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Pokemon XD

How do you trade Pokemon from XD to LeafGreen?

Games Guru: You need the Game Boy Advance link cable. Do you have the cable for connecting your GBA to your GameCube?

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10 Comments on Pokemon XD

  1. how do you get shodow jirachi in XD?

  2. Arceus is God

  3. I need a pokemon xd gale of darkness walkthrough.Do you know how to get one?

  4. to much bragging!

  5. Legendary Master says: // June 18, 2007 at 8:16 pm // Reply

    I want a ho-oh,does any want to trade for my legendary collection, a Jarachi maybe.

  6. hi!!!! does anyone knows how i can find celebi in firered pokemon version?

  7. where do u get celebie in xd?

  8. how do you trade emerald pokemon for xd pokemon ?

  9. Arceus is better than lugia,mew,mewtwo? Logicaly it must be much more powerfull as it is the GOD of the pokemon!!!!

  10. Hey!you guys!I can help!I got Lugia!

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