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  1. Mario says:

    you beet the game in two days that is awsome.I wish I had that game.

  2. shadowroy64 says:

    isnt it called Mario super sluggers?

  3. grassruler888 says:

    dear rocket racer its not super Mario sluggers its mario super sluggers

  4. Boohead84 says:

    I have the best team in this game and my ace even better I got Boo as a pitcher(did you expect anything else) King Boo to catch and Petey at right to throw his amazing longball. Along with that My Slugger DK is a beast in the lineup. The best team to ever walk the face of the Earth!!!

  5. Boohead84 says:

    I have “Mario SLuggers” I beat the whole thing in 2 days its really easy

  6. jakeo says:

    frist fight yoshi ok its esay to deafet

  7. rocket racer says:

    They are coming out with a sequel of this for Wii called ” Super Mario Sluggers”, I can`t wait for it!

  8. blah says:

    to get bowser on chalange mode you beat speaciel with anybody

  9. Waluigi time! says:

    How do you unlock Hammer Bro?

  10. Waluigi time! says:

    Where’s the Waluigi ballpark!!!??? Love the game anyway, Waluigi’s my favorite!

  11. pokemonluvr says:

    Everyone kepps saying you can unlock shadow mario. HE IS NOT IN THE GAME!!!!!

  12. baseball lover says:

    To unlock bowser castle, you have to beat challenge mode once with anyone(The cool thing is, when you unlock bowser castle, you also unlock a new character depending on what team captain you beat challenge mode with).

  13. football guy 31 says:

    how do u unlock shadow mario? is this true?

    P.S mustard rox

  14. pokemonluvr says:

    My best character is Wario. I got 213 homeruns, 176 two run homers, 152 three run homers and 145 GRAND SLAMS with a total of 686 homers! Unfortunatly, my game broke.

  15. pokemonluvr says:

    Here’s a cheat to get a homer. Wait till the pitcher just lets go of the ball power up. When you SLAM it it will go flying past the stands.

  16. boohead84 says:

    How do climb on the wall and get a catch with Dixie Kong?

    P.S. its the last star I need

  17. Anonymous says:

    how do u body check

  18. Fishieboy says:

    How do you get to be Bowser on challenge?

  19. speedoboat says:

    007: No.

    Furvain94: Shadow Mario is not unlockable

  20. Furvain94 says:

    People keep saying that you can get shadow mario in this games but I see how.

  21. A3QZ says:

    this game rocks. LOL

  22. 007 says:

    Is this game avilable for ds

  23. evileagle says:

    bowser hits homers every time! lol most the time grand slams

  24. cheese says:

    marlishy to find out what you need to do to get the stars pause in challenge mode and select ‘check stars’ then select a charater and move to the squares that are empty it should tell you what you need to do to get it for the more difficult ones you will need to be on the hardest level

  25. weeman2 says:

    no mario man,hold on to r for a super pitch or hit. you want to do it with a main character. if you hit it in the perfect spot its a homer. nomatter. what

  26. weeman2 says:

    ive beetin my neibor 130 to to 0

  27. weeman2 says:

    just do you best

  28. weeman2 says:

    ive beetin it two

  29. bigboy says:

    How do you beat calenge mode with bowser.

  30. Mic says:

    for a good team this is who I use. Waluigi, Wario, Boo, King Boo, Mario, Luigi, Daisy, Petey Pirahnna, Dixie Kong. For Batting order: Dixie Kong, Petey Pirahnna, Daisy, Luigi, Mario, Waluigi, Wario, Boo, King Boo. I have found this roster very effective and have never lost with this team.

  31. rooker says:

    wario is fat

  32. i am ed says:

    this is overall a great game. in challenge mode with my action replay, i beat donkey kongs team 50-0 with cheats.

  33. larry3090 says:

    good game if a player has body check, press A when you are about to get tagged. you will body slam the fielder!

  34. marlishy says:

    i need to know how to get all the stars for all the characters. this might take long for you to do but please wll you?

  35. luke 252 says:

    for 15-yoyo waluigis beam pitch is when you charge up he will stick his foot in the

    air when he puts his foot back on the ground let go of the A button and BOOM!

    you got yourself a beam pitch or if you do not like waluigi marios beam pitch is

    when you charge up he will jump when he is at the top of his jump let go of the A

    button and SUPER BOOM! well I hope I was helpful and if you need more help

    just ask

  36. yoyo says:

    how do u do a beam throw i cant figure it out

  37. I know about pokemon!!!!!!!!!!!! says:


  38. deoxys says:

    i got bowser in challenge mode and i beat his team 50 to 0! with an action replay.

  39. The chosen one says:

    Are you asking how to get bowser? If you are, Beat the special cup and play any challenge over again. You will be able to pick Him as team captain. He has bowser jr., four dry bones, the three hammerhead, and himself.

  40. me says:

    j,you get bowser in challenge mode by beating any mode with every coach

  41. Luke252 says:

    8 – 75oGhost is right.

  42. j says:

    How du u use bowser in challenge mod

  43. 75oGhost says:

    Bowser is not a good fielder.

  44. chessclub9 says:

    you get baby luigi by beating the challenge with yoshi. you don’t have to unlock baby mario. he’s already there. (for ben)

  45. StrongfullyBad says:

    I have stars for all the characters.

  46. lyr says:

    mario man is right

  47. lyr says:

    I already have those charecters

  48. ben says:

    what about baby LUIGI?

  49. bigboy says:

    who is the best coch

  50. Mario man says:

    In the game if your players win a star they upgrade to better pitching, running ect.

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