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  1. luigi says:

    I like Voltorb

  2. blaziken86 says:

    i meant to say i purified all with the relic stone except lugia, which i did purify in the chamber. I’ve been on other pages answering questions and posting tips for a while… im kind of getting bored with this… anyone else heard the rumors that theres going to be a sequel to xd? i heard this but it may not be true.

  3. Dr. Mario says:

    can you trade shadow pokemon to the gamboy to d/p

  4. Blaziken86 says:

    Oh, Iment to say that I purified 82 shadow pokemon with the relic stone. Tou cannot purify lugia with it. Oh, don’t expect me to regularly post comments, either.

  5. Blaziken86 says:

    People, I am new here. But I am perfectly qualified to answer questions. To name a few, I purified all shadow pokemon with the relic stone, beat the game three times, and Lovrina in ORRE COLOSSEUM. To my main point, to obtain a Johto starter after beating mount battle, you must clear it without changing the order of your party and without leving mount battle. However, you can save and turn off the power, then come back. Trust me. I did it.

  6. koolcat202 says:

    how do i beat the guy in that city with waterfalls on the roof do i need asp pokemon at a serten level TELL ME

  7. ned5555555555 says:

    This is one awesome game & I have played 11 hours in 3 days!

  8. Patouth says:

    How do you get Bonsly? And also, when I went to the place where I defeated Greevil, He was there saying the same things he said before and attacking me!!!

  9. Phantasy Star Zero155 says:

    I love the heart pounding XD001 battle.That’s all I have to say XD

    Chobin thinks this message is superb!

  10. Pokemonmaster14 says:

    Ok so, I have a gameboy advenced sp or something like that, it was the newer gameboy, can I use that to trade pokemon onto pokemon XD or do I need the Game Boy Advanced?

  11. XD001 says:

    how do you trade

  12. Treeckoman says:

    OK, everyone is saying that you can get one johto starter after you beat Mt.Battle! I have beat it twise! and still I don’t have any!

  13. cotelp new smarter version! says:

    poll best fire pokemon?


    answer on pokemon saphire page
    poll ends june 2nd

  14. super mario says:

    Poll: Who’s your favorite legendary beast?


    Post your answers on the Pokemon Platinum board. Poll ends April 13.

  15. King of Mario says:

    I beat the game & purified EVERY shadow pokemon including Lugia!

  16. King of Mario says:

    I accept your challenge cooldog!

  17. Pokemon4Ever says:

    Celebi is awesome! But what is the best pokemon?

  18. cool dog says:

    hey guys I have a zapdos and a moltres and a raticate and a Bronzor and a treecko and a meowth and a combee and a piplup. So who you whats to battle to me.

  19. arceus says:

    This looks cool and i should get thegame

  20. poke fun says:


  21. Alex pokemon master says:

    I know how to purify shadow lugia first max out all of the chambers in your purifrial chamber and set lugia in the middle of one of the chambers it really works!!!

  22. vapor dude says:

    how do u purify lugia

    • TC says:

      kk, U GUYS KNOW WHAT flow is, right? if u get to the screen, if u have a FULL white bar, (not the friendship pokemon one) it means u have max flow. Get max flow in all chambers, then put lugia in the first chamber. Then he will automatically purify.

  23. fofo123456789 says:

    I saw this one person who had a cheat for pokemon XD where you could get alot of master balls. does any one know how to do that.

  24. naruto0225 says:

    What do you do after you get XD001

  25. poke freak says:

    I hav
    a Vaporeon, lv 100… a Dragonite, lv 100… XD001, (Lugia), lv 100…
    a Dusclops, lv 100… an Amphoross, lv 100… and a Zaptos lv 100…


    • Spike says:

      If it’s level 100, it’s not XD001 anymore, it’s just a plain old lugia, shadow pokemon don’t gain levels.

  26. obi-one-kenobi says:

    this game was much easier then pkmn collessuem

  27. Dark Flygon says:

    I transfered Lugia onto by GBA after I purified it and then I transfered it onto Diamond. It rocks!

  28. pj says:

    to Purifymaster10 I beat MT.battle on Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was so easy!(OK,so I had the XD0001,it was Lugia,LV.100)It was a 1hit KO every time!

  29. RENGRADE says:

    how do you get a celabi and jirachi

    • Prof. Oak says:

      Celibi can be caught in an event like Give aways at GAMESTOP or ToysRUs Jirachi was given away with the Bonus Disc for Pokemon Colleseum when you preordered it.

  30. Cipher admin XD says:

    I like this game and I really wish they would make a sequal. Isn’t it strange that you begin with Eevee in this game, but in pokemon coluseum you begin with umbreon and espeon instead of Eevee?

  31. I remember my bro says:

    I remember my bro playing this game a long time ago…now i dont have a gamecube and i want 1 with
    Resident Evil 4
    Pokemon XD
    Pokemon Colosseum
    and maybe a madden game
    but i found a gamecube on ebay for $5.50 but of course it only had like 2 hours left and my mom didnt have but $0.43 on her card i was like srsly????

  32. LUGIA MASTER says:

    In case any1 is wundring how to purrify shado lugia its ez. all u hav 2 do is fill up the purriffy chamber with purrified pokemon and then set shado lugia. it shud purrify rit away.

  33. Infernape100 says:

    I do not have the game but i think it might be a fun game

  34. frost says:

    you get jouto starters

  35. cool says:

    this was a fun game

  36. pizzadudeguy says:

    you need to not purified lugia in less you don’t wan’t dragonknight

  37. Master Pokemon Trainer says:

    u hav 2 purify all shado pokemon and then miror b will show up with shado dragonite

  38. Master Pokemon Trainer says:

    Celibi is 2 rare and strong

  39. Master Pokemon Trainer says:

    tododile50, u hav 2 purify all of the shado pokemon b4 miror b will show up

  40. tododile50 says:

    i only hav 9 shadow pokemon left, but when the mirror b radar goes off i only see his to goons here it says b will be. WHAT DO I DO!

    • TC says:

      U have to go in to thwe place, and go through the colosium. He is near the end, u battle, he has 1 shadow per time u find him. Hes easy to beat.

  41. Master Pokemon Trainer says:

    What happens after u beat greevil and mt. battle?

  42. treeckoman says:

    O I ment to say I beat mt. battle

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