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The Sims: Busting Out

Comments about “The Sims: Busting Out”

  1. J-dogg says:

    i have it on gba(gameboy advance)

  2. 7t88o says:

    i love it

  3. Rexxy09 says:

    I want to play that

  4. Funny thing is: says:

    Umm… it’s okay, I guess. XD

  5. rioproo says:

    its a gr8 game i play it over and over again!!

  6. Paddy says:

    I think its better then the other sims games

  7. IceCream says:

    I know where th Haunted House is and i have the urn and I’ve picked the lock but it’s still not opening. how do i pick the lock, and if i have the wrong lock where is the rusty lock?

    Please help.

  8. Cold says:

    this is a great game. i love playing it

  9. deskita says:

    i got it done for my bro

  10. HO says:


  11. coa coa says:

    i love the sims game i will like to play it is a nice game could i play it

  12. iambored says:

    i went away on a ship its a really borin game

  13. Darkboy says:

    :) i never played it what’s it like :(

  14. Cheaterbugs says:

    I completed the game too -.- but so lame . u get into the rocket then blast off . I completed 2 times by far

  15. abba zabba says:

    nice game, I’ve completed it like 3 times

  16. Q- MAN says:

    It’s a cool game.

  17. sim says:

    my brother beat the game

  18. legendarysrk4eva says:

    easiest game.

  19. runescape says:

    this is the best game over dudes

  20. boss says:

    this is the gme, nothin can compete

  21. gabzt says:

    thats the sweetezt gam ever

  22. hbk says:

    make it more action of driving

  23. ace says:

    hey ashley hows it pop’n

  24. ace says:

    it looks like a prty cool game u knw what i’m talk’n bout?

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