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Super Mario 64

How do you go up the endless flight of stairs?

Games Guru: I’ll just tell you about the stairs, a really annoying level. There are two ways.
1) You need 80 power stars or the stairs really will be endless.
2) You can have Mario do a backward long jump (but that only works in the N64 and Virtual Console versions).

Where are the castle’s 30 Secret Stars? I only need one more, and I need to know where all of them are, so I can figure out which one I missed.

Games Guru: That’s would take a lot more space than we have here. But I’ll tell you how to find the last three stars. Find the Mushroom People and talk to them. They’ll give you stars. There’s one near the entrance to the Hazy Maze Course; one on the floor near the painting leading to Tall, Tall Mountain; and one on floor three just to the right of the big clock.

How do you get past Big Boo’s balcony?

Games Guru: First, don’t fall off the balcony, or you have to start the level again. Get behind Big Boo and give him a good punch three times. When the star leaves him, your goal is to jump up and grab it. See the rooftop that’s protruding on your right? You have to perform a running jump to get on it. Once you do, press and hold the Z button and crawl across the roof. You’ll find an exclamation mark block with the star on it. Grab that sucker and enjoy the rest of one of the great Mario games.

How do you get Waluigi?

Games Guru: Most people, like me, think that Waluigi isn’t in the game. In fact, it’s probably a big, fat hoax. There are some very difficult hoops you have to run through to get Waluigi, and even if you do these tasks, you probably won’t get him. But I’m willing to be convinced. Readers, have you ever unlocked Waluigi in the DS version of Super Mario 64? If so, tell us how you did it.

What do I do when I get the eel out of the hole? When I did it the hole was closed.

Games Guru: If you swim in front of the eel, crossing the hole from a few feet away, the eel will get mad and swim out. He is not particularly mean; you swim past the hole a few times and he will come out without going after you, then you swim in. Also, FYI, he has a star on his tail. If you can touch it, you get an easy star.

Where does the key go after you beat Bowser the first time?

Games Guru: Head down the stairs and into the lower level, and you should see a Boo ghost. (Did you know that Boos are known as Teresa ghosts in Japan? I asked Shigeru Miyamoto about that, and he told me that the Japanese word “Teresu” means “shy.”) Follow that Boo! It will lead you into an outdoor courtyard where you can find the hidden entrance to the next big world.

Where is the red box that unlocks the caps?

Games Guru: For the winged cap, you head to the entry hall of the castle and stare into the mural of the sky on the ceiling. If you have 12 stars or more, you will be transported into that sky. There you will find the box which activates the winged cap. There are other switches for the metal and invisibility caps.

All my friends say there is a Rainbow Bowser. If there is one, please tell me where he is.

Games Guru: I think they are referring to the Bowser Mario fights in the final battle of the game.

How do you beat the third and final Bowser? I tried over 100 times! Do you have an easier way than the regular way to beat him?

Games Guru: You always beat Bowser the same way in this game: You grab his tail, swing him around and toss him at the bombs along the edge of the platform. The problem is that this time he can send shockwaves (jump them), rain fire (dodge it and pick up the coins for renewed health), and break off parts of the platform (don’t fall off). That’s the bad news. The good news is there’s a 1UP hidden behind the pillar on the last platform before you enter the pipe and fight Bowser—and there will be a new 1UP in that same spot every time Bowser beats you and you start again on that very platform. In short, you’ll never run out of Marios for this final battle!

How can you get to Snowman’s Land?

Games Guru: Once you beat Bowser in his Fire in the Sea arena, you will find a key to open the second floor of the castle. You’ll find the portal to Snowman’s Land on the second floor.

In Tall Tall Mountain, how can I get into the monkey cage?

Games Guru: Zoinks! You pretty much need to get to the top of the mountain to get in the cage. Climb the mountain, jump the gaps, scale the platforms. If you’ve been to the top of the mountain before, this should all be review. The monkey awaits you for a race at the top.

How can I get the eight red coins in Cool Cool Mountain?

Games Guru: This quest can only be done by Yoshi. Try swallowing some fire and melting some ice…who knows what opening you may find?

How do you beat Mr. I in Big Boo’s Haunt, and how do you beat the Quest Mario’s Super Wall Kick in Cool Cool Mountain?

Games Guru: To beat Mr. I, run around him very quickly. He will get dizzy and go away. As for beating Super Wall Kick, this is a challenge. You need to ride the gondola up to a platform where you will find a Bob-omb Buddy who will open the cannon at the base of the mountain. Once the cannon is open, ride the gondola back down and hop in the cannon. When you aim, you will see a lone tree beside a mountain. Fire yourself at the distant tree for a safe landing. You will find a gap in the face of the mountain that can only be climbed using the wall kick. Near the top of that gap, you will find the star you seek.

Where do you find all the castle’s secret stars?

Games Guru: Since 30 stars are hidden in Princess Peach’s castle, I’ll just tell you about two of the coolest:

  • Have you found Princess Peach’s secret slide in the main hall? If so, you probably know you get a star for completing the slide—it’s waiting for you in the box at the base. You can receive a second star for completing the slide in 21 seconds.
  • In the mirror room where you find the Wario painting, you can walk through the mirror if you go as Luigi and turn yourself invisible. You will find a star behind the mirror.

How do you find the red switch?

Games Guru: There is a red switch in the level where Mario gets his flying cap. If you have 10 stars, go to the entryway of the castle, look into the mural of a sky on the ceiling and hit your X button. Once you are in, fly to the top of the tower and you’ll find a red switch.

How do you get to Big Boo’s balcony?

Games Guru: O.K., I’m assuming we’re talking about Super Mario 64 and that you’ve defeated Big Boo and now wish to claim your star. No problem. If we’re on the same page, the platform in the middle of the room will turn into a staircase the moment you beat Big Boo. Those stairs will take you right to your star.

O all-knowing Games Guru, how do you get Luigi?

Games Guru: You will need to complete the Big Boo Challenge in Big Boo’s Haunt. Once you have eight stars, you can enter the Haunt, then earn one star in the Haunt to reveal stairs leading to a painting of Luigi. Enter the painting, compete the challenge, and Luigi is yours.

Comments about “Super Mario 64”

  1. winner68 says:

    All of you guys make the DS version sound so fun I think I will buy a DS and the game.

  2. winner68 says:

    It is impossible to get luigi on super mario 64 on Nintendo 64 you can only do it with the DS version.

  3. Smartdude404 says:

    I’ve completed the whole game in DS version. Any questions? Ask me!!!!!! ☆

  4. waluigi 2nd says:

    if you stare at the luigi picher it l tern in to the waluigi picher

  5. Gamemaster says:

    That’s right. The gamemaster is now awnsering questions about Super Mario 64! See ya around!

  6. mario rocks says:

    how do you get all the cheats like:
    moon jump
    different collored mario
    invulnerability codes
    please tell me!

    • pokemon409 says:

      if your talking about the ds version, u go into the big boo course as mario. go to the room on the right and hit the ? box. float up to the next platform and enter the next room. that room will have the luigi painting

  7. co says:

    can you help games guru find luigi

  8. pokemon409 says:

    how do you get to big boo’s balcony? I saw the balcony, but i cant get to it.

  9. co says:

    i really need help finding luigi on n64 were is his picture

  10. co says:

    how to win luigi in super mario 64

  11. Luigi man says:

    I think that you will be able to unlock luigi in super Mario 64 by playing in any lava world and finding a secret entrance

  12. mario 64 says:

    hey guys i have all 120 stars but somebody has 121? where is the that star for the n64?

    • mariomaster says:

      to mario 64 you get in a cannon at the front of peaches castle. there you shoot up to the top of the castle and find yoshi. He will give you the last star. FYI if you come back every day after that he will give you 99 lives!

  13. Nick64 says:

    It is the best game EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Waluigi says:

    This is a question for Shadow. How do you get Waluigi in Super Mario 64 DS? I NEED HELP REALLY BAD!

  15. Who is he? says:

    Who is Waluigi? I only know about Mario, Luigi, and Wario?

    • Platonus says:

      Waluigi is luigi’s “arch nemises” and if you do your research and check out some other games you can find him and actually play as him in some games. (not in sm64ds.)

  16. peachy says:

    my question is:where is the switch that makes all the ? blocks turn solid it’s driving me nuts!!!!!!

  17. Guest says:

    does anybody know a action replay code to get the secret stars?

  18. yoshi says:

    To mario:
    For the coin on the ceiling in Big Boo’s haunt, I prefer to use mario and the power flower. After navigation some rooms, you will find a ? box. Hit it as mario to get a power flower. He will turn into a balloon. Float to the coin.

    I am fairly sure that was how I got it.

  19. pokemon409 says:

    if anyone has bowsers inside story, plz help me on the part where you have to get the star cure from the catapillar.

    • peachy says:

      well its a little bit hard what I did after I got a game over I went to toadtown in Bowser and stocked up on items thats your anwser

    • Platonus says:

      I will see what i can do.

      • Platonus says:

        I did my research and found out the general strategy. just beat him up with special attacks while he is tiny and then repeatedly jump on the magic wand. if you need to know how too dodge some of the attacks then just comment on this page. (it works better.)

    • mario and luigi bowsers inside story says:

      YOU KNOW the bar that the caterpiller {wisdurm} has above it? when he is small wait till it gets really high then use your pow move and then you can destroy him even when the bar is full!

    • yoshi is awsomeful says:

      reply to pokemon409= jump on the wand

  20. raymie says:

    it was so cool i wat to get it

  21. mario says:

    how do you get the red coin by the seling on big boos hant

  22. mario 64 says:

    what button is the moon jump with the nintendo 64 controller

    • mariofanatic64 says:

      you can’t moon jump with a n64 controller. If you want to moon jump, it will involve hacking a pirated rom.

  23. Harry Potter Rocks says:

    I know a cool glitch for the ds version. Don’t worry. It won’t mess up your ds. Go to tall tall mountain as Luigi. pick any star but the first one. Then go to the tree with the owl and fly to the top. once you land go across and you’ll pass a grassy area where you can’t jump high. keep going across until you see the group of mushroom platforms on the touch screen. you will find 4 red coins on them. do Luigi’s special backwards float flip. float onto one of the mushrooms. One of the mushrooms will teleport you if you stand on it for a second. once you teleport you’ll find out that the mountain is flooded. There are 3 ways to lose the water. 1. if you jump out. 2. if you get to cloce to the beginning of the course. 3. if you fall into a wind spot. Enjoy the glitch!

  24. Harry Potter Rocks says:

    what does the sign say in the courtyard by all the boos?

    • peachy says:

      it says pssst! the boos are super shy if you look at them in the eyes they fade away they reappear when you turn your back so don’t let them sneak up on you it’s no use trying to hit them when there fadeing away

      • mariofanatic64 says:

        i think ‘Harry Potter Rocks’ meant the plaque under the star. It says ‘L is Real 2401′

  25. hogie says:

    i love mario its the funest

  26. murderman says:

    hey if anybody needs help iv finished the whole game i wonder has the GAMES GURU finished the game if he hasent reply to me if you need help finishing this awsome game tip: if you know were the princess peach picture is don’t be a fool JUMP IN!

  27. shadow says:

    Ask me anything!! You ready?? I even know how to unlock waligi!!!

  28. shadow says:

    I have betin the whole game i know every secret!!!!! Feel free to ask quistins I know every thing!!!!!!!

  29. Ice Cat says:

    How in the heck are you supposed to get the fourth star on the first course?

    • shadow says:

      If your talking about the flying one get mario and blast to the floating island get in the cannon herse
      the tricky part member those coin circles of coins? well aim directly in the miidle of the rings of coins and blast!! a number will appear for each middle coin you get. Enjoy!!

    • 5goldenrings says:

      You’re talking about the Big Bob-Omb’s Revenge. You can’t complete this with Yoshi(unless you put on a cap). You need any one of the other characters. Run around him a couple times (but not too close) then press A to pick him up. Don’t throw him near the edge or the throw won’t count.

  30. yellow yoshi is stohi says:

    If you lose on the vanish cap course (N64 and ds) you exit there.

  31. smartdude404 says:

    Hey, dudes! I’m back and I’ve beaten the game. I have 151 stars ( Thanks to my Action Replay which I didn’t use to beat the game ) . I will give away tips and Action Replay codes only for the DS version. Ask away!

  32. yoshi says:

    Yoshiman, to activate the secret switch in the DS game, you need to get a few stars, and there will be a light in the foyer of the castle. look into it (as mario, since the other 3 just fall to the bottom) and fly to the platform at the bottom. Then, step on the red switch. You can also get a star here if you collect the 8 red coins.

  33. yoshi says:

    If anyone needs help with this game, I probably will be able to help.

  34. yoshiman says:

    where is the secret switch for th ds version

  35. stickman says:

    to get waluigi you need to have luigi in the castle there is a room with a gaint mirror there is flower power use it go through the mirror then there is a photo of him go through it win the level and then you get him and when you are in the mirror adventure in the mirror you can find something very usefull


    fun my aunt has it

  37. Gongon says:

    oh great Games Guru, how do you get Toad in SM64 DS?

  38. Dooku says:

    (64 version)Red switch:Once you have 10 stars look up once you enter the castle. Blue switch:Drop the water and enter the hole to enter “Vanish cap under the moat”. Green switch:Head underground in Hazy Maze Cave and head straight. Enter the purple pool to access “Behind the waterfall.
    I don’t have the 64 version,but at least I know how to get to the cap switches.

  39. Birdboy says:

    i am an ameteur but where do u go on the bomom level?

  40. smartdude404 says:

    Hello.This is smartdude404’s answering machine. If you have a question about Super Mario 64 DS, please answer after the beep.


    • pokemon409 says:

      what the heck is the mirror room for?

      • smartdude404 says:

        Again, tell me if you have the DS version or not. If not, I can’t help you.

      • smartdude404 says:

        OK pokemon409. I’m assuming you have the DS version, but if you don’t, ignore this. The mirror room has an invisible painting on the left wall. When you go there as Luigi, grab a Power Flower, go through the mirror, and go out the door. You will be in a blank room – with a secret star! Remember that Luigi painting? Well, when you go in the mirror and jump in the painting, it’s actually Wario’s! That is all the mirror room is for.

      • 5goldenrings says:

        For Pokemon409: The mirror room is where you enter Snowman’s Land (The blank wall on the left). Also, if you are Luigi, there are two Power Flowers on the pillars. Grab one of them, and you can go through the mirror. You can enter the Wario painting and try to rescue him, or you can get a Secret Star by going through the door in the mirror. You will be in a blank white room, and there will be a Star.

      • thewinner! says:

        Get Luigi then get a Power Flower and go through the mirror and if you go through the door there’s a secret star.

      • superyoshi says:

        Well, you can unlock Wario in there…

    • ds master says:

      in the ds version how do you activate the red ? blocks

    • shadow says:

      HA!HA!HA! Looks Like were competing smartdude404!!!!! By the way, its a freindly compitishon.

  41. nin*gorin says:

    To pokemon409: That hole is the exit for the vanish cap course. To get to the vanish cap course, you go down the stairs, go right(as in right and left)through the curved hallway, go right again, then go right and find the doorway without the star on it. Go through the door, under the water, swim back out on the other side, ground pound on both pillars and the water will drain. Go through the door that was coverd with water, walk along the path, jump into the empty ring around the castle that was a moat, and you will find another hole. That is the hole to the vanish cap course.


    this is the best game for n64

  43. fr rf says:

    Actualy, I figured it out you get the room w/ luigi, mirrior, luigi/wario painting. pLAY IT

  44. fr rf says:

    How do you unlock Wario ?

  45. yayo says:

    You can’t get Waluigi. It was just Nintendo Power’s April Fools Day joke. The Eternal Star is a board in Mario Party.

  46. dragonx says:

    it is a secret star
    you need wario to punch it open

  47. smartdude404 says:

    Who needs to know how to get Wario?

    • pokemon409 says:

      ooooh! i do! i do! i do! i do! i do! i do!

      • smartdude404 says:


        When you go to the mirror room as Luigi,grab a Power Flower, go through the mirror, and go out the door. You will be in a blank room with a secret star. Remember that Luigi painting? Well, when you go in the mirror and jump in the painting, it’s actually Wario’s.

  48. smartdude404 says:

    Who needs to know how to ge Wario?

  49. pokemon409 says:

    Im not joking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I. Dont. See. Luigi. Anywhere!

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