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Lego Marvel Super Heroes

How do complete the Multi-Challenge for the final Dr. Octopus fight for the 3DS? It is hard not to lose less than three hearts of health.

Games Guru: The hardest part about this is the timer. Time always weighed on my mind when I played. Try killing two or three enemies at a time to win. Mostly though, this is something you have to do over and over and over to win. The bragging rights are cool, but you have to decide if it’s worth your time.

Do you know any stud multipliers for LEGO Marvel Super Heroes? There are a lot of heroes I need to complete the game 100%, and I don’t have many studs.

Games Guru: This might work: Head to the extras menu. Type this code: UZFBG4. It’ll give you two times the bricks. (It’s called farming, by the way.) And here’s a video for a four times multiplier:

I cannot find Mr. Fantastic (Future Foundation) in LMSH. It’s the last thing I need to get 100 percent, besides some unknown vehicle. How do I get him? He doesn’t show up on the map! Please HELP!

Games Guru: Near the waterfront south of the X Mansion, talk to the Ghost Rider. Then, beat him in a rematch race to unlock Mr. Fantastic (FF). It’s pretty easy because he crashes a lot and you can cut him off with your vehicle, too.

Comments about “Lego Marvel Super Heroes”

  1. rubix cube says:

    my friends and I found a glitch and you can get to the other side of the blocked bridge

  2. MJthewolf says:

    I’ve gotten 100%. Ask. Me. ANYTHING.

  3. deadpool says:

    i’ve got deadpool stan da’ man and silver surfer

  4. natgamer23 says:


  5. gill grunt says:

    i already have him

  6. herofactoryfan521 says:

    i got all the bonus missons done but i dont have all the bricks bought yet my brother got this brick that makes all the people small it is realy annoying dont bie it

    • Rock Star627 says:

      Did he use a cheat code? If so, please ask him what the code was and tell me. I’d like to see all the tiny lego people!

  7. Kaden says:

    I love this game

  8. nothing says:

    glitch:” go to the helacarrier in the main part go to the level replay place just stand there [you need a flying character to stand at the level replay place and a freezing character to freeze the flying character]. You will turn into a icecube and sink through the helacarrier when you sink through keep pressing the a button on your controller until the icecube breaks then fly upwards and you will see you fell through the world ps; awesome glitch

  9. the BOSS says:

    is the ds version good

  10. the BOSS says:

    is this game worth 40$ plz reply and thx

  11. SilverSurfer222 says:

    This game is fun, but my word, is it GLITCHY.

  12. wolverine2234 says:

    I have the DS version and I have no idea how to get a villian

  13. Fanofthefantasticfour says:

    I have the DS version and I have no idea how to get a villian

  14. LEGO-las says:

    The first character I unlocked with Telekinesis was Jean Grey, who you unlock for free in the X-mansion. Other examples of telekinetic characters are Mandarin and Galactus

  15. tigertooth says:

    hulk is awsome

  16. crafter76 says:

    I cant find a character with a telekinesis power where can I get one?

  17. Josh says:

    . If I could choose a favorite superhero it would be Spiderman

  18. Steve says:

    I have no idea how ither.

  19. swathedtomb85 says:

    Can you tell me the code for Deadpool’s room, some other codes for characters, and the times ten stud code? I’ll take any of them! I’ve been trying to find them on the internet but they usually end up being fakes!

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