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Pokemon Diamond and Pearl

I can’t get the poke radar to work. I already have the national dex and whenever I try to use the radar, it always says (Professor Rowan’s words echoed) “There’s a time and place for everything, but not now.”

Games Guru: It only works when you are standing in the kind of tall grass where Pokemon like to hide.

Can you give me directions through Stark Mountain?

Games Guru: Stark Mountain is just too large for me to give a walkthrough. Sorry.

Is there really a Stareon and a star stone?

Games Guru: I have run across Staryus, Omastars and Staraptors, but no Stareons or star stones. Sorry.

Can you tell me how to use the Pokemon radar? I clicked on it with my stilus and I went into the light green grass for Pokemon, but nothing shows up. HEEELLLP!!!!!

Games Guru: You are going to need the National Pokedex before your radar works. You will know you have it when you see a meeting between Professor Oak (the professor in many earlier Pokemon games) and Professor Rowan.

How do you get through Victory Road?

Games Guru: You are not the first to ask this question. I am not going to give you step-by-step directions, but I will give you clues.

You will need a mixture of your toughest Pokemon and what I call “Traveling Pokemon.” These are monsters trained with moves for traveling that may not be so good in fights. They include strength, rock smash, surf, waterfall, cut and rock climb.

Victory Road is a great place to catch wild Pokemon, though I generally prefer to make it all the way through, then go back in to catch wild Pokemon such as Steelix, Onix, Graveler, Golbat and Machop. You will have plenty of fights even without battling wild Pokemon. The place is crawling with trainers.

To avoid unnecessary fights, give the Cleanse Tag to one of your Pokemon and take plenty of Max Repel.

You are going to want to rock climb every rock climbing trail, push every moveable boulder, swim up every lake and waterfall, etc. I think you will find that this Victory Road is actually shorter and easier than some past ones.

One last hint: At the end of the road, you will come to an exit blocked by a guy who tells you something about the world getting bigger. Do not waste your time with him. Go back a few paces and you will see a rock climb. Scale it and you will reach the end of the road–or at least the end of the cave.

Can you trade Pokemon from Emerald to Pokemon Diamond?

Games Guru: Yup! Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, FireRed and LeafGreen are all Diamond and Pearl-compatible. Just plug your cartridges into the Game Boy slot on your DS.


Comments about “Pokemon Diamond and Pearl”

  1. gastrodon9999 says:

    to trade stuff from the bottom cartrige do you half to do somthing first or not?

  2. DARKRAI47 says:

    Hey everyone, I have a friend that says that he can beat anyone in a pokemon battle! He really can! His name is Darkrainer, and his signature pokemon is Darkrai. the only pokemon that I know he has is a Darkrai that he named Darkrai-N. I don’t know why he named it that.If I see him tomorrow , I’ll tell him to get on this site and talk to all of you guys.

  3. pokemon genius says:

    DARHRAI47, have you made a game?

  4. pokemon genius says:

    AnimeAddict, thats happened to me, then i saw a mew and then the mew turned into squiggly lines then my ds made a funny noise and my guy automatically went back up to the surface and then a thing popped up and said i was in benco city and that my guy would explode. then my game started over. i turned off my ds and back on and i was in the underground then the squiggly lines went away and my game was back to normal. the wierdest part was before all that happened i was digging and ii found a lumpy crystal and then the wall collapsed and it said i found a glitch stone, a size 11 red sphere, and a size 1 blue sphere. i think it made my game glitch, or else that would not have whatever you do, DON’T dig in the part that is following you, or else that might happen. But i still cannot explain what happened excactly because it was very unexpected and i was very nervous.

  5. AnimeAddict says:

    Underground Q.

    When I go to the Underground I make it a point to clear every yellow spot on the map. What puzzles me is often there will be on left, yet there is nothing left to dig up. One that wont go away, but seems to appear, dissappear, then appear again. Like its following me. What is this thing?

  6. drew says:

    i like pokemon!

  7. pokemon genius says:

    Weavile, do you know the code to get a lv.999 deoxys? I can tell you.

  8. pokemon genius says:

    you should get a palkia, they rock!

  9. GROUDON says:


  10. dragongairgirl says:

    how comes Peale has the best pokemon

  11. dragongairgirl says:

    hey guys please rate my team

    INFERNAPE lv.99

    LUCARIO lv. 68

    HO HO lv 100

    DIGLA lv 80

    NINETAILS lv 90

    DRAGONITE lv 70

  12. dragongairgirl says:

    thanks guys I have charmander now

  13. PKMDiamondmaster says:

    Hey guys im bak. wow it has been along time since i have been here. i have a new team of lv.100’s. they r:







  14. Black lugia says:

    thanks guys I have a charmander now.

    do you have do the same to get vulptix

  15. pokemon genius says:

    Hey, check out my new IMPROVED team thats almost impossible to beat.(all lv.100) Kyogre, ice beam, hydro pump,sheer cold,double- edge Palkia water pulse, earthpower,dracometeor, spacial rend. Gappler,spikes, avalanche,machpunch,doublle team. Raikou, thunderbolt, shock wave,extremespeed,water pulse. Perinum, peridot blast,earth fire,earthquake,mystery move. Turquan, water pulse, shine beam,blizzard, psycic. i didn’t use any hacks!

  16. pokemon genius says:

    Do you mean you don’t have all the plans?

  17. destroyer says:

    please rate my team:

    Torterra lvl 87

    earthquake, crunch, wood hammer, leaf storm

    Heatran lvl 76

    fire blast, earth power, flamethrower, iron head

    Giratina lvl 72

    shadow force, thunder, earth power, slash

    (shiny)Gyarados lvl 99

    rain dance, hydro pump, thunder, hyper beam

    if you have any suggestions for my last pokemon or any move i should change please post it

  18. Weavile says:

    PS including the ??? arceus code

  19. Weavile says:

    P.S. including the ??? arceus code

  20. Weavile says:

    if you all needed AR codes or walkthroughs for the game, you should have asked me, i know almost everything about diamond and pearl, and i have quite a lot of AR codes

  21. Legendarysrk4eva says:

    Pkmn genius you are welcome

    I prob. wont be on for a while because unfortunally I caught the flu in school. darn

  22. pokemon genius says:

    legandarysrk4eva, I think i might do that. It’s a good idea. Thanks.

  23. DARKRAI47 says:

    We’re not making the game yet, pokemon genious.

  24. novice says:

    can you give me an action replay for getting the starters

  25. bob says:

    does anyone know how to get shiny pokemon in diamond?

  26. ironman says:

    rate my party:

    lucario lv: 70

    abamasnow lv: 70

    empoleon lv: 70

    gallade lv: 70

    charizard lv: 70

    palkia lv:70

  27. legendarysrk4eva says:

    Pkmn Genius i no im not darkrai but can i suggest a pkmn that looks like an eveloution of the pokemon remoraid i 4got the name. It has the ability of weather change and it is like arceus. For instance when the pokemon is in sunny weather then all its moves are fire or solarbeam. I would apperate that very much because i am greatful that they’re hackers out there and they’re proud. – ~@^@~

    _ __

  28. Pokerus says:

    Dragonnairgirl – Yes, you can get charmander, but only if you transfer it from one of the GBA games.

  29. pokemon genius says:

    yes, but you have to migrate or hack to get one.

  30. dragonnairgirl says:

    can you get charmander on pokemon diamond

  31. pokemon genius says:

    AnimeAddict, i don’t think its a glitch, because i saw the little girl in the bedrooms, and there is a rumor people see an old man in the kitchen and in the bedrooms you can find the girl.

  32. speed says:

    so what legend

  33. i am legend says:

    where do you catch arcaenus please im reallly reallly desperate

  34. novice trainer says:

    How do you catch Arucues please, please tell me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. pokemon genius says:

    DARKRAI47, if you have ideas for new pokemon, you can help me make my new pokemon game with all the mysterious guys everyone’s asking me about ( the Mentis pokemon) and then you might be able to find out from me some more about them. ( i read your comment on page 209)

  36. AnimeAddict says:

    Never mind, I went back in and he was there. Sorry.

  37. K says:

    To get Umbreon or Espeon, attach the Soothe Bell on Eevee and and get on your bicycle and max out it’s Happiness and, for Umbreon level it up at night, and for Espeon level it up at day (to check it’s happiness look at the Happiness Checker on your Poketch

  38. AnimeAddict says:

    Chateau, was it a glitch?

    In Diamond when I first entered the Dining Hall in the Chateau there was an old man standing by the long table. He dissapeared when I left and came back in. Was that a glitch? I only ask because I just started Pearl and he wasn’t there this time.

  39. s roar says:

    someone told me that gibble is very hard to find

  40. s roar says:

    wher do i find gibble on pokemon diamond version

  41. i am legend says:

    Hey i found 3 shiny ppokemon (two golden floatzels and a pink and brown meditite) what do you think sombody will trade for them

  42. flashfox says:

    i just battled weavile yesterday

  43. pokemon genius says:

    Brontower and Mewthree are actually not part of the 512 pokemon sense they are hacks unlike M, Missingo, Brontower, and Mewthree.

  44. pokemon genius says:

    GROUDON, I also mentioned that when I typed Mentor, it was a typo. I am sure they are called the Mentis pokemon.

  45. pokemon genius says:

    Oh, and are sinnoh or hoenn or kanto words?

  46. pokemon genius says:

    GROUDON, they are NOT hacks.

  47. AnimeAddict says:

    Feebas confusion.

    Is it in the Fogged over lake in the cave? Because there are no other water sources anywhere near the area that I can find. When I look at the town map it looks like im to far south though.

  48. infernape says:

    do i have to have a national dex to catch a girtina in diamond

  49. ******* says:

    where is the move tutor?

    the move deleter is in cannibal city.

  50. GROUDON says:

    pokemon genius and _******* are you sure the “mentis” pokemon isn’t the mentor or mantis pokemon because I looked it up in my computer dictionary and mentis isn’t a real word.

    P.S. there are only 493 pokemon not 503 494 to 503 must be fake hack pokemon like Mewthree & Brontower.

    P.P.S. PurpleAAB to evolve it into Espeon be nice to it during day time to get Umbreon be nice to it at night time.

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