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  1. Elite Four says:

    I need help to make my Lv.50 shadow pokemon to be purfiered.Games guru Please put this on you questions!

  2. YAY! says:

    I caught Shadow lugia!

  3. Snagger problems says:

    I can’t get shadow lugia to be white and blue lugia!Can you help me!

  4. report to jonjon says:

    Jonjon an easier way to catch Shadow Lugia is too use your master ball!Thats how I caught Lugia.

  5. Legendary snager says:

    I snagged Lugia,Moltres,Articuno,and Zapdos.!!!YAY!!!!! :)

  6. jonjon says:

    how do i get lugia easier

  7. XD says:

    to people who don’t know how to find the guy’s sister go to the room that has the book hide and go seek there you will a person under a table somewhere in the room. press the A button at him and you can problably do the rest.

  8. XD says:

    THE GAME is AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!! Its worth getting! even if it does cost about $20 TO 30 dollars.

  9. Artie says:

    I captured shadow lugia with a master ball and caught moltres with a premier ball,I even caught zaptos with a poke ball,and I caught articuno with an ultra ball!I caught some of the legendary pokemon!:)

  10. Draco says:

    To ridder333, All I can suggest is to have a powerful team. You don’t have to snag the other pokemon in master greevil’s team right away. you can faint them and battle him again later to snag them then.(nobody on here who has a Wii knows anything about a Wii not letting go of Gamecube memory cards do they?)

  11. Ice Lover says:

    I have each and every trio pokemon

  12. Anonymous says:

    is their anything i’m sopose to do after i beat the game

  13. ridder33 says:


  14. ereore13 says:

    my stupid gc erased my game so now i have to start over!!!!!:(

  15. the snagger says:

    my emerald team rules!!!!! i have all three super-anctient ledgendaries at lv 100!!!! i can beat anyone!!!!!!!!!

  16. only one says:

    I HAVE NEVER HEARD OF THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. HUH??? says:

    I have never heard of this game???

  18. Das Bang 2 says:

    To poke master:

    Use up all the boxes (correctly) in the Purification machine

    Lugia in #9 box

  19. pokeaddict 101 says:

    I caught lugia witha pokeball

  20. pokeaddict 101 says:

    I caught lugia witha ultra ball and i had to use a masterball to catch artacuno

  21. poke master says:

    How do you purrify the shadow lugia

  22. gary12 says:

    what other legendary pokemon do u catch besides shadow lugia?????

  23. Chose Bulbasuar says:

    To Get To Pirate Town You Have To Go To The Other Exit;)

  24. Chose Bulbasuar says:

    I love This Game!!!!!!! :)

  25. ethster says:

    To wako dude

    How do you get the ditto???????????

  26. Lv.100 Mew says:

    I use the Master Ball on Lugia and use Timer Balls and Ultra Balls on the Legendary Birds and Dragonite is easy-just use about 10 Ultra Balls.

  27. ******* says:

    but, mewrules, colloseum, diamond & pearl r better (i dont know about colloseum cause i dont got it but i will)

  28. absolrules says:

    this game is awsome.i love to play it.

  29. mewrules says:

    Fireblast, this game costs around $30.00 if you want it brand new or unopened.

  30. the snagger says:

    the snag machine looks wierd :-p

  31. fireblast says:

    how much does it cost?

  32. mewrules says:

    Yes, this game is totally worth the money, hi.

  33. hi says:

    is this game worth getting :?:

  34. davis says:

    to turn shdow lugia to good you have to make 9 perfect circle in the chamber,then you put shadow lugia inthe first perfect circle,and somethig will happem to lugia,then you can purify shdow lugia in the chamber(you cant purify lugia by using relic stone)

  35. davis says:

    to get shadow lugia,you have to fight final boss(the grand master of cipher)catch it then you can also catch zapdos,articuno and moltres.

  36. riolu says:

    is this game good ? i have never heard of this one :(

  37. cubscout says:

    I think Munchlax is a shadow pokemon.

  38. Pokemonmaster says:

    To catch Dragonite, you catch/purify all shadow pokemon. Then your Mirror B. radar will start to act up. Go to the Water city (Not Phenic, the one with the docks and stuff I forget it’s name) Go to the Light house and be ready to catch the last shadow pokemon. Dragonite.

  39. 123456789 says:

    how do you get to lugia.i really want him.

  40. Aldrin says:

    how do you turn shadow lugia good

  41. Wood Man Pwns You! says:

    The coolest shadow pokemon is Hitmonchan, Hitmonchan is my all-time favorite Pokemon.

  42. Aldrin says:


  43. POkemaster says:

    hey i need help on the part when u have to save the pokemon with the cryanalyzer can anybody help me please.

  44. aaaaa says:

    i accidentally deleted my lv:87 lugia :(

  45. Wackodude says:

    if you get a Ditto, keep it. it is very valuable.

  46. ereore13 says:


  47. Riolu and Lucario! says:

    i dont think you can catch a MUNCHLAX thats not in the wild…

  48. Riolu and Lucario! says:

    ive almost beat the game.ive been EVERYWHERE!!!i think…so if you need help in a place…just ask me.

  49. Riolu and Lucario! says:

    people are saying you can borrow celebi…is this true?i highly doubt it but…it could be possible…what am i saying! no one would let you borrow a celebi!!!…would they…?

  50. Riolu and Lucario! says:

    to purify SHADOW LUGIA you must have the purify chamber running on full…every single slot!

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