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Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga

Where are the hammerhead bros. that give you the third hammer (the one that breaks black rocks) so you can get to Joke’s End?

Games Guru: You should be able to get the second and third hammers in the same area. Before you enter TeeHee Valley, you’ll see a gate you need to pass through. Once past it, you’ll find a cave. Inside, you will find the brothers, ready to forge your two hammers.

When I fight Bowletta and get eaten by her, and then face Cackletta’s ghost and she shoots lasers out of her eyes, I die. Can you give me some hints on how to beat her?

Games Guru: Beating Cackletta’s Ghost is not easy, but here is a clue that may help. Watch Cackletta’s eyes. When she looks up, keep Mario and Luigi low. When she looks down, her eyes will start to glow before she fires those awful lasers. This should help.

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  1. skeletron says:

    This game is awesome ive beat it you should really get this game.

  2. Link862 says:

    I beat five Bosses .Popple and Rokcie Were Hard.

  3. Link862 says:

    I beat 3 bosses.I can’t beat Queen Bean.I need some help.Please help.

    • Ordep says:

      Link862, I can help you; destroy Queen Bean’s arms first, and then her crown comes
      off. After that do attacks like Splash Bros. and Bounce Bros. on her until she’s dead.
      P.S. Watch out for beans that she spits out of her mouth!
      P.P.S. You’ll have to get her arms down more than once of course!

  4. mariofan says:

    just got this game its great but how do you get the hammers for mario and luigi?

  5. LEGOMAN says:

    what is this game about?:(

    • Herobrine says:

      It’s sort of an RPG (role-playing game) except you press buttons to make the attacks more powerful. Remember to use Bros. attacks!

  6. ultimatemarioman says:

    I’ve completed the game lots of times and it is awesome!

  7. dude says:

    From 1 to 10 I give a 11!!! SWEET

  8. yoda says:

    where are the hammerhead bros for level 3 hammer?

  9. this game terminator says:

    im on the part when peachs voice gets angry

  10. Carbison says:

    Also Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time is the same

  11. sonic says:

    how do i beet the forest?

  12. Eh says:

    Eh needs help with escorting Peach trough the desert

  13. mariofan #1 says:

    I have beaten this game 10 times it’s easy……..for the master

  14. Hugorulz10 says:

    here is a tip on fighting bowletta’s ghost. as soon as the fight starts dont get killed!! THEN use an max nut so both mario and luigi get full health in 1 turn. if you have low Bros points the you can use a golden mushroom but that would take 2 turns andmaybe you already use them. and it is vital that you have luigi’s bro. hammer attack advance and having the secret rolls is helpful too

  15. maxcaos says:

    please help i cant find out how to get to jokes end i have ultra hammers please help!!!!!!

    • matblob says:

      somewere on the east side of bean bean kindon theres a place were youcan hammer luigi in a slot and make him in a surf board surf all the way north east and then you should find jokes end! but be carful get sucked in a whirl pool and you’ll have to go to the bottom of the sea and have to try again

  16. noprisoners says:

    i tried fighting her so many times but i keep choking near the end . probably cuz of pressure and stuff. maybe my stats arent right -_-……….

  17. Terminator says:

    How do you beat cacklettas ghost. Need Help now!!!

    • matblob says:

      before you you battle bowletta theres sonme blocks with very help ful items i reckamend useing them once you inside her body! and you cant defeat the head of her gohst untill the hands are bye bye!:) then unleash all atacks that your good at would use the advanded moves of knokback bros and advancded splash bros move

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