guns

    -liv defeat eddy

    -eddy defeat all grand battles +anglica

    -anglica defeat all grand battles

  35. custom freak says:

    I have the answer for the question how get mistral defeat everyone by grand battles then go to the numero one club house there you found eddy beat him and you get mistral

  36. swimmer45 says:

    how do you get to the robocup kuz i am stuk and do not new wat to do

  37. ditto says:

    i want mistral!

  38. frostty says:

    yo i love dis game

  39. AIRS says:

    How do u get Mistral

  40. AIRS says:

    I need help with beating cheepers!

  41. violent boar says:

    to ray 01: I do.

  42. Ray mk 3 says:

    I have the action replay.

  43. grudeking says:

    wht do u do after beating liv

  44. Grudge Match Dummy says:

    For all of you who’ve beaten the grudge matches PLEASE I’m BEGGING on my hands and knees help me through these grudge matches PLE-EEASE

  45. clank says:

    what is the name of the isle?

  46. prince LV.4 says says:

    use Ray 01(It has more power than Hardon)

    Wyrm gun

    ARS-BO2 bomb(Its a millitary part so it has power to back it up)

    Cleaver pod(its a charge pod also)

    and Amun legs(no speed but alot less vonerable duing land)


  47. Little Sprinty Boy says:

    what’s your guys favriote custimaztion mine is legal:wolfen,halo gun straight pod s beast pod and formula legs

  48. Little Sprinty Boy says:

    Whats thhe best way to beat the tenth level of arcade to fight Marv

  49. ray 01 says:

    does any 1 go on this site any more cause i need help

  50. dragon sky says:

    i need help wid the arcade i want 7 glod trophies to beat cheapers i cant get the gold trophies can any 1 help me ?

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