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Mario Baseball

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  1. mikey says:

    i just have to beat bowser

  2. wii remote says:


  3. luigi says:

    [to waluigi time] i have the wii verson and made my own team called the hometown nics and made a ballpark!

  4. MARIOTIME! says:


  5. fuga says:

    where’s the last stone tablet piece? i have the sign one and the Blue Kritters one, where’s the other?

  6. Carbison says:

    It’s actually called Mario Super Sluggers.

  7. SuperBowserBrother says:

    Is this for Mario Superstar baseball for Game Cube or Mario super sluggers for Wii?

  8. Zack says:

    I pitched a perfect game. Nothing happened. Shadow Mario is not in the game.

  9. namurT says:

    How do you defeat Bowser?

  10. mariorocks says:

    and how in the world do u pitch a perfect game

  11. mariorocks says:

    and how in the world do u pitch a perfect game
    and how do u get King. K Rool

  12. mariorocks says:

    how do u get shadow mario

  13. mr.pikkles says:

    my favorite charaters are king k.rool,diddykong,kritters wiggler and petey piranha

  14. TrainerRoxas says:

    shadow mario isn’t in the game! My friend has unlocked all the charecters and there is no such thing as shadow mario! :(

  15. wario says:

    cool game. also easy

  16. Seb says:

    JR bowser is shadow mario but there is a way you can acutuely be shadow mario you just have to pith a perfect game LOL

  17. EMud the Penguin says:

    I know an AWESOME glitch. With any character that can use star moves batting, try using a star move, but hit the ball so well that it would’ve been a home run if you didn’t use a star move. First of all, it’ll show the little star thing, then the ball will go flying with no way they can rob the homer! It doesn’t always work. it also takes up 5 stars.

  18. k2o559 says:

    I think Mario Baseball is one of the best games I have evere played ps. I think Luigi rocks!

  19. eagleorbust says:

    i say mario super sluggers is better :-)

  20. Super Sonic says:

    Dear pokemonluvr,
    you actully have shadow mario! (BECAUSE HE’S REALLY JUST BOWSER JR.!) Didn’t know that, huh?

  21. bowser jr. says:

    The first stone tablit is near the DK jungle sign that says EXIT.

  22. Waluigi time! says:

    To shadowroy64, Super Mario Sluggers is the name of the new one for the nintendo wii, this is the prequel Mario Superstar Baseball.

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