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Marvel Super Hero Squad Online

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  1. Gumballmariorocket says:

    I play herotopia on my mac (aka macbook pro)

  2. sp52 says:

    I like wizard101. Yes, I know the ads are bad, but once you get a bit into the game, it’s really quite fun.

  3. cola coke says:

    It was cool

  4. awsome says:

    so awsome

  5. blackspiderman40 says:

    very awesome

  6. stoper says:

    Yeah I love it.

  7. nightmare says:

    you should try lego marvel super heroes so much better

  8. awsome says:

    It was cool .

  9. kegen40 says:

    the greates game

  10. redenbaugh10 says:

    it is awesome

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