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Big Game Hunter 2010

Have any codes for Wii???

Games Guru: Here’s how to get gold on the predators:
– Mountain Lion: Kill with Crossbow.
– Black Bear: Kill with Pistol.
– Grizzly Bear: Find signs and kill with Rifle.
– Brown Bear (7&8): 7: Kill with Pistol (I think). 8: Kill with Shotgun.
– Puma: Kill with Crossbow.
– African Leopard: Find 2 or 3 signs, kill with Crossbow or Shotgun.

Comments about “Big Game Hunter 2010”

  1. kwade says:

    I love to shoot all the animals i want and need no

  2. mustard madnes says:

    For your information, it is not a bloody game.The only blood in
    this game is when you kill the animal. there isn’t much blood,

  3. Superscout says:

    I want to unlock area 12, but I don’t have enough experience points. I keep doing all the hunts I’ve already unlocked, but every time I get the same score. PLEASE HELP ME!!!

  4. bezerkerguy says:

    Is it bloody because I don’t like bloody games.

  5. zayzay says:

    I cant get past mr.grizzly!?!?

  6. Luke Skywalker says:

    Me and Mr.T are on the same level

  7. mr.T says:

    I need info!!!!

  8. mr.T says:

    how do you get past the level withed the cape buffelo ect.

  9. thedocto says:

    It is hard to get to the last level.

  10. aka potato says:

    what level do you get nightvishion

    • aman says:

      There is no night vision. All it is is hunters sense[the thing when you click a button and the animal turns white so you can see it].

  11. aman says:

    To beat the leopards, get the shotgun that carrys the most shells. Shoot any of the leopards that jump at you and the ones that are standing there before they get a way. Also run around, don’t stand there or you’ll die. Good luck

  12. nojord19 says:

    I cant beat african leapord how do you do it

    • CoD4 Gamer says:

      If you want to shoot it, then turn on the “night vision/animal vision” and wait until it runs from the bushes, then shoot it once or twice, then wait until it leaves and wait. If you want to find it, it is on a hill, and use your map.

    • fishinglover says:

      i cant beat the leopard either :( :| :o

  13. raptorkid1 says:

    I cant wait to get it

  14. big fan says:

    I thought the game was awesome! So did my friends.

  15. extreme beatles fan says:

    i was pretty suprised at how good the graphics were for wii

  16. Gamer101 says:

    This game is so totally BBEEAASSTT!!

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