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Clash of Clans

How do I get Jewels without buying them?

Games Guru: It’s hard. I generally don’t advise people to play Clash of Clans because the money involved to play can be higher than the price of a console game. But the latest version allows you to grind your way toward getting more gems. Get 250 when you get 1250 trophies. Get 250 more when you enter Crystal League with the League All-Star achievement.

Comments about “Clash of Clans”

  1. doper says:

    It is horrible! !!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. duh man says:

    i think everyone knows that way

  3. Anonymous says:


  4. french fries says:

    clash of clans is sooooo epic.I cant stop playing it.Im already so good.

  5. Mr.Man says:

    Gem boxes spawn sometimes, like trees and rocks. They give you 25 gems.

  6. Captain America says:

    Upgrade and buy everything available at the town hall level you are at. Then upgrade your town hall.

  7. Aston 177 says:

    When you are making hybrid base, if you have lower level defenses left over put them on the outside of your walls.

  8. fler der herp says:

    clash of clans is great but gem pricing is to high

  9. Bob says:

    I love this game

  10. wusycat says:

    when farming leave your town at the edge of your base

  11. [matth.3w] says:

    Clash of clans is the best

  12. john says:

    i play it and i can’t stop playing

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