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Pokemon Diamond and Pearl

I can’t get the poke radar to work. I already have the national dex and whenever I try to use the radar, it always says (Professor Rowan’s words echoed) “There’s a time and place for everything, but not now.”

Games Guru: It only works when you are standing in the kind of tall grass where Pokemon like to hide.

Can you give me directions through Stark Mountain?

Games Guru: Stark Mountain is just too large for me to give a walkthrough. Sorry.

Is there really a Stareon and a star stone?

Games Guru: I have run across Staryus, Omastars and Staraptors, but no Stareons or star stones. Sorry.

Can you tell me how to use the Pokemon radar? I clicked on it with my stilus and I went into the light green grass for Pokemon, but nothing shows up. HEEELLLP!!!!!

Games Guru: You are going to need the National Pokedex before your radar works. You will know you have it when you see a meeting between Professor Oak (the professor in many earlier Pokemon games) and Professor Rowan.

How do you get through Victory Road?

Games Guru: You are not the first to ask this question. I am not going to give you step-by-step directions, but I will give you clues.

You will need a mixture of your toughest Pokemon and what I call “Traveling Pokemon.” These are monsters trained with moves for traveling that may not be so good in fights. They include strength, rock smash, surf, waterfall, cut and rock climb.

Victory Road is a great place to catch wild Pokemon, though I generally prefer to make it all the way through, then go back in to catch wild Pokemon such as Steelix, Onix, Graveler, Golbat and Machop. You will have plenty of fights even without battling wild Pokemon. The place is crawling with trainers.

To avoid unnecessary fights, give the Cleanse Tag to one of your Pokemon and take plenty of Max Repel.

You are going to want to rock climb every rock climbing trail, push every moveable boulder, swim up every lake and waterfall, etc. I think you will find that this Victory Road is actually shorter and easier than some past ones.

One last hint: At the end of the road, you will come to an exit blocked by a guy who tells you something about the world getting bigger. Do not waste your time with him. Go back a few paces and you will see a rock climb. Scale it and you will reach the end of the road–or at least the end of the cave.

Can you trade Pokemon from Emerald to Pokemon Diamond?

Games Guru: Yup! Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, FireRed and LeafGreen are all Diamond and Pearl-compatible. Just plug your cartridges into the Game Boy slot on your DS.


Comments about “Pokemon Diamond and Pearl”

  1. pokemon4ever says:

    does anyone know how to catch ditto in diamond

  2. Cyrus234 says:

    I’m on the seventh gym and my team is: level 76 Infernape, level 75 Infernape(from breeding), level 67 Garchomp, level 63 Noctowl, level 69 Toxicroak, and level 94 Empoleon(traded from level 9 Piplup). I didn’t use action replay and it took me 5 months to get my pokemon strong like that before the ice leader Candice. tell me if I can beat the Elite Four with them plz

  3. lilt says:

    a can some one give me an code for shiy arceus for pokemon pearl action replay.

  4. Heartsword says:

    Oh, and Salamance101, what are EVs exactly? What does it do to your pokemonn team? I have diamond, pearl, platinum, heartgold, and all the old games for gameboy color except crystal and blue

  5. Heartsword says:

    I’ve heard a rumor about an “ultimate umbreon” that can learn moves that any of the other eeveelutions know. Supposedly if you evolve your eevee at like 5:59 a.m. and it’s holding something special (sorry, no idea what yet), it evolves into ultimate umbreon. It looks like umbreon, but it’s patterns glow different colors depending on the type of attack it ‘s doing in battle.

  6. amber4ever says:

    How do you get your pokedex to get complete faster please and i only need nine more pokemon please oh and sorry if i misspelled some things i didnt check what i wrote.

  7. Mario rules says:

    i know how damage is calculated!

    Move damage + attacking pokemon attack or sp.attack x critical hit, type advantage etc. – defending pokemon’s defense or sp.defense = total power of attack.

    ps. it is a LOT less simpler than trading cards, isn’t it?

  8. nickmonster7 says:

    I have mew lv100 latios shiny lv 100

  9. nickmonster7 says:

    I have Arceus lv 100 mew lv100 latios shiny lv 100 deoxys lv 100 celebi lv 100

  10. lucario says:

    I know you guys arent gonna believe what i’m about to say, but i’ll tell you anyway… my friend encountered a pokemon in his soulsilver game that can ONLY be found in Pokemon XD. Can you guess?

    Read this backwards: aiguL wodahS.

    See? I told you you wouldn’t believe me.

  11. pokeman says:

    if you kill uxie does it come back

  12. rds37 says:

    Hey,a new pokemon game has been annouced.It’s called black and white

  13. Anonymous says:

    There is a new pokemon game coming out.I don’t know when though.

  14. jiim says:

    after you have beaten the elite four and go through the tunnel where the man once was you end up on an island. how do i continue to hoenn or is that it?

  15. Hurricane1973 says:

    How do you get the 2nd gym leader?I have ALREADY defeated the third one and I STILL dont have the 2nd gym leader.

    • envy says:

      it’s not too hard to get to that one (if you haven’t figured it out already)
      just run throught eterna forest and then you’re in enterna city.
      if it’s not eterna city, then tell which one it is so i may help u

    • envy says:

      oh, and just take one of your highest levels with you, also the gym leader should be using grass
      types so go along with either fire, ground, or dragon tpes. and before the actual gym battle you have to
      do something that’ll bring her out to battle, but i don’t remember what it is exactly

    • pokeman says:

      shes in entena forest de sufre to use fire she uses grass your welcome

  16. super mario says:

    Poll: Who is your favorite legendary beast?


    Post your answers on the Pokemon Platinum board. Poll ends Arpil 13.
    Post your answers on the Pokemon Platinum Board. Poll ends on April 13.

    • pokemanfreakthing16 says:

      I don’t care. I’m answering right here. My favorite is either Entei or Suicune.

      Also, why does everyone want their polls answered on the Platinum page or some other page? It doesn’t make sense.

      • froggy17 says:

        So that they, along with everyone else, can see the results, is it really that hard to click the mouse once to get to that page?

  17. super mario says:

    Poll: Who is your favorite legendary beast?


    Post your answers on the Pokemon Platinum Board. Poll ends on April 13.

  18. Hurricane1973 says:

    How do you get Pikachu?

  19. Xplant says:

    Spore 74,
    At that sandstorm route, I think the Protector’s in a in a ditch.

  20. Xplant says:

    Belive it or not, I’ve caught Giratina with not an ultra ball, or a master ball, or a timer ball, but with:

    • Spore74 says:

      Oh yeah? I caught Ho-oh in a Net ball in HeartGold. Also, I caught Raikou in a dusk ball and Entei in a Fast ball…

    • envy says:

      really? what did you catch moltres in?
      i caught mine in a dusk ball

      • froggy17 says:

        Most of my other pokemon were caught with ultra balls or timer balls with a few random ones thrown in there, I think I caught groudon with a dive ball once.

    • lucario says:

      Good 4 U! Oh, and remember the three legendary birds? I caught moltress with an ultra ball, zapdos with a great ball, and articuno with a POKE’BALL! beat THAT!

    • luigi says:

      i caught moltres in firered with a poke ball.

  21. Super sonic says:

    pokemon freak thing, Well, i do not klnow. but just bring 1 level 1-3 just in case.

  22. Fox says:

    how good is my pokemon team? lv 100 heatran, lv 80 empoleon, lv 75 starapter, lv 100 arceus, lv 87 cresselia, and lv 90 deoxys. plz let me know how good it is!

    • pokemanfreakthing16 says:

      Just to tell you, I could beat that in a snap on Diamond; 4 Lv. 100s are coming at you.

    • envy says:

      it’s rather interesting.
      but i might be able to beat it

    • lucario says:

      Yeah, uh, no offense but… That is NOTHING compared to MINE! Giritina: 437HP Lv. 100(Not to mention he’s in his origin forme) Dialga: 389HP Lv.100(Not to mention shiny and japanese) Arceus: 429HP Lv.100, Kyogre: 387HP Lv.100, Rayquaza: 365HP Lv.100, and Shaymin: 355HP Lv. 100!

      Note: these are the pokemon in my soulsilver game. Can you belive they dont have that on the games guru list? Sheesh.

  23. pokemanfreakthing16 says:

    This time, I need some help. I really, REALLY want an Aipom. They are my 3rd favorite Pokemon. I know how to get them, but all I ever get are Wurmple and Combee.

  24. King of Mario says:

    I have 13 level 100’s. They are Cleffa, Magikarp, Pikachu (with 80 ribbons :P), Golem, Camerupt, Giratina, Shaymin, Chatot, Gastrodon, Kecleon, Solroc, a shiny Flygon, and, my best one, a Darkrai…so…who wants to battle me?

  25. Dialga freak 98 says:

    Where do u get a unprotector

  26. gible45 says:

    i caut heatran(ultra ball) is there any other story line to compleat also can i cach any more leagendeirys

    • pokemanfreakthing16 says:

      Sorry, no more legendaries. The only other major thing would be to fill up your National ‘Dex.

  27. dome3456789 says:

    How do you get Mew?

    • pokemanfreakthing16 says:

      Mew is a Platinum-exclusive. In order to get it, you have to attach a Dawn Stone to any gender Pikachu. Once this is done, go into the Pokemon Mansion-owned by Mr. Backlot. Go into his trophy garden, and Mew is yours!

    • lucario says:

      I heard there’s a mew event coming up for heartgold and soulsilver somewhere around august.
      P.S. Or so i’ve heard… I have no idea whatsoever if it’s true.

  28. tornado says:


  29. gible45 says:

    any one any tips on caching heatran and i k.o. giritina can i still get it

    • pokemanfreakthing16 says:

      To gible45,
      No, you cannot get another Giratina. That’s a once-in-a-gametime (BAD PUN!!!!) opportunity. On Heatran, I caught mine in a Repeat Ball! My advice: try to bring all of any types of Poke Balls and a Pokemon with a lot of defense.

      • lucario says:

        actually, if you accidently K.O. Giritina in platinum, you can go a Diamond/Pearl exclusive area called Turnback cave. You canhave another chance to catch him and go to the reverse world again to search for the griseous orb: a giritina specific item.

  30. supernoahboy says:


    • Salamence101 says:

      Theyre 20 bucks at walmart. but i beg you, I BEG OF YOU!!!!!! don’t get one. they are terrible. you will regret it.

      • pokemanfreakthing16 says:

        My friend says if you have an AR, it shows you don’t have any skill. I could care less; I recently found out how to get Mew on Platinum. Anyone interested?

      • pokemon genius says:

        I got one for my birthday and it crashed it 2 weeks, ALL the codes and games wiped off. Trust him, don’t get it.

  31. supernoahboy says:


    • Salamence101 says:

      As of now, only though an action replay. But on platnium, the azure flute item should be released shortly.

    • envy says:

      you can catch arceus, but you need ALL
      of the plates and i dont remember what you have to do after that..
      just try looking it up online or in the guide that should be at game stop or hastings

  32. pokeman says:

    who needs a absol i got 3 and a egg

  33. pokeman says:

    use your pokeradar at route 224

  34. pokeman says:

    ask the girl at sagdom town (dawns sister)every day and you can get rareish pokemon

  35. pokemanfreakthing16 says:

    For anyone with a National ‘dex and a Poke Radar, here are locations for old Pokemon:
    Hoppip-In between Floaroma Town and Eterna(NOT IN ETERNA FOREST) (I caught it this morning)
    Ursaring-Lake Acuity (I caught it this morning)
    Sentret-Above Sandgem Town
    Also, can someone (Salamence101, hint, hint) post their “Seen-Caught Ratio” from their Pokedex? Here’s mine:
    Caught-408 (I think)
    I’m still able for help, if anyone needs it.

    • Salamence101 says:

      For some reason i think you want me to post my “Seen-Caught” ratio. Instead, i will just tell you that on my pearl version, i have caught EVERY SINGLE POKEMON IN THE GAME THAT CAN BE OBTAINED WITHOT CHEATING. Including: Mew, Darkrai, and Shaymin. I will be getting the azure flute for platnium and the Jirachi event from gamestop. This leaves only Deoxys and celebi. (I will get Lugia-Ho-oh from HGSS).

      • pokemanfreakthing16 says:

        My friend would faint at the sound of that. He is a Pokemon fanatic too and he has Pearl. I have Diamond. I bet you traded for a Dialga. Can you post some of your rarest and hardest-to-find? I need something to brag about because in the Pokedex race, he’s catching up. I’ve already seen over 400 but I need more.

      • Salamence101 says:

        Yup, i did trade a gallade for a dialga. Anyways, my rarest are:
        Mew, Darkrai, Shaymin, The cover pokemon for RSE, I have Lati(o,a)s, and every non, legendary. And a lot of easy to get legendary. Anyway…. yeah.

      • Salamence101 says:

        Excuse me, not “a lot of easy to get legendarys, i mean ALL of the legendarys you don’t have to cheat to get.

      • Salamence101 says:

        I also got the TRU shaymin so I have sky form SHaymin.

  36. venasaur777 says:

    i have action replay with walk through walls cheat so stark mountain is easy and fun and a cheat for 999 master balls/rare team is a garchomp[i cought from cynthia}giratina dialga arceas regigigas and aggron all lv.100 and shiny. if anyone needs help im all ears!!!!!!

    • Salamence101 says:

      yes, we all know, action replays can let you do this, that and everything else. But, what fun is a game that you can do anything you want. Sure it’s fun at first. But it will eventually become boring and you won’t want to play it anymore. It can also mess up your game. How do i know? I bought a gameshark for my gba and i could do anything. But now, i wish i never got it. Waste of money.

    • litewave says:


    • litewave says:

      I have gotten a regigas from an event and transferred it to platinum but i cant capture regice. its a lv 30 and no matter what pball i use it cant be captured. im hoping either salamence101 or pokemanfreakthing16 will give me an answer.

      • Salamence101 says:

        Well your wish has become reality. Bring a pokemon that knows thunder wave (Like Rotom) and one that knows false swipe (use the TM on garchomp or farfetched). Thunderwave it, and false swipe it to 1 hp. Then chug your ultraballs. Bring timerballs incase the battle is long.
        It took me 10 times to catch regice. It is very hard. Good luck! :)

      • pokemanfreakthing16 says:

        I would handle this differently. First, do you have any Game Boy Advance games? If you do, play them until you get the Master Ball. Attach it to a worthless Pokemon or one you want to migrate. When you recieve the Master Ball, go capture Regice! You can do this for other Legendaries too!

    • squirtdude43 says:

      what is the cheat for 999 master balls/rare candeys.Let me know please

  37. darkpokemon88 says:

    anyone know where is primeape on diamond PLEASE HELP PRIMEAPE IS MY FAV POKEMON

  38. kirby123 says:

    If anyone needs help I’m here to help.

  39. Chikoash says:

    Please just tell me how to get through the cave on victory road. I have been trying to get through it for hours and all i have been doing is going in circles. Can’t you make a map or something.

  40. pokemanfreakthing16 says:

    To rotom,
    My team is even more powerful now. Check it out:
    Arceus Lv. 100
    Infernape Lv. 100
    Swampert Lv. 100
    Raichu Lv. 100
    Giratina (Altered Forme) Lv. 81
    (sometimes) Heatran Lv. 73
    Also, I would like to know if anyone nicknames their Pokemon, or am I the only one in the entire world?

    • Salamence101 says:

      I nickname mine! I have a swampert named Hydrogeddon. Lol yugioh

      • pokemanfreakthing16 says:

        To Salamence101,
        My nicknames are:
        Arceus (WOULD HAVE BEEN “Mystical” IF I COULD NAME IT:( )
        (sometimes) Volcano/Heatran

      • pikamaster says:

        i do too! i had a raichu named electrify!!!!!

    • Pokemaster P says:

      Move Over People, I’m Back!!!!!

      I used to nickname mine when I was little with stupid names, I now have better names.

      S101, man, whta’s with that? My Darkrai’s name is Shadowgeddon?!?!?!

      • pokemanfreakthing16 says:

        Where were you all this time, Pokemaster P? I was beginning to think I would have to start answering your questions!

    • Anonymous says:

      pokemon emerald version games

  41. Super Sonic says:

    Pokemonexpert, you need regirock, regiice, and registeel. and another tip. you might want to use level 1 through 3 pokemon because regigigas will be level 1 when you face him.

    • pokemanfreakthing16 says:

      To Super Sonic,
      In Diamond and Pearl, Regigigas is not Lv. 1!!! It is Lv. 70!!! I think you were talking about Platinum. If anyone does have Platinum, get a Pokemon with False Swipe or some other restrained attack. Regigigas is waaay too powerful for Lv. 1s.


  42. darkpokemon88 says:

    im not evolving my crainodos untill it learns headsmash at level 43 for a superpowerfull attack

  43. pokemon expert says:

    i dont know how to un freeze the statue of regigas, please help!!!!!!!!!

    • darkpokemon88 says:

      pokemon expert u need ALL REGICE REDGEROCK AND REGISTEEL
      just migrate from emerald

    • pokemanfreakthing16 says:

      To pokemon expert,
      You need to have all 3 Regi Pokemon in your party-Regirock, Regice, and Registeel. If you talk to the statue of Regigigas, it says:
      “A body of rock. A body of ice. A body of steel. When gathers these three, the king shall appear.” Pretty creepy, huh?
      Hope this helps,

  44. arceus ex says:

    I am battling a zapdos and my pokemon is charmander.And I need super help now! What shuld I do.

    • pokemanfreakthing16 says:

      To arceus ex,
      1. First off, how strong is the Charmander? My suggestion would be to have it above Lv. 55. (Zapdos is Lv. 50)
      2. Why would you keep it a Charmander?!? Charmeleon and Charizard are much better fighters.
      3. Get TONS of Great, Ultra, Poke (etc.) Balls. I caught my Moltres with a standard Great Ball.
      4. Knock Zapdos into the low red. You should also inflict a status condition. (sleep, paralyze, etc.)
      Hope this helps

    • lucario says:

      if you saved first, turn off the power and start playing where you last saved. then, get all your lv.100s and by as many different pokeballs as possible. when you get back to zapdos DONT ATTACK IT! A single blow from a Lv.100 is gonna kill it instantly. Oh, right, save right in front of zapdos before you start the battle. Then, just keep throwing pokeballs of any kind at it while your Lv.100 just takes the damage from zapdos’s attacks. eventually, you’ll catch it. Hope i helped!

  45. dog says:

    I just got the raticate and I have two of them.

  46. palkia394087 says:

    my team is arceus lv.100 dialga lv.100 palkialv.100 infernapelv.100 feraligaterlv.100 crobatlv.100

  47. rotom says:

    How do you get in the inn at canalave city?

    • pokemanfreakthing16 says:

      To rotom,
      Good question. First you had to get the Member Card off of Wi-Fi in an event, but t’s over. After you had the Member Card, it unlocks the inn and a boat which will take you to Newmoon Island, where Darkrai rests peacefully, waiting for its capture!(exact words from
      Hope this helps

  48. Salamence101 says:

    To pokemanfreakthing16,
    i would post my team, but i am working on a new and more powerfull one. Sure the one i have is pretty pwnage, but it is just kinda incomplete.

  49. gible45 says:

    pokemanfreakthing16, HOW DO YOU GeT A DARKI ( IF YOU CAN ARCEUS)

    • pokemanfreakthing16 says:

      To gible45,
      To get Arceus there was an event but it is over. I think there is a way on the Action Replay but I don’t have it.
      Darkrai can be transferred from Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia or from an Action Replay.
      Hope this helps

  50. ty says:

    where is bulbasaur in pokemon pearl?

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