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Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes

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  1. Like A Boss says:

    there are other Lego Batman codes:

  2. jake says:

    Tour game is so cool but can you mske more light please?

  3. Batman says:

    Do you know any more codes?

  4. the BOSS says:

    LEGO BATMAN 3 is coming out

  5. coolsheldon says:

    BoysLife, can you please get some cheatcodes that unlock people. :)

  6. batman lover says:

    I’d gotten all the cheats on the first lego batman before my bros killed our wii

  7. =) says:

    The codes above are only for the DS except for the last one.
    X2 Studs is 74EZUT.

  8. sith man2 says:

    I love this game it is AWESOME!!!

  9. Awesome dude says:

    My dad gets me codes when ever I get new games.

  10. geek kid says:

    dose anyone have codes for stud multiplier?

    • 123321 says:

      4X Stud Multiplier: EY2B5C
      6X Stud Multiplier: HYF2B7
      8X Stud Multiplier: 4H9HQE
      10X Stud Multiplier: A92HDW
      Attract Studs: MNZER6

  11. Damien says:

    Like this article and your website

  12. pete says:

    how do you get to the next level.

  13. TornadicGamer77 says:

    Thanks so much you helped me so much! I had everything until my brother deleted my file that took forever to build up and I had to go to cheats so thanks

  14. Rock Star627 says:

    I LOVE THIS GAME! One of the best Lego games of all time (In my opinion). Right up there with Lego Star Wars III and Lego Marvel Super Heroes. The only character I need in Lego Batman 2 (excluding DLC packs) is Supergirl. To unlock you need to collect all of the gold bricks, whether the are given to you by citizens in peril, True Hero(s), or just from missions found throughout Gotham City.

  15. Awesome dude says:

    I don’t know but on the first Lego Batman game I have a list of codes.

  16. bluestar2 says:

    This game is awesome.

  17. sniper says:

    Are there any cheat codes in the game?

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