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  1. hhh says:

    how do u purify shadow lugia?

  2. Pokemaster says:

    Does anyone know how 2 get past the pyramid.I need some help

  3. BB Boy says:

    Lol almond head u cant get arceus in pokemon XD Thats in Pokemon Pearl And Diamond. I know this because i hav all the Pokemon Games and hav beaten then all

    Im a big Pokemon Finatic

  4. what ever ur mama says says:

    do i have purify all my pokemon so i can purfy lugia cuz i have 9 to purify

  5. piemaster says:

    can you catch that one mucnchlax?

  6. Black lugia says:

    I can’t belive I deleted Lugia’s earthquke for aeroblast.

  7. Black lugia says:

    I have all shadow pokemon in the game accept butterfree

  8. Black lugia says:

    THIS GAME IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. pokeydude96 says:

    Here’s how you purify Shadow lugia. First, you go to the purifiying chamber, and you set a purfect tempo, well actually a LOT of purfect tempos, like 9 purfect tempos. Then you just set him in there and wait. For those of you who are saying, WHAT THE HECK IS A TEMPO!!! I JUST USE THE ROCK THINGY THAT IS LOCATED WITH ALL THE WRINKLED OLD DUDES IN AGATE VILLAGE!!!!! The rock will not work, I tried massaging it and battling it, that does not lower it’s heart gage. So, any way, how you make a tempo is you take your pokemon that are in your pc box and you put them in order in the circle, like water fire over the green tipe (forgive my but i do not remember what they are called, there is water, fire and ???) and so on so that each pokemon has a pokemon below it that it can easyly beat.

  10. babie gurl says:

    answer back pleaze!

  11. babie gurl says:

    where can you find his sister i can’t find her?!

  12. aggron says:

    to: jack how to get lugia

  13. Pokemaster says:

    Dear nat,Do U know that level after outskirt stand?Ya well may I have some hints on it plese.Thanks.

  14. himet says:

    beat the mt battle 3 times and each time u get a johto starter

  15. Quarter says:

    How do you purify Articuno,Zapados and Moltress

  16. jomama says:


  17. Itachi says:

    how can you trade pokemon from XD to FR/LG or R/S i really need to know so i can pal park them

  18. Almond Head says:

    how do you get ho-oh, celebie, jarachi, and Arceus in pokemon XD?

  19. pokeman150 says:

    to cure the shadow lugia you have to get the tempo up in every chamber and then you got to put shadow lugia in the first and it will say that something seems different with shadow lugia… i think. then you purify it and bam! you got lugia in orrigonal colors it knows earthquake, fether dance, psycho boost, and hydro pump. and lance about arceus…DUHHHHHHHHHHHH!

  20. Tono says:

    To jack can you cure shadow lugia??

  21. Anonymous says:

    how do you get shodow jirachi in XD?

  22. Randino says:

    Arceus is God

  23. Neb says:

    I need a pokemon xd gale of darkness walkthrough.Do you know how to get one?

  24. Jolt4000 says:

    to much bragging!

  25. Legendary Master says: says:

    I want a ho-oh,does any want to trade for my legendary collection, a Jarachi maybe.

  26. the starl says:

    hi!!!! does anyone knows how i can find celebi in firered pokemon version?

  27. badboybri says:

    where do u get celebie in xd?

  28. Dialga says:

    how do you trade emerald pokemon for xd pokemon ?

  29. Lance says:

    Arceus is better than lugia,mew,mewtwo? Logicaly it must be much more powerfull as it is the GOD of the pokemon!!!!

  30. Jack says:

    Hey!you guys!I can help!I got Lugia!

  31. Anonymous says:

    where do i go to trade from xd and fire


  32. po says:

    citadark isle is tough

  33. HO-OH SAYS says:

    look to the past and fortune shall be yours young lads

  34. ET Poke-master says:


  35. game freak says:

    steel master yes you can

  36. game freak says:

    i got one also (xd)

  37. game freak says:

    hey nat that is true

  38. Jacko says:

    To Mario,

    No, you just have to beat the game.

  39. Jacko says:

    Where’s the guy who lets you borow a celebi!?

  40. Jacko says:

    First, you and your friend have to beat your games to trade.

  41. Steel Master says:

    Can I Still Trade Pokemon If I Have 1 Memory Card,A Gameboy Advance SP,A Madcatz Cable,And A Pokemon Emerald GamePak?

  42. Mario says:

    Why Won’t They Let Me Trade Pokemon I Have Everything?

  43. Mario says:

    Can U Use A Madcatz Cable To Trade Pokemon?

  44. Mario says:

    Do U Need 2 Memory Cards To Trade From Pokemon Emerald?

  45. Diamond master says:

    COME ON!


    someone lets u borrow togepi…..

  46. h-b says:

    is that the next pokemon game

  47. Pokemon3000 says:

    -nat who sat there and let you borrow his Celebi and what place was it.

  48. Gamer says:

    This game is awesome and even after you beat the game it’s fun!

  49. ed says:

    i realy want it

  50. nat says:

    is pretty silly because some dude lets u ‘borrow’ his celebi….i mean come oonnnnnnnnnnnnnn who would return a celebi?

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