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Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga

Where are the hammerhead bros. that give you the third hammer (the one that breaks black rocks) so you can get to Joke’s End?

Games Guru: You should be able to get the second and third hammers in the same area. Before you enter TeeHee Valley, you’ll see a gate you need to pass through. Once past it, you’ll find a cave. Inside, you will find the brothers, ready to forge your two hammers.

When I fight Bowletta and get eaten by her, and then face Cackletta’s ghost and she shoots lasers out of her eyes, I die. Can you give me some hints on how to beat her?

Games Guru: Beating Cackletta’s Ghost is not easy, but here is a clue that may help. Watch Cackletta’s eyes. When she looks up, keep Mario and Luigi low. When she looks down, her eyes will start to glow before she fires those awful lasers. This should help.

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  1. plz help how do you beat chuckola

  2. I’ve beaten this game a long tine ago, it was fantastic! No matter how stuck you are, you can probably figure it out all by yourself.

  3. how do you beat jokes end’s bro jump thing

  4. Can you get Wario and Waluigi in Superstar Saga? If so, please tell me how!

  5. YOOOOOOOO!, just go to the top of the mountain and beat the dragohoho to get a hoohoo block.

  6. OK, im not that far in the game,but, how do you hit those virus thingys when they attack you?

  7. How do you Get Past Wooho Hoonevirsatiy? PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!

  8. PLEASE!!! tell me where the hammer head bros are!! i need the ultra hammer, er- i think i do, i need to get to jokes end!! im stuck in my game how do i get there!

    P.S. cheat- easy coins….. shrink mario then let luigi perform the jump on top of mario, BUT right before luigi jumps on mario make mario jump- that would make mario jump up onto luigi and luigi jump down onto mario. Each time you do that it will give you one coin!! -note it will also bring one HP down for luigi each time !! , and im not a boy, ( websire name) but i really really reallly need help!!

  9. How do you get Hoohoo Blocks? I need hammers! How do you knock that giant koopa down!?

  10. how do you get wario and waluigi in mario and luigi super star saga

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