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Kirby Triple Deluxe

Comments about “Kirby Triple Deluxe”

  1. izac454 says:

    want so bad :,(

  2. the kirbster says:

    I haven’t started the game yet any tips about beating kracko?

  3. hypernova says:

    I just beat true arena and now I’m at 98%. I have star medals on all the modes on the bottom screen, so I suppose all I have to do is get all keychains, right?

  4. SnowBird9 says:

    It’s A Totally Competent platformer. I like the fact that you can move between the for-ground and the back-ground, as it opens up new ways to journey to defect queen Sectonia. I used Stone Ability as you can turn into a stone, hurt her, wait until she moves somewhere else, then turn back normal, repeat. just got to beat the true arena (Hardcore)

  5. someone says:

    I just need to beat the true arena! AAARRRGH!

  6. Taranza says:

    AWESOME! I love this game and am so close to beating it 100%

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